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Francesca Jaques - Author of Hair day

Hi my name is Francesca Jaques (Most people call me Frankie),I am a twenty four year old beauty consultant and on this blog I share my personal experiences, tips and advice on everything I know about hair.

I have personally always suffered with fine flat hair making it difficult to style, due to having no volume in my hair. 

This is how I began researching into the best hair straighteners to choose for myself and this was when I realised how many different straighteners they were for all the different hair types, which is when I felt the need to create this website for others in my situation.

There are so many different choices when shopping for hair straighteners/tools and if your new to this subject then you may need a bit of guidance of where to start, with a little information on what you are searching for.

Let us find the best hair straighteners of 2020, review them and give you the 'how to use hair straighteners' guides to help you find the hair straighteners for your individual needs. Along with Hairdryers, Hair rollers, Crimpers and anything hair related. 

My daughters Millie and Mia are a big part of my passion for hair, having two girls with hair past their bums means hair styles for them on a daily basis. With dancing a big part of our life as a family this means styles such as french plaits, buns and dutch braids are a weekly up do for the girls. 

Millie and mia

Besides working as a beauty consultant, I like to read other beauty blogs, playing with my two daughters (take a look at some of my pages on millie and mia), browsing Pinterest and YouTube for new hair styles. I try to eat healthy and exercise regularly.

Enjoy the site ! If you wish to send me a message or have any questions, I welcome emails from all my readers and look forward to hearing from you.

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