How to Choose The Right Beard For Your Face Shape

Having a good beard is a dream of every man and growing it with various challenges ultimately brings a feel-good look to your face. You can easily shave off your beard, but growing it can take a lot from you.

The first problem that arises in front is what beard style to choose. However, any man can grow an utterly charming beard, but the only thing to remember is that different face shapes determine the different types of beard styles.

It will be beneficial if you choose a beard style that fits best according to your face shape. First, you need to select a beard style that can perfectly suit your face shape among various beards styles. 

Determining the beard style is necessary to start growing the beard, keeping in mind the beard style. Let us understand first how to choose the various face shapes and decide beard styles according to it.

How to determine a face shape?

There are some standard features or signs that enable you to determine your actual face shape-

Oval face shape -

Oval face shape can show a perfectly rounded head and the longish sides of the face. The face length is prominent in an oval shape as compared to the width of the face measured along the cheekbones. This the exact face shape as its name suggests, i.e., elliptic. 

Square face shape -

This type of face cut has a slim chin with a broader face as measured along the cheekbones. The bottom section of the face is square along with the corners but little round along the chin.

When you have a slim chin, and your hairline creates a 90-degree angle around the edges, you will most likely have a square face shape.

trimming beard

Rectangle face shape -

Rectangle face shapes generally have long and wide jawbones. Those with a square face are likely to have kind of a squarish chin. They will have a wide area around the chin and forehead but longer sides.

Diamond face shape -

Those with diamond face shape have long faces with broad cheekbones, a narrow forehead, and a jawline that is symmetrical to the forehead with a narrow jawline. 

Round face shape -

If you have a rounded face shape, then you have the hairline rounded around the edges of the head and along the chin.

The distance between the jawline and the brow-line is less with a rounded chin. The face length is short and is perfectly round in shape.

Heart face shape -

A heart-face shape generally has a small chin, broader cheekbones, and a jawline, which goes perfectly straight. Those with a heart face shape had a broad forehead and thin chin. 

Triangle face shape -

A triangle face shape has a prominent chin. In this, the jawline is mostly broader than the cheekbones. The forehead is flat on the top and is expansive. The face is longer than usual and is thin as compared to other face shapes. 

Beard styles for face shapes

Beard for oval face shapes -

Oval face shape is probably the most prominent face shape, and on this face shape, it is easy to grow a beard. Only you need to trim the beard to prevent stray hairs.

However, all the beard styles suit the oval face, but the faces look great with a moustache, a five o'clock shadow, a goatee, a long beard, and a full beard.

It is best to grow a full beard that completely covers the chin and follows by a moustache. 

Beard for square face shapes -

A man with a square face shape will look great when there is more hair on the chin region and lesser on the sides. The hair on the neck area needs to keep minimal.

The face will look great when there are less hair and the sideburns and more on the cheeks and the chin. The suitable beard styles for square face shape are the anchor beard and the Balbo beard.

Beard for rectangle face shapes -

For a rectangle face shape, a beard style is recommended, which is fuller on the sides and shorter at the bottom. One should try and keep a beard style that covers the neck and chin regions.

You can also try growing a moustache to get a fuller look. A shorter beard style will suit the best on this type of face shape.

Beard for round face shapes -

Men with a round face shape should go for a beard style, which is less on the sides and full on the bottom.

Remove the sideburns and the hair on the cheeks entirely, and keep more hair on the neck and the chin. A Dutch beard is the desirable beard style for rounded face shape. 

Beard for triangle face shapes -

A beard stache is the best style for men with a triangle face shape. If you have a triangular face shape, you should maintain more hair on the upper part of the face and avoid the cheeks' hair.

As the jawline is complete, you need to draw attention from keeping short hair on the chin area. 

Beard for diamond face shapes -

Those having a diamond face shape, the beard styles short on the bottom, and full on the sides look best. As the face is long in this face type, one can go from any beard style such as mutton chops to a goatee. 

Beard for heart face shapes -

Men with a heart face shape should try a beard style, which is long and thick. For heart face shapes, mutton chops, an extended goatee, and a chin curtain work excellent. 


Within various beard styles, you can try any one of them once you understand the shape of your face. As mentioned earlier, the information will help you choose wisely the beard style that will fit perfectly on your face.

Also, there are many other faded beard styles that you can try according to your face shapes to give your beard and face a new look.

Whichever beard style you choose, you need to maintain it by following a beard care routine and using beard-specific products. 


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