10 Easy Hairstyles To Look Beautiful in 5 Minutes 

1. Bun Bow 

bun bow 1.
bun bow 3
bun bow 5
bun bow 7
bun bow 2
bun bow 4
bun bow 6


2. The one-minute twist 

one minute twist
twist & pin


3. The Easy Tuck 


4. Knotted ponytail

knotted ponytail 1 & 2
knitted ponytail 2&3
knotted ponytail 5 & 6
knotted ponytail 7&8


produced by - Luxy hair ​

5. The one clip - twist

one clip twist


​6. Twist, add and repeat 

twist and clip


7. Twist and Tie 

twist together
twist and tie
twist and tie finish


8. Rubber band style 

rubber band style
rubber band style 2
rubber band style 3
rubberband finish

9. Messy bun 

messy bun


10. Easy ponytail wrap

easy ponytail


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