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Elie Slim Hair Straightener

If your searching for a hair straightener best for styling your hair whether it’s to curl, straighten or simple give it that wavy look the Elie Slim hair straightener is the best straightener for the job.

The curved edges of the straightener make it really easy to create wonderful curls, for styling shorter hair or just quick touch up's. A very versatile hair straightener on a whole, with a great user experience all round.

The Elie Slim straightener has been designed to make a difference with its unique design and high safety standards. They strive to make a difference and to create high quality products that you will love using.

This straightener also has an on off switch and a warning light on the exterior for safety which we feel is very important in a pair of straighteners.

What is the best material ?

The ceramic technology ensures the heat is maintained evenly throughout the whole plate making sure there is no hot spots which helps the straightener to smoothly flow, no pulling and no snagging, this is what normally causes damage to hair follicles, keeping your hair as protected and healthy as possible whilst creating silky smooth and shiny hair.

With its floating heat plates, similar to full size Professional straighteners, helping deliver beautifully sleek hair every time.

What features do these straighteners hold?

The straightener comes with a heat resistant storage bag, and is small enough for any purse or bag. Compact and light weight ideal for every girl on every occasion. Many people are using these straighteners not only to take around with them in their bags but using them at work, holiday and festivals, such a versatile hair straightener that is a rare find.

With its unique designed cool feel handle and patented 360-degree swivel cable ensuring unrivaled maneuverability and ease of use, this puts the Elie Slim straightener leaps and bounds ahead of other Slim straighteners on the market.

Elie Slim Hair Straightener package

Leaving you satisfied with how easy these straighteners are to use, which will be time saving whilst styling your hair.

If you’re also looking for a hair straightener to take traveling or to take to all your festivals and camping this year then you are looking in the right place, we recommend the Elie Slim hair straightener, it is small and light ideal for traveling for quick touch up’s on the go but with the salon quality you’re looking for. To find more hair straighteners suitable for travelling with check out our best cordless page to read further reviews.

What is the temperature ?

Elie Slim Hair Straightener pouch

With a powerful heating system, the Elie Slim Hair Straighteners heats up to a maximum temperature of 200C in seconds.

With a high quality glide and reduced frizz ensuring easy styling, this straightener could be exactly what your searching for to style your hair with a perfect professional finish.

​Excellent. I Take these on holiday light weight. And almost as Good As ghd but a Fraction of the cost. Absolute Must Have. X.

Amazon customer


On amazon the price of these straighteners stay under the £30 mark which we think is great value for money.

Not only are these straighteners created for styling with its rounded barrels but they are also suitable for travelling with due to its lightweight slim line design, what a bargain.

Elie Slim Hair Straightener storage

These straight are the best straighteners for curling because not only does it produce a very good performance for styling, but it also comes with a small price and plenty of features to go around as well.

Our verdict

Overall we feel that this straightener is well worth its investment, with all the integrated features to make sure you get the perfect style you are trying to create, with a professional finish and if you are still not convinced then the fact that the Elie slim offer a 1 year manufactures guarantee must give you a bit of confidence to give it a go.

Things we like:

  • 1 year warrentee
  • Short heating time 
  • Safety features
  • Under £30
  • High quality guide and reduces frizz

Things we don’t like:

  • Isn't suitable for those thicker more difficult types of hair

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