20 Lazy Girls Hairstyles Hacks You Just Cant Live Without 

We all now that this day in age the world is moving so fast we hardly have any time for ourselves and our daily routine this is why these hacks would help us all. Having beautiful stunning hair everyday is every girls dream well with these tips and advice you can achieve healthy stylish hair all within good time and saving you heaps of money. So get reading and trying !

1.​ Easy Tease Is A Must Have ...

easy tease pic

Having a tangle teasing brush is just a must have, it gets through all those knots and tangles without having to yank and pull your hair. 

2. Have you been wearing your bobby pins right ?

bobby pins

Did you even realize there is a right and wrong way to wear your bobby pins well now you know !!

3. Make fly aways go away !

fly aways

If you suffer with those baby hairs being out of control and having a mind of their own your have great knowledge that spraying hairspray directly onto those baby hairs doesn't always get rid of them but make them more noticeable standing on end.

This is why we have suggested this great techniques spraying hairspray onto a toothbrush to help brush back those out of place hairs it really works give it a go !

4. Dry Shampoo is everything ... 

dry shampoo

In reality no one has enough time to wash their hair every night so dry shampoo is the next best thing keep that greasy look at bay - try the cherry Batiste it smells amazing.

5. Run out of dry shampoo ? Baby powder will do the job 

baby powder

Baby powder is a great replacement product for dry shampoo you will have to blend it in a bit harder to make sure you don't make any white areas but it does the job just as good great tip hey !

6. Bobby pin tips for fine hair

bobby pins sticky

If you have fine hair like myself then your understand the daily struggle of trying to get anything to stay in your hair. Now this is a great hairstyle hair by spraying your bobby pins before using them in your hair it seriously works a a lot better.

7. Keep your ponytail perky 

ponytail perky

Hack Source: Girliehair

8. Use hand lotions instead of Anti-frizz hair serums 

hand lotion

Hand lotion works as it regenerates your hair sounds crazy but give it go before you wash you hair in the shower scrub it in just like you would shampoo it works wonders !!

9. Use a shot of vodka to add extra shine to your hair

vodka shot

Enter your text here...

10. Do you clean your brushes ?

do you clean your brushes

It may not seem like a bit deal making the effort to keep your brushes clean but your brushes are full or germs, dust and hair so by making sure they are clean it will keep your hair healthier, cleaner and dust free.

11. Welcome to brush school 

welcome to brush school

Hair hack source : Thebeautydepartment 

12. Fake a fuller ponytail by doing the double-ponytail trick

fuller ponytail

Hair Hack Source: www.makeup.com

13. Coconut oil hair treatment 

coconut oil

There are many products out  there that you can buy to treat your hair to help condition your hair and give it back its moisture now this is a great option as its cheap on amazon and works a treat just smother your hair in it before bed and wash it off the next day and watch the results !

14. Vintage waves tutorial

vintage wrap

Hack source : Thebeautysnoop

15. Gym Hair - Don't be afraid to braid !

two french plaits

Two french plaits are just perfect for going to the gym hair off your face and you wont need to worry about the style falling out with all your hair work as these are well and truly secure! Have a go they are easier then you think ! 

16. How to use pins ...

how to use pins

This little device you see here that you may think looks useless and complicated to use its actually very easy and has the ability to hold in as much hair as 20 bobby pins, it helps you to create an array of hairstyles.

Hair Source: www.realglamgirl.com

17. Foiled Curls 

foiled curls

This is an easy technique when you are without hair curlers and you want to get the best results from your flat iron.

Hair Source : happylittlehummingbird​

18. Braid wet hair at night for curls in the morning 

french plait

This is a great way to achieve bouncy waves without using any hair styling tools. Try braiding it when you have just got out of the shower so that you get the best results in the morning.

19. Use cool air to set your style 

cool your style

Did you know that the cool setting on your hairdryer is to use when you have dried your hair and help set your style in place ?

20. Pat moisture out of wet hair with a towel 

hair dry

Never rub your hair with a towel when jumping out the shower as this creates frizz if you want to keep your hair tame them pat it dry to take away any moisture.

With all these unknown hair hacks you now know we hope that doing your hair in the mornings wont be so much of a challenge. Undoubtedly you can now look your best in a short amount of time with these helpful tips and tricks as well as cutting down on those costs!


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