Styles You Can Learn With Your Straighteners 

It is very easy to think you need all the latest gadgets and new types of styling irons to get the fabulous look of the year. When all you need is your straighteners and the instructions below, its simple to follow the styles you can learn with your straighteners.

If you simply have only ever used your straighteners to straighten you hair, it can be quite hard to imagine. As the basic flat plates on the irons look so limited but there not.

A great tip is when searching for your perfect iron is to consider whether you want to use your straighteners for styling as well. As many have further features to make styling a lot easier to create these looks.

There are many types of styling irons from crimpers to curling wands. A lot of these types of irons can be hard to grip without burning yourself and needs more technique and heat proof gloves.

Whereas using straighteners to style your hair, the plates are a lot more protected and you are less likely to burn yourself. You can also control the temperature to suit your hair type to cause less damage.

Lustrous Curls With a Flat Iron –

So if you have ever had any experience with a curling iron you would know that they can be tricky and a bit fiddly. Trying to wrap it tight and neatly around the wand without burning your fingers or causing a random kink half way through.

With a pair of straighteners, it can be hard to get used to the technique of curling. Once you know how it’s easy. Its pretty hard to get wrong.

Styles you can learn with your straighteners lustrous curls

So Here’s Your Easy Guide To Creating The Perfect Curl-

1. Firstly, separate away about 1 inch of hair (can be smaller) of pre-straightened hair. The longer the hair and the bigger the iron you are choosing to use means the more hair you can curl at a time.

2. The bigger irons also produce bigger curls and the smaller type irons produce the smaller tighter curls, it’s simple. By straightening your hair beforehand, it makes it easier to control and manage groups of hair.

3. Firstly, start at the bottom of the strand of hair you have sectioned. Clamp it shut and wrap it fully around all the way to the top as if it is in a knot to the top. Hold it there for no more than 3 seconds to make sure you don’t burn or cause damage to your hair.

4. Make sure when the hair is wrapped around its evenly wrapped from top to bottom to produce an even curl.

If you would like to see the best hair straighteners for curling then have a read of our review guide.

Top Tip - 

A top tip is to try and practice with a cool iron to get the technique before applying the heat to your hair. Although it may glide a lot easier when it’s hot. The result should be a soft curl but tighter than a wave.

How to Create Beach Waves –

Styles you can learn with your straighteners beach waves

If you’re looking for more of a loose bouncy looking curl than this is the style to use and is a very easy technique to learn.

Beach waves are a very current trend of 2020, many celebrities have used this look . If your interested in looking at the current celebrity hair trends. Head over to our new article and have a read.

Making your hair wavy has only a few simple steps.

3 easy steps - 

1. Firstly, separate your amount of hair you’re going to wave, then this time start by clamping it in the top of the straighteners and loop the hair a full loop around the straighteners

2. Simply pull slowly all the way until the end until the hair falls out the bottom. This will give you this loose wave affect.

3. If the end result is a little too tight. Then flick over your whole head of hair in front of you. Brush your fingers through it to loosen them up and to make the curls into waves.

We recommend the she wide hair straightener to create this look have a read on this fabulous article.

Top Tip - 

If you’re wondering how she has created so much body with her fringe in the photo above you simply need to use the straighteners to bridge the fringe to add some body. Another tip is whilst making a bridge shape with the straighteners. Pull the hair in the opposite direction straight up into the air, because it is pulling the hair follicle away from its natural way. It helps to create the lovely body you’re looking for.

Cool crimping –

So crimping is known as being an 80’s style. when really it’s a very modern and out there style which we currently love.

It’s just so easy anyone can do it. It’s just like a curl but doesn’t go all the way round. More like a zig zag throughout your hair.

Let’s start by deciding how tight you want the crimping affect look to be. If you want it big and further apart then section your hair into about 8 sections makes them each into individual plaits. hold the straighteners from the top clamping it for 2 to 3 seconds and repeating this all the way to the bottom of the plait.

Styles you can learn with your straighteners cool crimping

If you would like them tight and a big bold affect like in the attached photo. We would suggest to section the hair into at least 16 sections or even more if you have very long or thick hair and repeat the process explained.

Top Tip - 

A little tip if you want to create some body with this crimping style.Simply flick your hair over in front of you and run your fingers through it shaking it giving it some freedom and body in your styled hair.

Sleek smooth and straight –

Styles you can learn with your straighteners sleek and straight hair

So you may wonder why you would need to sit and read instructions for straightening your hair. Surely it’s just pulling the straighteners from top to bottom right?

Well we have some suggestions on how to get the best sleek and smooth looking straightened style.

Always straighten your hair in the correct parting because once straightened it would be hard to change the direction of the hair.

Also try not to go over the same section hair again. Just straighten the section properly the first time. So pulling it nice and slow from right at the top of the roots right down the ends. This will prevent you from over straightening and burning hair follicle’s. Which cause split ends and hair to become damaged.

There are also many different products out there that will help defend your hair from it getting burnt or damaged. Why not check out our heat defence products available with their reviews.

Big bouncing curls –

This is a very popular look. The big bouncy natural curls. You would probably automatically think this is produced by a big bouncy blow dry. No its purely created by your handy straighteners.

This style is simply created by clamping your hair from the root at the top and start by pulling straight. Slightly curving it round to make a semi-circle. You continue this process with all the sections until they group together into a big curl.

Simple !

Styles you can learn with your straighteners big curls pic

Top Tips - 

A great tip is once you have curved all the sections you may have to twist your individual curls into one. By twirling them around your fingers and if they are still too tight and individual then giving your hair a shake to mess the style up. Then repeating the twirling process with your fingers to create how many and the size of the curls you want to create.

Wild and free, festival hair –

Styles you can learn with your straighteners festival hair pic

If you’re thinking about attending a festival this year. Then this is the perfect style for you. You may also want to research into and purchase some travel mini straighteners. Which would be perfect for these festival events.

So this is a technique that may take a few attempts to get right. Once you have got the hand of the process its easy.

Firstly, section your hair to around 1 inch at a time. Clamp the plates closed at the bottom of the hair and continue turning the straighteners inwards until you reach the top. Wrapping the hair around it until you reached the top. Hold it there for a few seconds and then release the circle of hair our slowly. Then you will have this beautiful curly festival look.

Top Tip - 

Top tip for this particular curl is to make sure you use very small sections to get this curly full volume effect you are looking for.

Short hair styles –

Having short hair may lead you to believe that you are very limited to the styles you can choose. Also what you think you can achieve with your straighteners.

Firstly, if you’re looking to get a messy straight look, like in the image to the right. We suggest you use a smaller plated iron. Which makes it easier to get right down to roots. This is important to your look when you only have a small amount of hair to work with.

It’s not necessary to precisely section your hair as this is a nice messy rough but sleek look.

Styles you can learn with your straighteners short hair pic

What we suggest is grab your section but from the other side of your parting. Pull it over the wrong way, clamp the straighteners from the top of the hair right from the roots. Slowly pull till you reach the ends of the hair. By pulling it over the wrong side of your parting this give a good body to the hair and this messy look.

If you’re looking to curl your short hair, we have some nice and simple instructions for some loose quick curls to give your short hair a bit of body you’re looking for. Clamp your hair at the top of the roots and just bed your wrist away from you as you pull the straighteners down this will give a light curl with a lot of body.

Wonderful Wedding hair –

Styles you can learn with your straighteners wedding hair

So we all get excited for our big day and want our hair to be perfect for this once in a life time event. Whether you’re the bride to be or just attending the wedding as a guest. This can be costly. Why not give it a go at creating your own masterpiece with your straighteners and top it off with a beautiful tiara as seen in the picture.

Just remember this is only one example of a hairstyle created by flat irons. There is hundreds of different wedding styles you could try, if this is not what you’re looking for.

This particular style is currently really trending. The curls with the length of the hair but backcombed and into a small beehive at the top. Sometimes with a gentle sweep of some of the hair to create a soft and natural look to the hair. To top the look off we suggest to choose a tiara or veil to match your outfit or wedding dress.

To start of you need to section 1 inch of hair at a time to make sure it is a small enough piece to curl. Otherwise it won’t be a tight enough curl. Start at the end of the hair and begin to turn inwards until the section of hair is completely wrapped around the outside of the plates on the straighteners. We suggest to hold it there for 2-3 seconds and then quickly release. We don’t want to damage the hair but want it to be a nice strong tight curl that will last through out your special day. Repeat until all the hair is finished.

Steps to creating this style - 

Next we will go through the instructions of how to create your perfect beehive like in the image attached. Firstly, if you would like to have a side sweep fringe like in the image then you will need to section this hair first and put it to one side.You can tie it out the way of just clip it up if not then just follow the next instructions.

Get your back tail comb and use the tail to pull the front section you’re going to backcomb away from the rest and tie separate from the remaining hair. Carefully tie or clip it as you would have just finished curling the length of your hair. So be sure not to ruin this in the process.

Now we have all the hair sectioned off and ready to create the bee hive, firstly right at the front of your hair line pull away at least 1 – 2 inch of hair and pull it over the front, then section the remaining hair and small as possible into lines and start backcombing by pulling the comb towards the scalp whilst holding the hair straight up in the air this will create the big body it needs to create the bridge.

Then get back your 1-2inch line of hair at the front you haven’t backcombed and pull over your backcombed hair to give a smooth and sleek finish to your style, (make sure you grip the beehive tightly so it doesn’t come loose throughout the day).

Top Tip - 

Top tip – make sure you sure hairspray every time you finish a section of hair. This will keep it secure for longer.

These are only a few ways of using your straighteners to do fancy tricks with your hair. If there is a particular style, we haven’t shown or you would just like to search for more then have a search on YouTube for further ‘how to style with straighteners’.

Happy Styling !


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