Does Whey Cause Hair loss? Advice & Guidance

Protein shakes with whey protein are the best diet supplement to gain body muscle mass or for losing fat.

The high amount of protein is the source to gain GROWTH and STRENGTH.

It is said that Whey is prone to cause noticeable hair loss, but what is the reality behind it? Is it true? 

In this blog, you will find out what is the truth behind it. 

does whey cause hair loss

What is Whey?

Milk contains two different types of protein in it, i.e. casein and whey protein. The content of casein is 80% whereas whey protein is found 20% only

Whey is the by-product of the process used for making cheese or in other words you can say the liquid which is left behind after the staining and curdling process.

It is also known as protein powder which gives a misconception about it as an artificial protein supplement. 

Our body can absorb whey protein better as compared to any other kind of protein.

You can easily mix the powdered form into juice, milk or any other liquid. Whey protein has been further divided classified according to the properties it possesses. 

whey protein powder

Types of Whey

There are three types of whey proteins. It includes

  • Whey Protein Concentrate WPC
  • Whey Protein Isolate WPI 
  • Whey Protein Hydrolysate WPH

Whey Protein Concentrate WPC: This kind of Whey consists of a low-fat level and low amount of carbohydrate.

The concentration of Whey determines the percentage of protein present in it. The shortest amount of it is 30 percent, and the highest is up to 90 percent. 

Whey Protein Isolate: It is more processed to remove the fats and Lactose present in it. It is almost 90 percent of protein. 

Whey Protein Hydrolysate: WPH is taken as predigested whey protein because it undergoes partial hydrolysis (the process necessary that absorbs the protein. It requires less amount of digestion than other whey protein. 

How Whey Affects Hair?

Gym enthusiasts and athletes prefer and suggest whey supplements as this water-soluble supplement works faster to build muscles than the solid food.

In a study conducted by a dermatologist and a hair transplant surgeon found out that some specific kind of whey protein could be a reason for hair loss. 

WPC and WPI consist of the same type of amino acids. The higher amount of protein has a high concentration of BCAAs (Branched-chain amino acid). 

The WPC in powder form and WPI possesses a different amount of Lactose, fat and proteins. The composition, whey protein isolate is composed by minimizing the amount of fat and carbohydrate content which leaves approximately 90% of the protein in it. 

hair lossfrom whey

Does Whey Protein Cause Hair Loss? 

The protein does not cause any side effect leading to baldness or hair fall, but as we get deep into it, it has been found out that the reason for hair loss is caused by Whey protein is a kind of it.

The WPI (Whey Protein Isolate). The amino acids are found in the high amount of and the BCAAs, which increase the level of testosterone that leads to the hair loss in men.

The WPI has a high level of BCAAs that increase the making of testosterone hormones which is then broken down to the dihydrotestosterone DHT that is the reason for causing baldness and hair loss.

Proteins, however, are necessary for the slowing down the process of hair fall but losing 50 to 100 hair strands is normal.

Using WPC as a protein proved an improvement in the health of hair. This is because of the nutritional differences in whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate and their processing. 

What are the other Side effects of Whey?

Whey protein is a natural one which is considered as the safest one; however, the whey supplements could be harmful to some people and cause adverse effects.

In some cases, it can cause a low level of blood sugar, bleeding and low blood pressure. Else, the whey protein can also cause damage to the liver and kidney. The powdered supplements can cause bloating, stomach cramps, gas and diarrhoea.  

People who have allergy from cow milk could get body rashes, hives, runny/stuffy nose and swelling of face and throat.

If you are suffering from any side effects from whey protein, why not try using this amazing hair growth serum. I have the thinest hair and swear by this natural hair growth serum.

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Further Important Facts about the Whey Protein

Whey is beneficial in many ways as it is used in the protein drinks. Some crucial facts about Whey protein includes

Minimizes the Muscle Fatigue: Whey possesses precursors that help to increase the water-soluble antioxidant glutathione level. 

Immune System: The whey proteins consist of amino acids that improves and boosts the immune system.

Helps During Night: Taking Whey before going to bed increases exercise recovery and training efficiency.

It happens because muscles protein break down and increase of plasma amino acid helps in maintaining the protein balance of the whole body at night.

Helps to control Cholesterol: Well, yes, that is right. Whey protein helps to reduce the cholesterol level almost 7 % and a noticeable reduction in blood triglycerides by 15% approximately. 

Reduces liver fat: Whey protein has been tested on women who were obese, and it was concluded that taking only 60g, and it helped them to reduce 21% of liver fat in just a month. 


Any protein deficiency could be the reason to cause hair loss. It is not specified to Whey only. Any protein if used in excess could be harmful not only for hair but also for the body muscles as well.

Whey protein is the water-soluble protein that helps to build and strengthen the body muscles and mostly used by gym enthusiasts. 


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