6 Reasons Why Men's Hair is Going Grey

It’s often forgotten that it’s just as important for men to take care of their hair as a woman and it can be a sensitive subject when they start to go grey. But why exactly does hair, in particular, men’s hair go grey?

50% of all people will have a significant amount of grey hairs by the time they reach 50. A common myth is that men go grey before women but due to hair dyes and toners I guess we’ll never really be able to tell!

Men can generally be put off dying their hair as it’s often considered a feminine thing to do which isn’t surprising as they say that going grey can age a woman twice as much as a man!

why men go grey

If your greys are starting to shine through and you need to put your mind at ease as to why, then read our reasons below - 

Growing old - 

1. Growing old makes you grey! Hair goes grey when cells stop producing pigment in our hair follicles. Hair follicles are skin organs that produce hair strands. When the pigment is not produced, hair follicles produce less melanin. Melanin gives our hair its colour so when the strands do not contain melanin, they go a more transparent colour such as white or grey. Age causes a lack of melanin.

​Vitamin B-12 Deficiency - 

2. A Vitamin B-12 deficiency can also cause hair to grey. Vitamin B12 invigorates Melanocytes which give hair the pigmentation. Grey hair is also a symptom of other health conditions such as hypothyroidism (when thyroid activity is lower than average.)

​Stress - 

3. Stress is another reason that hair can go grey. Hormones released when stressed can deplete the melanocyte stem cells that give hair its colour. Common reasons for stress are work or money related, relationship dissatisfaction and personal image.

​Genetics -  

4. Quite simply, grey hair is based on genetics. If your parents went grey then it's more than likely you will too. Your genes are tasked with regulating and producing melanin, so if there is no melanin, there is no colour to the hair strands causing hairs to turn grey.

​Natural - 

5. Our hair cells naturally produce hydrogen peroxide. But when the cells produce too much, it turns us grey as it has a bleaching effect.

​Smoking - 

6. Turns out there is truth to the myth that smokers grey sooner. Smoking can cause premature ageing, resulting in age catching up with your body and presenting grey hairs as punishment.

Typically, white people start to go grey in their mid-30’s. Asians in their 30’s and African-American’s in their mid-40. So, if you’re a white male smoker in your mid 30’s, with a high-stress job, your hair probably isn’t thanking you. Fortunately, there are some ways to combat the greys. Of course, doing the opposite things to what causes them will be the best fix. If you are lacking in Vitamin B12, eat more animal products such as meat, poultry, fish, shellfish, eggs and dairy products. Vitamin B12 supplements are also available.


Try to destress yourself. Staying positive has a huge effect on our stress levels. Laughter has said to reduce the number of stress hormones. Meditating or yoga is always a great way to calm your inner Zen.

Most men are too modest to turn to hair dyes but the dye is a way to combat and cover these greys. There are plenty of natural colour hair dyes on the market aimed at men.

Quit smoking and exercise prevent premature ageing. By keeping our bodies healthy it will repay us in remaining youthful. If our bodies feel young, then grey hairs won’t try and slip through earlier than the natural greying age. If our bodies feel old, they will start to show it.

Contrary to popular belief, plucking grey hairs will not mean even more will grow back but it is not a fix to getting rid of them. Plucking can destroy hair follicles and can lead to bald patches and I’m sure being grey and bold isn’t on the agenda for anyone ageing gracefully.

User, the right products to keep your hair toned and healthy and keeping it trimmed and styled to create a sharp and edgy look will leave grey’s looking good.

Alternatively embracing your inner silver fox is a good way to go too. Top tip if you start to go grey in some areas, is that it’s sometimes best to go all out and completing the look is a good way to go. Transitioning to a full head of grey can easily be done by most stylists.


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