Back to School Girls Easy and Stylish Hairstyles 

My daughter Millie is going into year 2 and has just started the 'i don't like that hairstyle' stage which i think they all go through. We all know at 7 in the morning this is the last thing we want to be worrying about so i thought i would help you with some new easy and fresh ideas that your daughters will love and so you will ! 

Watch the videos and practice your favorite ​... good luck. 

1. Pig tail Plaits 

Pigtail Plaits is one of millies favorites its a regular request in the morning before school. Simple but pretty. 

pigtail plaits

2. Two french Plaits 

Watch the video and practice, practice, practice ...

3. Knotted Ponytail 

Such an easy but different hairstyle. You can create as many sections as you want down the hair, i chose to do three as this was the quickest option, you could also choose some different colored hair bands to brighten it up!

knotted ponytail

4. Low Plait 

Every body can create a neat ponytail plait ... sometimes the simple ones look the best !

5. Crimped look 

Millie had crazy hair day at school so we thought it was a great opportunity to plait her hair the night before and let it go crazy (with a bit of pink spray to make it even more crazy) !

french plaits for crimped look

Source : https://mumonamissionsite.com/ 

6. French plait 

French plaits are easy when you know how. They are also a great hairstyle that really will last the whole day !

french plait

Divide into three sections at the top of the head like you would do to start of a plait and every time you put the left section over the middle you need a piece of hair from the left and the same for the right all the way to the end. Get practicing its easier than you think !!

7. Fishtail Bunches 

fishtail plait

This is such a simple but lovely hairstyles it is exactly the same pattern as plait but instead of three sections you only need two, with this you divide it into two each time and fold over the outside section into the middle all the way till the end ! simple ...

​8. Micro-plait bunches 

micro plait bunches

This look has to be one of our favorites so far. Its so simple yet looks so pretty, two mini plaits with the front part of the hair which are then crossed at the back when created your bunches ... easy !

9. Ponytail plait wrap around

plait wrap ponytail

Simple yet effective. Part a small section of hair from your ponytail to create your plait with and wrap it around your hairband of the ponytail and whoa-la a beautiful simple hairstyle read for school!

10. Heart shaped french plait 

No video was made whilst creating this hairstyle but as you can see in the pictures below if you know how to do french plaits then this is easy peasy ! firstly section your heart shape and then tie the parts that aren't needed to one side. Then continue to french plait each side following along the shape of the line until your two plaits meet in the middle where you can tie them together. This style looks beautiful. 

heart shaped french plait

11. Just a ponytail 

i bet your thinking boring right just a ponytail ? but sometimes when your in a rush and you only have a few minutes this is the perfect style. 


12. Repunzal ponytail 

This idea is great and the girls were most impressed that it was a 'Repunzal' alike plait. All it take it created two plaits where you twist them together easy!

repunzal hair

13. High plait 

high plait

Picture source : https://mumonamissionsite.com

14. Twisted Ponytail 

Twisted ponytail pic

15. Lace braid into a fishtail plait 

lace braid pic

16. Half and Half french plaits into a ponytail 

french plait half and half

17. Flower French Plait 

flower french plait

18. Topsy Tail Pull through bun 

This is a very easy and pretty hairstyle but cant be created without the topsy tail they are really cheap and easy to use have a watch of the video below. 

18. Pull through side braid 

This is a great easy style for school looks neat , tidy and lasts the whole day perfect!

19. Faux Fishtail Pig tails 

20. Pretty Bun

I hope that some of these hairstyles above will help you with some ideas for those early morning school runs, preventing any stress and rush ! good luck ... i would love to hear how you get on or any photos posted would be great !! 


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Keleigh rouse - August 5, 2016

Loving these styles for all ages and ideal for going back to school and keeping all the hair neatly tied back while adding some style perfect!
You might like my blog, check it out at mumonamissionsite.com
Keleigh x


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