Top 5 Ways to Maintain Your Wig in 2020

Due to heightened celebrity and model endorsements, wigs today are having a significant moment in the fashion and beauty world.

Undoubtedly, they've been a longtime essential for event-going superstars are looking to swiftly change their style for the red carpet without having a detrimental impact on their hair.

But outside the world of fame, wigs have been gaining foremost importance on social media, where expert hairstylists showcase their magic for the multitudes.

Every other day, it appears as if a stylist goes viral for perfectly blending a hairpiece to the extent where it looks precisely like it could be the customer's hair.

A crucial aspect of acquiring and sustaining a wig is not purchasing it but maintaining it in its entirety. To help you in this course; We have compiled down below the top 5 updated ways to help you maintain your wig for a proper term!

1. Use a mannequin head for a wig:

When not being utilized, it is essential to use a mannequin head to preserve the shape and fall of your wig.

When you buy a glueless wig for sale, it is often recommended also to purchase a mannequin head where you can rest the wig when you're not wearing it.


This also works as an excellent way to keep your wig's hairdo intact as you get equipped to go out. Leave it on the stand, then wear it right before you
head out the door.

2. Don't use heat on synthetic wigs:
Because synthetic hairpieces aren't made from real hair, they naturally cannot endure heat styling or much-extended handling. The heat can permanently melt the strands of your precious wig, so on a safe side, stay away from it overall.

If you want to style your artificial wig, you can create voluminous, bouncy
curls by using tools such as Flexi rods and other heatless methods.

3. Don't use excessive heavy creams:
Heavy creams lead to a much more massive build-up, and that is no new news. You don't want to weigh the hair down and lose its balance, so it's best to evade anything that will make it appear greasy or leave a deposit that has to be washed out in the future. That brings us to the next point…

4. Don't wash them unnecessarily:
The need to wash your wig can directly correlate to the period you wear it for. If you wear a hairpiece every day, cleaning it two times a month is adequate to ensure hair remains springy and fresh- looking for as long as possible.


However, if you only wear a wig from time to time, a monthly wash will suffice. Never wash wigs more than twofold in any given month, or you can risk harming the wig and shortening its lifecycle.

5. Use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner:
Your particular hair benefits from the oils formed by your scalp, but wigs don't have a source of moistness, so you should avoid cleaning them with products that contain punitive detergents.


This is where sulfate-free conditioners and shampoos come in. These products work as mild cleansers so that you won't harm the fundamental structure of your wig's hair.

As with hairpieces, hair extensions, and wigs, one should care for them as he or she would for his or her hair. That said, with wigs specifically, there are a few critical factors mentioned above to keep in observance so that you can extend the life of your wig.

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