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Are Human Hair Extensions Safe to Use?

Human hair extension is one of the favourites to those who tend to update their looks with changing seasons and fashion.

Yet, with positivity comes negative. Some people are sceptical about the safety of hair extensions.

With the fact that we cannot afford to damage your hair at any cost, we strongly recommend you to use human hair extensions and not synthetic hair extensions. 

That is because human hair extension is much safer to use than synthetic hair extensions. How? Keep reading because we are going to elucidate convincingly.

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Why Not Synthetic Hair Extensions?

1. Synthetic hair extension is made up of plastic fibres which are then heated and strung into strands to make hair fibres that closely resemble human hair.

Some of the plastic fibres that the manufacturers usually use include acrylic, monofilaments and polyester.

The major problem comes into existence when the hair extension is made up of low-grade materials because such materials tend to cause harmful effects.

For instance, many studies have pointed out acrylic materials to be carcinogenic (substances that cause cancer).

The polyester used is also considered as low-grade materials and causes skin irritation.

Since the use of hair extension regularly involves direct contact with your face and skin, I would avoid this as far as possible.

2. One of the negative aspects of synthetic fibre is that it is highly flammable, and it cannot resist heat.

It could be a sign of danger for those ladies who likely use hair styling tools that usually produce heat. Alas!

The synthetic fibres get burnt or melted when dealt with heat. Well, if that happens, you would probably lose all your hair, or you might have to cut your hair short of removing those burnt messes.

To be fair, you can still get synthetic hair fibres that are resistant to heat. Yet, it is not guaranteed. One should never handle plastic hair with hot tools.

3. As mentioned earlier, synthetic hair irritates, especially on the scalp since the skin in that area is very sensitive. Why? Because your scalp hardly gets exposed to the external stimulus unlike other parts of the body.

Many girls get irritation and rashes on the scalp by merely using strong shampoos. Imagine to what extent the use of poor quality and artificial material would do to your scalp.

If you have got susceptible skin, you should prohibit yourself from using synthetic hair extensions or wigs. 

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4. Synthetic hair does not allow the skin on the scalp to breathe, which is very unhealthy and untidy. Eventually, due to the lack of air, the scalp will become moist and warm.

Your hair in such condition would be an ideal place for the bacteria and fungus to thrive thereby leading to skin damages. This can happen very quickly with synthetic wigs because they cover your entire head.

Forget those builds up and dirt from the sweat. I believe synthetic hair is only for Barbie dolls and not for humans. You deserve real and healthy hair.

5. Synthetic hair extensions do not last long. It deteriorates after several washes and gets tangled even after regular combing. You may think that you can just remove the damaged hair extensions and solve the problem.

That's not as easy as it seems. You should be aware that it is not easy to take off ruined synthetic hair extensions once you blend them with your natural hair. Sadly, the only way to free your hair from the damaged hair extension is simply chopping it.

That is not what anyone would want to experience. To avoid probable dangers associated with using hair extensions, you should go for human hair extensions and protect your precious locks.

Why Human Hair Extensions Over Synthetic Hair Extensions?

1. Unlike synthetic hair extensions, there is no harm in wearing human hair extensions. The human hair extension is made up of real human hair of young women that are neither dyed nor processed chemically.

Next, the hair is subjected to different stages such as disinfection, nourishing, dyeing and perming thus preventing allergies.

You would get a headache while wearing human hair extensions, but if you wear the extension with the perfect degree of tightness, you won't feel burdened.

Since human hair extension is manufactured by following strict rules, it is safe to use.

2. Human hair extensions last longer and are resistant to heat. Good news! You can style your hair the way you want with any styling tools and need not have to struggle with a burnt mess. It can be coloured.

Whereas, synthetic hair extension cannot be dyed because the colours cause irreparable damages to the artificial hair strands.

3. Human hair extensions require attention and care as your natural hair. It needs to be maintained by thoroughly washing it with shampoos and conditioners. 

Apart from that, the hair extensions do not require any other specific treatments. On the contrary, synthetic hair extensions cannot be washed with shampoos. Instead, it requires you to follow specific guidelines.

People go for synthetic hair extensions just because it is cheaper and neglect the qualities and its impact.

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You should never compromise your hair with the price. If you are out of budget, it's better not to have hair extensions than to get cheap and low-quality synthetic hair extensions. If you care, you should choose human hair extensions.

Human hair Extensions marked as 100% human hair have undergone chemical processing whereby you strip the cuticles. This is done so that it can be machine processed and dipped in silicone, which makes the hair feel soft and look shiny.

However, it loses its silkiness quickly. Also, the hair extensions get tangled and matted easily over time. The life span of the hair extensions is only a few months, unlike Remy and Virgin hair extensions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Human Hair Extensions Safe During Pregnancy ?

Yes, Human Hair extensions are more than safe suring pregnancy just be sure to avoid the glue in attachment method as this is unsafe during pregnancy. 

Do Hair Extensions Cause Headaches?

No Human Hair extensions should not cause headaches and if you are suffering from a headache after having your extensions put in then they may need to be loosened. 

Our View

Now that you are aware of the advantages of real human hair extensions over synthetic ones, you should also know that there are different types of human hair extensions available in the market.

If you are a newbie to the world of hair extensions, it can get quite overwhelming sometimes.

But don't worry; we will break down the different types of real human hair extensions to clear up confusion and help you make the best choice for your next hair extensions!

And that's it! I hope I have given you all the information you need on real human hair extensions and on what basis you can differentiate them.


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