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HFX Rechargeable USB Cordless Hair Straightener Review 

When your thinking about purchasing the best cordless flat iron you can find you also need to think about the best results and the highest quality that you can achieve from HFX Rechargeable USB Cordless Hair Straightener. 

This particular model comes in two different colors; there is a choice between pink and black so you can choose which you prefer.

HFX Rechargeable USB Cordless Hair Straightener is a new device that helps deliver a very product for good value all while being able to offer the best cordless experience that you always wanted. The device is designed with a great stylish experience in mind and the pink color definitely makes it suitable for all those girlie pink lovers out there.

Since this is one of the best cordless models out there, you can use it for literally take it anywhere you want. It’s versatile, professional, it’s also very easy to use and fully customizable.

It makes the entire experience a lot more interesting than ever before and exciting to take on your travels

What is the best material ?

The quick heat-recovery technology helps better styling essentially, and the advanced floating and even heat-distribution ceramic plates prevents hair-pulling and stop any split ends and damage.

This product is created from a ceramic material for more far-infrared heat and more tourmaline for more negative ions are now essential to most of our flat irons, with the two material combined it makes it a strong and durable pair of straighteners.

What features do these straighteners hold?

This product definitely integrates many possibilities and the fact that you can use the straightener up to 40 minutes or more of intensive use shows the unique commitment and results that you can get from this particular model.

One thing to note about the HFX Rechargeable USB Cordless Hair Straightener is that the experience is created with professionalism in mind. Not only is it very compact, but it’s also light and it heats up very fast.

This straightener will help achieve sleek locks you are looking to create. It is versatile and will be great to straighten or curl your hair on-the-go with its portable, cordless design. It fits effortlessly into your handbag and comes with a heat resistant pouch.

HFX Rechargeable USB Cordless Hair Straightener colours

You will like the fact that this straightener is very customizable and portable but you will also appreciate the great power supply. And with a great, idea length, the product is definitely designed to offer a very good value which is amazing in its own right.

Our special patent technology finally realizes the dream of ultra-fast heat-up and heat recovery. Its needless to say that the outstanding control technique is directly related to the safety, reliability and high performances of the products.

It’s all about quality and attention to detail here and that’s where the HFX Rechargeable USB Cordless Hair Straightener manages to stand out. It’s not very large for those with a lot of hair to style, but it’s a compact and durable unit to travel with.

As stated by a review on amazon, ‘It actually managed to work very well after it was dropped so even if accidents happen the HFX Rechargeable USB Cordless Hair Straightener can help deliver a very good value’ which is very good to keep in mind how durable this mini straightener is said to be.

What is the temperature ?

HFX Rechargeable USB Cordless Hair Straightener pouch

HFX Rechargeable USB Cordless Hair Straightener also has 3 different temperature settings that can achieve up to 200c so you can adjust it for a variety of hair types. This makes the experience a lot simpler and definitely a lot more convenient which in the end is what matters the most for sure.


The price of this product is £39.99 on amazon which is a pretty average price for a cordless mini hair straightener. Although it is well worth the price which all the added features available within this product.

Our verdict

HFX Rechargeable USB Cordless Hair Straightener is a very good model and while it might have a higher price than other models of its kind out there, it’s justifiable and worth the investment for sure. Give it a shot as we are sure you will like it.

Things we like:

  • 2 year warrentee
  • Short heating time 
  • Automatic shutdown safety option 
  • 3 Temperature settings 
  • cordless - easy to travel with

Things we don’t like:

  • Not great for people with loads of thick hair may be more time consuming