DIY Easy Flower Girls Pretty Hairstyles 

Recently my family attended a family wedding where both my girls were invited to be flower girls, which we were left to our own devices deciding what to do where their hair. Now my 2 year has a good amount of hair but is still very impatient, so we had to find a hairstyle that we could improvise with to match my 6 year old beautiful hairstyle that takes no longer than a few minutes as time is very limited with little ones as we all know. 

Add and twist hairstyle -

millie flower girl

This style is just so easy so here are the instructions to follow - 

1. Start by dividing the hair down a middle parting and clip one to the side so you don't get them mixed in with each other whilst working with one side. ​

2. Take the top part of the hair and split into two parts where you can start to twist and add

3. Continue to twist and add all the way until you reach the end then finish off with a hair band to stop it undoing

4. Make sure once you can secured with a hairband you then twirl it into a circle and bobby pin it the back of the head ready for the flowers to be added.

5. Repeat this on the other side make sure the hair is nice and secure and then add your flowers by poking them through the grips!!

Finished - 

As you can see its a really easy hairstyle to create. how beautiful does Millie look with her easy hairstyle and lovely flower girls dress. 

Finished off nicely with a smart coat and matching flowers - just perfect !​

​Simply follow my instructions and VIOLA ! 

Finished outfit

Bunches and grip - 

mia flower girl

Now we very quickly discovered that Mia was not going to stay still enough for me to create the twist and add hairstyle so we improvised and it worked beautifully!

millie and mia flower girls

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