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Pretty Younger Girls Hairstyle Ideas 

​Everyday my aim to have my two girls hair pretty, matching with bows which is why i felt it would be great to share some of my idea with you. Above is my two girls Millie(6) and Mia(2) with my best friends two little girls Alicia(7) and Nyla(2). My friend enjoys me sharing my hair ideas and using her two girls so between the four of them i have quite a different in hair length, thickness and patients to work with!

Below i have created some new and unique hairstyle ideas that could be used for any event whether its a birthday party, wedding or even just a day out. I hope you enjoy!

1. Pull Through Braid Bun

This is a great alternative to a simple bun. It gives it a bit of excitement and with such ease. It is simple a pull through braid at the top and around the bun, watch the video below to watch how to create the pull through braid. Pretty. 

pull through bun

2. DIY Soft Curls with wraps

You can see in the video below how i created these beautiful natural looking curls and all for under £20 from amazon. These DIY curlers are easy to use and cause no damage due to them being a heatless tool perfect for your daughters delicate hair. Here is a breakdown of these steps to create these curls:

1. Section apart about an inch of hair​.

2. Put your chosen colour and length wrap over your hook tool that comes with your pack of curlers.​

3. Hook your sectioned hair at the end of the hook and pull it through the wrap and as you let go it will curl back into its natural curled form. 

4. Leave them over night and in the morning carefully remove them ! easy as that. ​

DIY soft curls

3. Feathered Lace Braid

4. Feathered Lace braid turned into a ladder braid

5. Dutch Braided Princess Crown 

dutch braid princess crown

6. Bubble Braid

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