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Travel The World With The Best Cordless Travel Straighteners


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Quick Summary

Going travelling can be stressful ! Trying to remember what to pack, writing list's to be organised, ironing and folding your clothes beautifully to end up ramming it all into your suitcase anyway because we all know there’s never enough room for a girls essentials when going away!

We're here to help you find the best cordless travel hair straighteners, we have done all the hard work for you to make it an easy choice. Lets face it, its always the first thing you pack when you’re planning your travels abroad because seriously it would be a disaster forgetting your number one essential – your portable straighteners!

Where are you going?

Whether you’re travelling abroad to a hot humid country or just spending the weekend camping at a festival.

It’s the inevitable that when temperatures soar, the likelihood of frizz is on the increase and the only way to keep this under control is to have your trusty travel size straighteners in arms reach.

Although on holiday the majority of us will be staying in a modern hotel, most of us still need more than the just humble hotel hairdryer to style your hair.

Which is why these travel straighteners are still needed for the job and essential on your holiday list!

With that in mind, we've rounded-up the 10 best buys, to ensure you are doing your best to enhance the health of your hair and achieve the style you are aiming for, whatever the weather.

Have a read through Hair Day's top picks to see our thoughts on the best cordless straighteners, whatever your budget may be.

Best Cordless Travel Hair Straightener

Editors Pick - Cloud Nine Micro Iron

Best Value - Elie Slim Mini Straightener

Best Mini - GHD Gold Mini Styler 

Best Rechargable - Carmen Mini Straighteners

Best Battery Operated - BaByliss Cordless 

Best Cordless for Thick Hair - HerStyler Ceramic Mini

Best Cordless for Thin Hair - Quince Styling Iron

Best Cordless for Short HairHFX Rechargeable USB Mini 


120 Straighteners Considered -- 145 Hours of Research -- 15 Hair Brands Interviewed

Hair Straighteners for Travelling - Hair Day's Top Picks

Editors Pick

  Highlights -

  • Small and portable
  • Great cord length
  • Well trusted brand
  • Versatile - works with all kinds of hair types
cloud nine pic summary

When you are searching for the best cordless hair straightener you should always try to focus on value.The reason behind that is not only does this model come from a well-recognised brand, it’s also very easy to use and it has many features that work very well.

The design of this model is simple yet compact. This alone makes it a great investment for any festival. It also delivers some interesting features that are perfect for camping as well.

That’s what manages to deliver the utmost value and in the end the experience will be a lot more refined when compared to any other mini model.The Cloud nine micro iron is a very good investment and some might consider it the best travel model out there.

Good For:

  • Suitable for all hair types 
  • Travel - even for thick/ long hair
  • Carrying - Lightweight & Compact 
  • Camping / Festivals 

 Check Prices / Read Our Full Cloud Nine Micro Iron Review 

Best Value

  Highlights -

  • Short heating time
  • Slim line design for travelling
  • Safety features
  • Under £30
elie pic summary

If you’re looking for a hair straightener to take on your travels, whether its for festivals or camping, wherever you may be travelling to you are looking in the right place.The Elie Slim straightener is small and light ideal for quick touch up’s on the go but with the salon quality you’re looking for (and all for under £30).

This model is also great for styling your hair whether it’s to curl, straighten or simply give it that wavy look, the Elie Slim is the best straightener for the job.

The curved edges of this model make it really easy to create wonderful curls, for styling shorter hair or even just quick touch up's. A very versatile hair straightener on a whole, with a great user experience all round.

If you would like to look at more hair straighteners suitable for curling your then take a look at our best hair straighteners for curling

This brand strives to make a difference and to create high quality products that you will love using. It also has an on / off switch and a warning light on the exterior for safety which we feel is very important in a pair of straighteners.

The Elie Slim straightener has been designed to make a difference with its unique design and high safety standards. You cannot go wrong with a pair of straighteners for this value, its a winner!

Good For:

  • Great for Curling and Straightening
  • Travel - Work Great for The Size 
  • Camping / Festivals 

 Check Prices / Read Our Full Elie Slim Review 

Best Mini

  Highlights -

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Cooler outer so easier to handle
  • Automatic switch off for safety
  • Contour plates and smoother plates
ghd pic summary

The GHD Gold Mini Styler may be small in size but the performance is huge and is exciting to say the least.

This luxury tool performs professionally. Although this is a mini ghd travel straightener designed for travelling, it is one of the best cordless hair straighteners we have found along the way.

This product is great for shorter hair types.The design of the GHD Mini styler is outstanding, the smaller contoured plates give you more control and styling power more than ever before.

The plates on the mini styler are only 0.5inch wide yet the GHD IV Styler the plates are 1-inch-wide, so you can see that these are half the width which makes them that much smaller.

The GHD Mini is a full size product so don’t expect any less from this design, all that is different is the size of the plates.

Good For:

  • Creating Curls
  • Travel - All Hair Types
  • Styling Hair for all Occasions - 30 seconds heat up time

 Check Prices / Read Our Full GHD Gold Mini Styler Review 


 Q. What size are the plates?

 A. Actual surface of the plates is about 6.5mm. Brilliant for short hair - straightening or curling! Works fine with a bit of length too. 

Best Rechargable

  Highlights -

  • Small and portable
  • 3 temperature settings available
  • Ceramic plates so not pulling,snagging or hot spots
carmen pic summary

The Carmen C81015 cordless rechargable hair straighteners is the ideal solution for all types of hair on the go. It is easy to use, compact and will leave you feeling completely satisfied.

The Carmen mini straighteners are fabulous and unique as this model is rechargable, so you dont need to worry about replacing battery or even plugging it in when styling your hair. Just charge and style, easy right?

For styling your hair in a professional manner, this straightener is obiously the one for you. This is top of line with all the necessary features included for a great price for a rechargable hair straightener. Well worth every penny.

Good For:

  • Suitable for all hair types 
  • Travel - Perfect Weight 
  • Carrying - Lightweight & Compact 

 Check Prices / Read Our Full Carmen mini rechargeable Review 

Best Battery Operated

  Highlights -

  • Small and portable
  • Ceramic Plates
  • Short heating time
  • High heat temperature
babyliss pic summary

If you are searching for the best battery hair straighteners to create a professional finish for your hair at home or on holiday, then the Babyliss Professional gas hair straightener could be what you are looking for.

The perfect travel companion - whether straightening your hair on holiday, staying at friends or attending a festival.

Travel in style, with a sleek black look, the BaByliss Pro Cordless straightener uk looks as good as it performs. Its enhanced natural gas powered heating design gives you salon quality straightening performance. Designed to be small enough to fit in a small travel size bag.

These battery operated straighteners are easy to use as babyliss provide your first energy cell to use and then these will be available to replace from many suppliers. 

Now as these are cordless straighteners they are designed for small areas of hair like a fringe or just to straighten the ponytail. It is also an ideal gas hair straightener to take along when you are camping in the outdoors or roughing it at a festival. 

You may be coming away from the comfort of your own home but don’t let your hair go wild, keep it tame and styled with the Babyliss cordless gas straighteners.

Good For:

  • Compact to Carry 
  • Travel - Wherever you may be
  • Quick Touch ups

 Check Prices / Read Our Full Babyliss cordless Review 

Best Cordless for Thick Hair 

  Highlights -

  • Lightweight and portable
  • 100% solid ceramic plates
  • Quick heat up time of 25 seconds
  • Variable temperature control
herstyler pic summary

The Herstyler Pink Ceramic Plates Mini Hair Straightener is one of the best cordless hair straighteners.The small size might not seem imposing but rest assured that it still delivers 100 %.

Combine that with the fact that the model has a very good warranty, you will also notice how much value you receive for the money with this model. Its a lovely girlie pink mini design is ready for you girls to tuck away in your handbags without feeling the weight.

This makes it easy whilst travelling with them, It may be a festival, camping or going abroad. These will be suitable for all occasions and typically one of the best cordless straighteners for thick hair whilst travelling due to the high heats it can reach, with its solid ceramic plates (made for those tougher hair types).

The design of this model is simple yet compact. This alone makes it a great investment for any festival but it also delivers some interesting features that are perfect for camping as well.

Good For:

  • Suitable for damaged hair as straighten smoothly  
  • Travel - even for thick/ long hair
  • Carrying - Lightweight & Compact 
  • Camping / Festivals 

 Check Prices / Read Our Full  Herstyler Mini Hair Review 

Best Cordless for Thin Hair

  Highlights -

  • Cordless - portable
  • Easy to use
  • High quality
  • 3 variable temperatures for different hair types
quince pic summary

Quince cordless flat iron rechargeable wireless styling iron is one of the most interesting models released from this brand. Not only does it offer great support for camping and festivals, it’s amazing for travelling on a whole which is promising.

Customers see it as one of the best cordless hair straighteners on the market for thin hair and at the same time it also manages to deliver great features 

The design is very interesting and the absence of a chord is definitely amazing to say the least. You will like the great attention to detail and the focus on results.

The wireless option makes styling your hair that much easier not having to search for an electrical point whilst away is defiantly necessary to keep your hair up to your standards.

Good For:

  • Wirless - Very Handy 
  • Travel - even for thick/ long hair 
  • Camping / Festivals 

 Check Prices / Read Our Full Quince Cordless Flat Iron Review 

Best Cordless for Short Hair

  Highlights -

  • Very easy to use and portable
  • 3 different variable temperature
  • Cordless and can be used for up to 40 minutes when charged
hfx pic summary

There are many things you need to think about when purchasing the best cordless flat iron.This particular model comes in two different colors; there is a choice between pink and black so you can choose which you prefer.

HFX Rechargeable USB Cordless Hair Straightener is a new device on the market. It helps deliver a very trusting product for good value all while being able to offer the best cordless experience for short hair.

The device is designed with style in mind and the pink color definitely makes it suitable for all those girlie pink lovers out there.

Good For:

  • Charging from a power bank 
  • Carrying - Lightweight & Compact 
  • Camping / Festivals 

 Check Prices / Read Our Full HFX Cordless Review 

  Highlights -

  • Root lifter - unique straightener
  • Fast heat up time of 30 seconds
  • Easy to use and portable
corioliss mini summary pic

The Corioliss Baby SXE Mini Root Lifter Straightener is one of the best mini straighteners for travelling. The reason being is, not only does this model come from a well-recognized brand, it’s also very easy to use.

Although this straightener is not your typical cordless product for travelling, it is size appropriate. The mini sized plates and the plug adapter are all suitable for worldwide voltage which means they can be taken everywhere with you, perfect.

This straightener also has an individual selling point to it as its plates are different to an average pair of straighteners. If you look at the photos of the plates you can see there are two zigzag edges which helps your hair with root lift which we have not seen any other product have this unique feature.

Although there are a number other designs available in the market, Corioliss is a lead brand and this is one of their best unique designs yet and have created one of the best mini hair straightener.

This straightener has ultra-smooth titanium plate technology for professional results in just one pass.

Good For:

  • No waiting aeound - Quick at heating up  
  • Travel - even for thick/ long hair
  • Carrying - Lightweight & Compact 

 Check Prices / Read Our Full Corioliss Baby Mini Review 

  Highlights -

  • Small and compact
  • Great cord length
  • Ceramic plates
  • Quick heat up time
babyliss pic summary

The Babyliss 2860 Pro Nano Hair Straightener may be small in size but makes up for it in its amazing ability to heat up fast. With its high temperature, it produces that professional finish, thanks to its high quality ceramic plates.

The Babyliss Pro 200 Nano Mini Hair Straightener is the must have tool for shorter hair styles and fringes, it is ideal for touch ups, or getting rid of those waves whilst on-the-go.

It won’t take up much room in your handbag, and it’s multi voltage so it can be used worldwide, meaning it’s perfect for travel.

Combine that with the fact that the model has a very good warranty (in fact 3 years). It manages to deliver a very good value and in the end the experience will be amazing for sure

Good For:

  • Suitable for all hair types 
  • Carrying - Lightweight & Compact 

 Check Prices / Read Our Full Babyliss Pro Nano Review 

Cordless Travel Hair Straightener Buyers Guide UK

Theres a few quick aspects we need to consider before deciding which travel wireless straighteners are suited for your hair's individual needs. 

· Size – Opting for a mini pair of portable hair straighteners will be key for slotting in your suitcase and will be ideal for long-haul travels

· Weight – Lightweight models will be worth the spend as you should be looking for a portable hair straightener option that fits in your bag. Making it suitable for camping, holidays or festivals.

· Cordless- It is not compulsory to have a cordless straighteners when travelling but is an option to make it easier than trying to find a power source, maybe opt for a rechargable straightener.

Depending on where you are traveling to, if a hotel you may opt for a mini straightener still with a plug?

· Voltage – Not all electrical's will work internationally, so it’s worth double checking that your chosen travel straightener has a worldwide voltage.

What you need to know about Travelling with your Straighteners

When choosing your straightener to take away with you mostly it comes down to preference to choice, wether you prefer it to be smaller or larger, corded but mini or cordless. Below we will give you all the information needed to help you decide which you prefer.

Size -

The size of the straighteners and the size of the plates is something you should take into account. You would need to consider what you would like to use the straighterners you are buying for.

Mini straighteners would simply be made more for touch ups and fringes, where as a cordless straightener that can be slightly larger and higher tempertures will mostly be used when wanting to style your head of hair, or even a battery powered straightener. 

When buying your cordless mini straighteners you must also consider how durable the product is for travelling, this especially applies if you are planning on packing this on your hand luggage.

Dual Voltage -

Dual Voltage straighteners are very commonly used nowadays. This simply means your products voltage will work just about everywhere and safetly. Although you may need to take a plug adapter for other countries, by buying a dual voltage straighteners you know that it will be safe to use no matter where you visit. 

Some of the older models may take lomger to heat up when in a foreign county this will be due to the sudden change in voltage usage, but never the less will still do the job. 

Cordless -

Choosing to have a cordless straightener is simply down to personal preference. Do you find it easy to style you hair without a cord? its up to you, maybe rechargable straighteners might be for you. When dealing with a model without a cord you have no restrictions as to where you can stand and style your hair.

Choosing the Best Cordless Travel Hair Straightener

Hair Type

Depending on your hair type will decide which cordless battery straightener is best for you. As one we may choose for thin hair will be a different type of product we would choose if you have long thick hair. Above we have chosen some travel straighteners best for the most common hair types. 


Price is always about finding a product suitable to your budget. Yes the well known brands are particularly more expensive but if you are on a budget its about finding the best straightener for its value.





Up to 235c

Heat setting

Cloud Nine Mini


Under £70



Elie Slim





Ghd Styler





Carmen Mini




Babyliss Cordless 





Herstyler Mini





Quince Cordless





HFX Cordless 





Corioliss Baby Mini





Babyliss Pro Nano


Under £20



Tips for Travelling With Your Straightener

When you finally decide to buy your straightener for your holiday remember to consider these travelling tips for using your straightener.

  • Check the fine print of the warrenty - Sometimes products may not be covered abroad so it is worth checking the warrenty first.
  •  Always use a heat-proof mat - you would be suprised how quickly surfaces burn. (which is not a great start to your holiday, burning your hotel furniture)
  • Always use a travel pouch - this will prevent your straightener from being damaged and broken whilst travelling.
  • Remember to bring your travel adapters - Even when you purchase a straightener with dual voltage this may still not have the correct plug on the end which would then be useless.
  • Always turn it off when not in use - Alot of the products now are built in with an automatic switch of mode when they have been left on for more than 30 minutes, but its never worth the risk.
  • Dont leave it plugged in and forget it! - One last tip to remember if you do choose a mini iron with a plud dont leave it plugged in when packing your case. (I have done this so many time)

With all the options out there, it can feel nearly impossible to choose the right iron for you, but with all our help and information we have given you we hope you have an idea of what you looking for.

For travelling , your best option is almost always going to be a lightweight, mini, battery straighteners or cordless straightener with worldwide dual voltage.

We hope we have narrowed it down enough for you to be able to have an idea on which straighteners to choose for your travels. 

Happy choosing and never have a bad hair day again !!


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