Tips To Keep Your Hair Healthy This Winter

Winter season has arrived, which means it's time to work out for a snowy and frosty few months.

You may also find yourself slathering on the moisturizers this season of the year because dry, cool weather can affect your skin adversely.

However, winter can be rigid on hair as well. Dry air, cold winds, and harsh weather that comes along can make your hair vulnerable to breakage and more dehydrated than any other season.

Tips to keep your hair healthy:

If the winter season has turned your hair brittle and dry, try out the following tips and tricks to bring it back on track.

1. Stay Hydrated:

The importance of hydration is endless. It is as essential for the hair as it is for the skin. Scalp roots soak up the water from the human body to hydrate hair, which then enhances growth.

If the body has inadequate water to reach the roots, your hair can become brittle, dry, and undoubtedly stop growing. Carrying a reusable water bottle is a great way to remind you to drink more water. 

2. Avoid Going Out With Wet Hair:

Going out with wet or even moist hair can cause you a lot of damage and breakage as well. Aside from the apparent risk of freezing, your hair will be chilly, and cold wind can weaken the hair causing breakage.

Try washing your hair in the morning, so you know it'll be utterly dry by the evening. 

3. Intake of Healthy Food: 

Everyone wishes for healthy hair at every age. Eating a balanced diet of eggs, veggies, nuts, fruits, and meat can help increase your hair growth, also reduces the risk of hair fall and breakage. 

4. Avoid Heat Appliances:

During winters, there's no need to use artificial heat appliances (including straighter, hairdryer, and curling irons) because your hair has already been exposed to so many adverse materials.

Avoid using such tools, and if you're still utilizing them, make sure to take safety precautions to protect your hair from further damage.  

You can make your all-natural hair sprays for healthy and shiny hair. Simply, half fill a spray bottle with distilled water and add four tablespoons Aloe Vera gel, ½ teaspoon Himalayan pink salt and few drops of Vitamin E oil.

Mix all these ingredients well, and your spray is ready. It is rich with nutrients best for hair. You can use it as a heat protector or leave-in conditioner.

If you want natural beach waves, you can spray Himalayan salt in distilled water. It will save your hair from heating devices while giving you perfect beach waves.

Himalayan salt is rich in essential minerals. To know more about this salt, you can visit Bulk Pink Salt Supplier.

5. Moisturize Frequently:

Giving your hair an extra dose of moisture is a great way to protect them this winter. If your hair is extra prone to breakage and you're facing split-ends, now is the best time to shift to a nourishing shampoo and a leave-in conditioner.

The right shampoo will not only nourish your hair as well as preserve the natural oils your scalp produces to keep your hair healthy. A leave-in conditioner will help you moisten your outer hair after you've stepped out of the shower.

6. Get RegularTrims: 

It is essential to get regular trimming after every four to eight weeks to keep your hair healthy. It excludes the dead hair and gives you a fresh look while reducing the chances of developing split ends again. 

7. Shield Your Hair: 

It is essential to keep your head covered with a hat during winters while going out to protect it from cold winds, snow, and dry air.

Choosing the right material for the hat can save you a lot of damage, for instance, cotton and wool can cause you breakage, but silk and satin can help prevent it. Make sure the inner lining of the hat is made of silk or satin.

8. Deep Conditioning Is A Must: 

Moisturizing is a game-changer for winter hair care. Use a leave-in conditioner regularly to moisturize the hair and counter the effects of hot styling appliances.

Deep conditioning once a week is essential as it has plenty of benefits; it prevents hair damage, avoids split ends, promotes hair elasticity, strengthens and nourishes hair, and keeps the moisture level in control. 

You can even DIY hair conditioner with simple ingredients. A speedy recipe requires four tablespoons Aloe Vera gel, ½ teaspoon vitamin E oil, two tablespoons coconut oil.

Mix all these ingredients well and apply on hair for about 2 hours then rinse off with an organic shampoo. It will lock the moisture in and make your hair healthy and glowing.

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