6 Interesting Benefits of Dreadlocks That Everyone Should Know

Dreadlocks – also called DREADS, is a natural hairstyle when sections of hair get matted and tangled into it when not combed or brushed at all. 

Traced back to as early as 2,500 B.C. and with historical significance through the ages, the dreadlock also symbolizes the pan-African political identity.

Especially in times like these, when consciousness around diversity and equal opportunity is gaining traction, dreadlocks become increasingly popular. 

Corporate America, consciously or unconsciously, has fostered a culture of discrimination. The African-Americans face implicit or explicit pressures to conform to 'clean-cut' hairstyles instead of dreadlocks or braids.  

In 2019, New Jersey, Tennessee, Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, and other states had proposed legislation to explicitly ban race-based hair in workplaces, schools, and other public places.

California and New York have already signed such legislation into law in July. Apart from the political and cultural consciousness driving the popularity of the locs, let's dive into the benefits of dreadlock products offered before riding this trend-wagon.

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Healthy Hair

Followers of the 20th century Rastafari movement believed that knotted hair or locs could prevent energy from escaping the body through the top of the head. They also believed that such practices could facilitate a healthy body, mind, and spirit.

Although that claim is arguable, dreadlocks do promote healthy hair. Being twisted into it, locs preserve the hair's natural moisture and prevents it from drying out. Dry hair tends to be thinner, weaker, and more susceptible to damage from the elements.

Moreover, dreadlocks help protect new hair. The statement that dreadlocks help hair grow faster is probably false. But it does help protect new hair growth and hair strands from breakage caused by daily styling. 

Timeless, Classic Hairdo

According to Dr Bert Ashe of the University of Richmond, the earliest written record of the dreadlock is the Vedic scriptures. Referred to as "Ja-Taa," the dreadlocks were attributed to the deity Shiva.

Anthropologists have discovered evidence of being in vogue in Ancient Egypt. The dreadlock even has a biblical reference to it, with some interpretations of the Old Testament saying that Samson lost all his strength when Delilah cut his locs. 

Fast forward to modern-day America, the locs flourished and were adopted widely by people across races and gender to the extent that some African-American community members accused the whites of cultural appropriation.

Dreadlocks have remained a time-tested style and are expected to stay that way for the foreseeable future.

Boost Your Confidence

Lastly, you need to know that dreadlocks also help to become confident about how you look. Many people still feel ashamed to showcase their inner talents and styles to the world.

It is because people out there are waiting to shame you no matter what. But no matter what, you need to be by your side. And by getting those beautiful locks, you get to taste a sense of freedom and pride. You get to wait for hair to grow naturally patiently and flaunt your style without any anxiety.

Style Without Much Hassles

Although the idea that dreadlocks require no upkeep is probably false, it is indeed true that dreadlocks are easy to style and maintain. Many hairstyles require frequent use of shampoo and conditioner, among other products.

Also, they might not be as easy to style as these are. These are effective for daily use as these are pretty easy to shape and style without much input. 


Easy to Maintain

Natural dreadlocks are always welcome by the users. Why? That is because these are chemical-free and easy to maintain for more extended periods.

These look natural, elegant and add to your personality perfectly without harming any strand in your head. Additionally, there are styling products to be used to style them correctly.

However, they do not require a wash daily since wet dreadlocks turn mouldy and can smell. Dreadlocks do not require styling and hence the need for an assortment of styling products or its lack.

As a consequence of getting rid of all those chemicals, you get natural hair free from wear and tear. Thus, it also rules out the problem of knotted hair and the time consumed in combing the knots out.

Suits Your Personality

Even if it might sound a tad cheesy for many, but dreadlocks are yours, and they bear some significance with personality. You are unique, and so should be your hairstyle.

So, keep researching the market trends and choose the one that accentuates and highlights inner character to the world. So, you no longer have to look up to those artificial locks available in the market to flaunt your style. 


In a nutshell, you learn the little details about the introduction of dreadlocks in society and how these are quite beneficial for everyday life.

Whether you are on a budget or want to improve hair quality, you can always get such additions to hair.

Also, you can get these done to flaunt different styles. In case you are indecisive about these or fear the harms caused to hair, then be bold and try it out once in life.

You will never regret getting these unique hairstyles ever. So why wait? Reach out to the nearest parlour and be ready to flaunt the best dreadlock along with fantastic personality.


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