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5 Ways To Make Thin Hair Look Voluminous

If flat, limp hair is a daily struggle for you, you’re not alone! Getting a fuller look has been a lifelong challenge for me, so I’ve had to pick up a few ways to do so through the years.

Here are 5 ways to pump up the volume, in as little as 5 minutes or less.

First Things First

Be sure to set the foundation for success. If you’re not already doing so, use a thickening or volumizing shampoo and conditioner when washing your hair.

Thickening products plump each individual strand, while volumizing products create some stiffness and hold, giving your hair more body.

They both work to give the appearance of fullness either by increasing the amount of space between individual hairs or by temporarily thickening each strand. 

Curls and Waves = Instant Volume

One of the best ways to create volume in otherwise thin hair is to curl it! Curling or waving straight hair automatically increases volume, giving you fullness around the sides and back of your head.

Naturally, the usual way to curl hair involves the use of a curling iron (tong) or hair straightener. Either works equally well, depending on your styling abilities and tool preference.

Curls and waves are particularly suitable if you have longer locks, but they’re also doable on shoulder-length hair too.

One of the most popular styles around that looks great on anyone is the sexy beach wave. It’s super voluminous, works on most lengths, and is suitable for any occasion from day casual to evening formal.

Tease (or Backcomb) For Extra Height

If you’re anything like me, your biggest struggle is getting volume at the hairline and crown. Despite not having super-fine hair, the hair around my scalp always manages to lay flat, even when the rest of it carries a bit of body.

One of the fastest things you can do to get some height and volume is to tease the hair near your head with a fine-tooth comb or teasing brush.

Working from your crown forward, hold a section of the hair vertically nice and taut with one hand.

With the comb in your other hand, backcomb the backside of the strands from a few inches above your roots, pressing down towards your scalp. Repeat the same thing a few times and then gently lay the section down.

Continue working through sections of hair until you make your way to your hairline. When you’re done, gently smooth down any areas on top that look messy or are sticking out underneath.

You can even do this before putting the hair into a ponytail or bun for a volumized updo.

Part Hair On The Other Side

Perhaps the quickest way to get some instant height is to part your hair on it’s “unnatural” side. Doing so creates volume automatically since it doesn’t normally lay on this side. 

This works well if you have a natural part on one side. If your hair parts straight down the middle, zigzag your index finger through the part so that some strands lay on the opposite side.

For more oomph, you can also blow-dry bangs or right under your hairline with a round brush against the way it naturally falls. Then, spritz the area with a bit of flexible-hold hairspray to keep it in place for the day.

Quick Tip: Long hair adds more weight. If you want extra volume, ask your stylist for long layers for more movement, or try a shorter, blunt cut.

Apply Mousse

Product-wise, there are plenty of volumizing agents around that will help make thin hair look fuller.

Mousse, a styling foam that helps lift and hold, is one that works best after washing and towel-drying your hair.  

For best results, apply a golf-ball-size amount to damp hair, working it into your roots through to the ends. If you have short hair, simply scrunch your hair with your hands and let it air dry. 

A nice side benefit of using mousse is that it adds shine in addition to volume.

For longer lengths, you can finish by blow-drying your roots on low, lifting sections of hair with your fingers to get more height. 

Use Dry Shampoo To Pump Up The Volume

That’s right; dry shampoo isn’t just for keeping your scalp grease-free on days you don’t wash your hair.

Besides absorbing natural oils, it also works as a great texturizer without making your tresses feel crunchy or stiff.

To add fullness, lift and spray sections of hair with dry shampoo from root to tip. This helps separate strands that are clinging or clumped together, giving you extra volume. 

For even more fullness, flip your hair over and spray the bottom layer while your hair lays in the opposite direction than it normally falls. This will give you a little extra boost to keep it fuller longer.

Say Goodbye To Flat Hair

While we’re not all blessed with naturally thick, full hair, that doesn’t mean you have to settle for flat, limp locks.

It may take a little extra effort, but you can create a more voluminous look with the right tools and any one (or more) of these tricks.


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