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Nicky Clarke NSS087 Frizz Control Hair Straightener Review

First of all we all know that finding the best budget hair straightener is no small feat. Here is the Nicky Clarke NSS087 Frizz Control Hair Straightener review, giving you the pros and cons of this model. First of all this product tends to focus on giving you the best value, but for little money. Just what were looking for.

Thankfully, we have reviewed the Nicky Clarke NSS087 Frizz Control Hair Straightener which is a top selling product. Most of all it really managed to be a top of the line hair straightener and still deliver a good user experience at all times. 

It’s by far the best product on the market and that's down to the quality of features that it delivers. In addition it also manages to integrate features that many similar high quality straighteners do not have.

What is the best material ?

Furthermore, you will note that this is one of the best hair straighteners for the money mainly because it has a stellar design and it’s very easy to use.

At the same time, the product is a high end ceramic hair straightener which has long ceramic plates. This allows you to make your hair straight without having to deal with any issues along the way, due to its quality of plates.

Nicky Clarke NSS087 Frizz Control Hair Straightener Review side view

What features do these straighteners hold?

Another great feature within the Nicky Clarke NSS087 Frizz Control Hair Straightener Review i would like to talk about is the Ionic Emitter. As a result this helps to prevent frizz and at the same time it focuses on promoting hair shine, which is always a major plus!

The heat dial is very easy to use and completely customizable. Which means that you will have no problem modifying the features that the Nicky Clarke NSS087 Frizz Control Hair Straightener can bring to the table.

Not only can it deliver a very good user experience in total, it even offers support for all hair types and therefore is really solid as a product.

You won’t have any problem using this lightweight, stylish straightener. With its high heat settings it’s one of the hottest hair straightener to choose from. It is also very durable and gives you the finish you are looking for the first time round.

Using this top of the line hair straightener is a delight. Furthermore It’s easy and light to use and you will appreciate the fact that it integrates all the necessary safety features as well.

The swivel cord that this straightener has gives you the freedom needed to style your hair. It also has a lock system which means it can be easily packed away when finished. It will mean you wont have the worry, it's going to burn or damage something around you.

What is the temperature ?

This straightener gives you the flexibility needed to style your hair and can easily style your hair up with this product. In addition if you don’t have that much of an experience using a flat iron, its easy.

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Consequently, the ceramic plates get quite hot while using the product and because of that you need to use it with extra care not to burn yourself or damage your hair follicles. Other than that you can have quite a lot of fun using these straighteners!

​Will never buy GHD's again. Just as good! and a quarter of the price. All in all an excellent purchase.

Shirley Cox 

Our verdict

Furthermore using the Nicky Clarke NSS087 Frizz Control Hair Straightener review to prove it is fast, easy and a worthy investment has worked. In addition this product is widely known online for its looks and features. The products appearance is very good here and we are really impressed with everything that the it has to offer.

In conclusion the entire way you use this tool is interesting and considering the fact that it’s less than £30 if you get it on a small sale, it’s surely an inexpensive product to begin with. Finally if you want a good, budget hair straightener, you should check this one out!

Things we like:

  • Suitable for all hair types but good for frizz control
  • Long ceramic plates 
  • Ionic emitter that prevents frizz
  • It only £30 amazing price !!

Things we don’t like:

  • The plug can get damaged over time
  • It can start to buzz at times

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