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Wahl Afro Hair Straightener

Are you looking for a straightener for your natrual hair then look no further. The Wahl Afro hair straightener is the advanced straightener designed pacifically for difficult frizzy type hair.

Not only is this fantastic straightener integrated with all the necessary features but is great for value to.

What is the best material ?

The cool thing about this straightener for afro hair is not only is it stylish and professional but it has ceramic salon plates designed for afro and frizzy hair which gives you the best results and a great user experience. The ceramic plates allow a smooth, frizz free and a shiny finish everything we are all looking for.

What features do these straighteners hold?

This straightener is endorsed by a special award winning afro stylist – 5ive. For those of you who have never heard of 5ive he is a celebrity award winning stylist. He has won many award from ‘Battle of the barbers’ to ‘southern stylist of the year’ at the afro awards.

Wahl package

He is a freelance stylist who has the versatility to work with male/female, Afro and European hair. 5ive is also a technician/platform artist for various trade and product companies.

His work consists of regular shows, not only up and down the country but also across Europe and the Far East. He has taken part in such shows as the annual 'Afro Hair & Beauty Show' and 'The L’Oréal Master class'. This gives you the confidence and trust to give this brand of straightener a go.

Performance-wise, the device is impressive. Basically, you can create curls, flicks, sleek styles and a whole lot of other great features with just a few minutes of using this product. The fluidity is great here and you won’t burn your hair either because the device does integrate some very fast and professional features that you will enjoy using at all times.

These straighteners have a 3m long swivel cable which gives it the freedom to style your hair wherever you need to twist and turn them too. It also has an automatic shut off system, so after 60 minutes of no use they will automatically switch off.

This is a very important safety feature, no more worrying whether you have turned the straighteners off half way to work as you know they will safely turn off them self within the hour, very handy. These straighteners also benefit from a plate lock safety function to avoid any damage to the product.

What is the temperature ?

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This straightener has variable temperature control which is great as it allows you to choose the correct temperature for your hair type. The temperature allows you to choose from as low as 150 up to 230.

It is very often that when you have black Afro-Caribbean hair you would have had it chemically relaxed or straightened hair and lower heats are much better suited for hair that has come in contact with these types of chemicals so although we would initially look for the higher heats for the more difficult hair types it might also mean you need the lower heats as well due to treatments you are receiving on your hair.

​It does a great job and the different temperature control makes it better to manage. Excellent product I am please I purchased it.



Currently on amazon this straightener is selling for £18.99 down from £29.99, this such a bargain price and great value for money. It will be very hard to beat this straightener as it has the high quality ceramic plates and all the necessary features all for under £20 you cannot go wrong with this outstanding product.

Our verdict

As a whole it’s a refined product with great value, with a very high quality finish. Endorsed by 5ive celebrity hair stylist, many integrated features and variable temperatures for those of you who have used chemicals on your afro hair this straightener is a fantastic choice. Take a look at our best straighteners for Afro-Caribbean hair page to read about what other products we have picked. 

Things we like:

  • Short heating time (30 seconds)
  • Automatic shutdown safety option 
  • ceramic plates
  • best straighteners for Afro-Caribbean hair 
  • good value under £20
  • endorsed by 5ive celebrity stylist 

Things we don’t like:

  • A few of these products have been found to have a wire shortage after some time

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