Can Bed Bugs Live in Your Hair? (Gross !)

If bed bugs live in hair, they could only survive near the hairline or where hair is very, very thin. Bed bugs have legs that make it difficult to walk through scalp hair.

They need fully exposed skin. Plus, our natural body temperature is too high for them to lay their eggs in your hair.

So it’s very unlikely that bed bugs live in your hair, even if you have been in contact with a bed bug infestation.

Symptoms of Bedbugs are living on your head

It’s a chilling thought.

But if you continuously wake up in the morning to mysterious bites (just like lice and ticks), you can’t rule out bed bugs. You will notice itching but very slightly as these are not classed as serious bites.

But can bugs live in human hair? How can you tell you have them? And, most importantly, how to get rid of bed bugs from your hair?

Can Bed bugs live in your hair?

In order for a bed bug to live in hair, it needs to survive. Those bed bugs would be feeding off hair scalp and bed bugs bite.

Hair just makes their job harder. They can’t easily access the skin. Besides their legs, their actual mouths aren’t that long. That all is according to a scientific lab study published by the BBC.

Now you know that every itch on your scalp isn’t a breeding, feeding bed bug. So it’s important you know for sure there are bed bugs in your hair.

This tutorial tells you more about these pests. It will also show you what to look for and how to completely cleanse your hair after being infested with bed bugs. 

Observation is the best way to tell if bed bugs live in hair. Bed bugs look like an apple seed, in both size and color. After feeding on a host, these parasites turn a reddish color.

If you see one bed bug, you can bet there are others, you may need to inform pest control.

You need to treat your hair immediately. 

What You Will Need:

  • Oil-based barrier (olive oil, tea tree oil, neem oil, or mineral oil are good ones)
  • Head covering (plastic shower cap)
  • Over-the-counter lice treatment shampoo
  • Heat (Hair dryer, steamer, sauna)
  • Baking soda
  • Nit comb
  • Hot water
  • Gloves

Step-by-Step Instructions

Follow these directions to check for and get rid of bed bugs in hair.

1. Check Your Hair for Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are parasites and need a host to survive. So bed bugs feed alot, so really just want your skin in order to feed on your blood.

In the process, bed bugs can live in hair, but that’s not their intention. They can actually get stuck in your hair and bed bugs hide in the process.

Look through your hair from your roots through your hair strands. Use a mirror to check the back of your hair.

Bed bug eggs being laid in hair is a myth. 

Use gloves, if needed.

2. Shampoo Your Hair With a Chemical Head Lice Shampoo or a Natural Oil, Such As Neem Oil

Follow instructions on over-the-counter treatment. Use your fingers to agitate the scalp. Make sure the lather covers your hair from root to tip.

Oil suffocates bed bugs and is an effective treatment.

3. Deep-Set Your Hair for 15–20 Minutes 

Apply heat at this step for an extra measure (hot water). Use a shower cap to create a warm environment or sit in a sauna, if available.

Bed bugs can’t survive in high temperatures. Experts say to get your heat treatment to 140 degrees or more for at least 10 minutes.

4. Rinse out Your Hair With Water As Hot as You Can Stand It, Being Careful to Not Burn Yourself

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Give extra attention to your hairline and your nape.

5. Use a Nit Comb to Remove the Bed Bugs and Thoroughly Rinse out the Comb

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6. Repeat the Steps, Then Wear and Style Your Hair As Normal

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If you wear wigs, hair extensions, or hairpieces, make sure there are no bed bugs in there before installing. That’s another way of transferring bed bugs. You can unknowingly bring the pests home.

7. Repeat the Entire Process Every Two Days Until You No Longer See Bed Bugs

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Take this seriously. If all your efforts don’t work, consult a doctor.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S)

Here are some commonly asked questions about bed bugs in your hair.

Will I Need Another Bed Bug Treatment?

You will need another bed bug treatment if you notice more bugs in your hair or evidence of the bugs, such as bites or excrements.

What Are The Symptoms of Bed Bugs in Your Hair?

The symptoms of bed bugs in hair include waking up to itchy, swollen bites on your face, neck, or hands. Unless it’s a severe infestation, you probably won’t actually see the bed bug.

These insects are most active at night and they get around very quick. That’s why they can very easily move from one surface, like a mattress, to the person sleeping in it.

How Do Bed Bugs Get in Hair?

Bed bugs get in hair from a source. So even if you get rid of bed bugs in your hair, if you don’t find the source, they will definitely come back. It doesn’t take a lot of bed bugs to start.

These pests multiply fast and so easily transferable. You have to get rid of every single one, including their eggs. Common sources include luggage, if you have been traveling.

How Can I Treat Bed Bug Bites?

Baking soda is a great natural remedy to treat the painful stinging from a bite. Make a paste with water and let it sit for about an hour. Rinse with cold water and pat dry.

Apply a moisturizer to prevent any drying. Aloe vera gel helps in healing and keeping the skin moisturized. Apply a few times a day for a couple of days.

Do bed bugs wash off in the shower?

As bed bugs do not like water they woulld generally fall out in the shower but to be sure you are getting rid of all the bugs its important to use the correct treatment suggested and to remove an bed bug eggs. 

Can bed bugs cause hair loss?

No bed bugs cannot cause hair loss. But an infestation of bed bugs may cause stress which can cause hair loss. 

Can bed bugs get in your private parts or pubic hair?

Its unlikely to find bed bugs in your private parts or pubic hair but its not impossible so if you find any in your pubic area be sure to wash them off too. 

Final Thoughts

How’s that for a thorough tutorial? 

Bed bugs can be overwhelming. It’s important to have some guidelines to follow so you can get the problem out of your life for good.

Post any comments you can think of and share this information with friends and family. 

Don’t forget to look into nit combs. They are specialty combs that are different from regular combs. It’s an important tool that you will want part of your bed bug arsenal or daily grooming.


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