Spooky Halloween Quick and Easy Hairstyle Ideas 

So as its nearing closer to Halloween, i thought it was the perfect opportunity to get creative and make some hairstyle tutorials that you can follow to create on your scary little ones on Halloween. Happy Creating !

​1. Spider Bun 

spider bun

This spider bun is so simple all it takes is a hair-donut and any type of spider to connect in the middle. Follow the instructions below;

  1. ​Put hair into a simple ponytail, leaving to side parts out to connect the spider later
  2. Add hair donut and cover hair over it and connect a hairband to keep in place 
  3. Next instead of wrapping the hair around the bun like normal, i brushed it all to the bottom of the bun to then back comb it 
  4. Put your spider in place on top of the bun and pull side bits of hair over the bottom legs to keep it in place, clip in place with hair grips
  5. Take a look at the spider we used for millies hair - only £1.99 !! click here. 

2. Spider Pigtails

spider pigtails

This design is just some pigtails with a little twist, quick and easy; 

  1. Part hair and create your two pigtails
  2. Use elastic bands to part of around an inch and continue all the way to the bottom
  3. Then connect the spiders around the elastics
  4. spray hair with your desired hair colour spray​

Take a look at the pack of spider rings we picked up from amazon click here

3. Half Up Half Down Spider Style

half up half down

Now this is the most simple hairstyle yet as my two year old cannot sit still for more than a minute so a half up half down with a bit of colour spray created this creative scary style; 

  1. Put half the hair into a top ponytail
  2. Spray top part of hair and ponytail with your desired colour
  3. Add your spider .... spooky !​

3. Spider Web Ponytail

spider web

I have no tutorial or this design as i managed to created this whilst she was laying in bed watching a film its about the only time i can get her to sit still so here some instructions on how its created or watch the video below for a similar design; 

  1. ​Start with one front square and tie with your elastic
  2. create two below this square and split your top square into to connect to each of the squares
  3. continue this process until you have done enough of the web to then pull into a ponytail where i then added a little spider to add to the affects  

5. Spider Web Plait Design

spider web plait

Here is similar style to above by following the instructions for the spider web to create the top but instead of adding all three strands into the ponytail i have created a plait and wrapped it around the top of the hairband and hair gripped it in which gives it a bit extra to the style. 

You may also like to take a look at my Disney hairstyles for those princesses dressing up even if it is Halloween. 

Happy creating and have a happy Halloween !!


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