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4 Major Causes for Hair Loss

Hair loss seriously suck! Almost everyone has gone through it. It's heart-breaking to see strands of your beautiful hair coming out in the shower and on the bathroom floor. It leaves people helpless.

The thoughts of losing your hair and not able to grow them back ever again are horrifying. It's different for both men and women. Both of the genders experience it differently.

But irrespective of the gender, it's more of a health issue. For men hair loss often leads to baldness while in women, it leads to severe thinning. Purchase effective hair loss prevention products by availing CBD Armour Discount Codes. 

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It doesn't matter if you're a man or women, hair loss if understood in its early stages can be reversed and treated correctly. 

Causes of hair loss happen to be a natural thing. First, let's know what it is typically:

Understanding Hair Loss

The initial step in understanding hair loss is acknowledging the fact that it is a natural process that happens to everyone out there. Hair loss occurs due to its natural hair growth cycle, which comes in three stages:

  • The Anagen stage: This is the stage where hair strands continue to grow actively. This stage lasts up to two to 6 years.
  • The Catagen stage: This is the stage where hair starts preparing to be shed. This period lasts up to three weeks. You might face slight hair fall in this phase.
  • The Telogen Stage: This is the stage that is the last stage expels the hair form its hair follicles. After shedding of hair, the scalp lays clear for up to three months, before new hair starts to grow out.

According to Dr.Scott, hair loss is a normal process, and it varies for people to people. Some may shed 150 hairs per day, or some may experience it to the extreme.

Everyone mainly has an idea of how much hair they lose every day. However, if the hair loss is more than usual and you feel like you're losing clumps of hair, then Dr.Scott thinks it's time to seek professional help.

But if caught earlier on, hair loss can be treated at home. You must know the underlying cause of hair loss. 

Causes of Hairloss


 A lot of people unaware of this but stress leads to a lot of hair loss. This happens to be a major cause of hair loss. Not only, has it led to hair loss it causes severe hair damage and dandruff issues as well.

Have you ever noticed dry, rough hair with a significant amount of hair loss whenever your exams are around the corner? Or when you are piled up with the workload. The only reason for this is stress and nothing else.

To avoid hair loss due to stress, try, indulging in activities that can keep you stress-free. Such as taking walks or going out every weekend.

Hanging out with your friends is an effective remedy as well. The more you're able to manage your stress; the less hair fall you would experience.

Telogen Effluvium

Telogen effluvium happens to be a stage where the hair stays in the telogen (frequent shedding) period of the development cycle.

This makes more hair drop out, every now and then in bunches. But fortunately, this condition is temporary and can be resolved easily. It's advised that you seek professional help.

But if you have gone through some of these procedures, then you might experience this:

  • Labor 
  • Quick weight loss
  • Thyroid issues 
  • Certain drugs 
  • Surgery

Consult a specialist if your condition gets worse. If a specialist presumes that particular prescriptions are causing balding, they may advise you to change them.

So, next time when you suffer from hair loss keep this underlying cause of hair loss in mind. 

Traction Alopecia 

Traction Alopecia is a condition where you start going bald because of putting the hair into tight hairstyles, which makes it loosen up and come off. These hairstyles include: 

  • Tight buns or pigtails 
  • Braids 
  • Cornrows 
  • Hair Extension

On the off chance that traction alopecia proceeds, an individual may create uncovered spots and diminish of the hair.

As far as self-care, stay away from putting your hair in tight buns and ponytails. Hence, keep this underlying cause of hair loss in mind when you experience it the next time.  

The Mental Impact of Alopecia – Emotional Support Guide


A few ladies may encounter extreme balding not long after conceiving a baby. Women experience hormonal changes during pregnancy.

This is because of a lessening in estrogen levels. This sort of balding is an impermanent condition and ordinarily, settle inside a year or sooner.  

To assist hair with coming back to its ordinary condition, attempt: 

  • Utilizing a volumizing cleanser and conditioner 
  • Utilizing items intended for fine hair 
  • Eating healthy
  • Avoid exposing hair to heat.
  • Avoid using conditioners rich in chemical.
  • Using a sulphate free shampoo.

So, if you have recently given birth and experiencing hair fall, then don't freak out. It completely normal, as pregnancy is an underlying cause of hair loss. 

Wrapping it All Up

Hair loss if not controlled at the right time, can turn into a serious issue. Therefore, I have given some underlying cause of hair loss that you need to read and understand. If you like this blog then, leave us your feedback in the comment down below. 


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