Disney Inspired Hairstyles Every Little Girl's Dreams Of 

I have created Disney inspired hairstyles every girls dream of as my two girls are Disney mad, Frozen, Tinkerbell and Pocahontas the list is endless. My eldest daughter is always wishing she had hair like Elsa or Rapunzel whilst spinning around dancing and singing to every sing-along song which comes on. Which is why i thought i would create all the Disney inspired hairstyles every girl dreams of. I will try my best to video each hairstyle and also give simple instructions on how it has been created, good luck! 

1. Rapunzel Ponytail  

Repunzal hairstyle

Rapunzel is well known for her beautiful long hair that she lets down to the bottom of the tower for her step mother to climb. Creating it i thought would be quite difficult but i was wrong. If anything this was one of the most simple styles of all.

1. Make a ponytail.

2. Split the ponytail into two separate plaits.

3. wrap the two plaits around each other and secure with a hair band at the bottom.

4. if you have any flowers than add them throughout the plait to make it just like Rapunzel ! so simple...​

2. Tinkerbell Bun 

tinkerbel hairstyle

This hairstyle is simple a bun with an added doughnut to add a bit of shape to my daughters bun. As she doesn't have a massive amount of hair to produce a nice even bun. Watch the video below to see how i created the Tinkerbell bun. 

3. Frozen Anna Inspired Pigtails 

Anna frozen hairstyles

Now this is something different from your average plait pigtails so i will break it down and give you some simple instruction or you can watch the video below. 

1. create two small plaits with the front part of each side of the parting.

2. divide the hair into two sections all the way to the bottom read to create your pigtails.

3. plait each pigtail and secure with a hair band at the bottom.

4. cross the small plaits over each other and add into each bigger plait this can be done before or after which ever you feel is easier. ​

4. Aladdin Jasmine Ponytail 

jasmine hairstyles

This is the Disney Aladdin Jasmine inspired hair, now this style was a little harder then the rest. I had to repeat a few steps and changed where i rested the next piece of hair but once i had got the hang of the pattern of what to do it was great fun. 

1. Firstly take a section from the front of the hair and put it into a little top knot ponytail right at the top of the head.

2. Next you need to do the same again and section the next part and put in the hair band and repeat, so that you have three sectioned pieces of hair you have tied up.

4. This is where it gets tricky ! ... you will n​eed to start with your first section you have made and split it into two, wrap it around the sides of the second section and join it to the third. 

5. This process continues all the way to the end of the ponytail wrapping it around the section below. Adding it to the next part. Watch the video below to watch the process. ​

5. Brave Crimped Hair 

Disney inspired brave crimped hairstyle is simple created by putting two french plaits the night before and taking it out in the morning and viola finished!!

6. Mickey Mouse Buns

minnie mouse hairstyles

This hairstyle is nice and easy to follow, it is literally two messy buns with an added bow, no need to be neat and careful this look is great !

7. Cinderella bun 

cinderella hairstyles

This has to be one of my favorite of all the Disney hairstyles tried so far,it is easy but yet professional looking without a lot of time and effort. if you watch the video you can follow how i created it. If your wondering what hair tool i am using its called a Tipsy tail to pull through the end of hair, it was the first time using one so had to have a few attempts but got the hang of it in the end. 

6. Frozen Anna Coronation day Hairstyle

anna hairstyles

​Now this particular hairstyle is one that Millie really wanted to try out but i was a bit reluctant to as she has such fine hair and not much length for the plait that goes from one side the other.

As expected when it came to creating this style we had to make a few improvises. we took a little plait from each side to meet in the middle, as we soon worked out that one going from one side like in the film. Millie just didn't have the length we needed to create it. So if your daughter has a bit more length to her hair you can just create one plait instead or the other alternative is to buy a fake hairband plait to add in at the front instead its up to you. 

Watch the video below to see how the Anna hairstyle was created. 

7. Disney Beauty And The Beast Belle Inspired Bun 

beauty and the beast hairstyle

I hope you have enjoyed the videos and have fun recreating these Disney Inspired hairstyles ! 


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