50 Hair Straightener Brands Ranked From Best To Worse (Based On More Than 70,000 Customer Reviews)

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With Hundreds of brands to choose from hair straightening brands can be hard to separate what’s good and what’s not.

Not only are there different brands but many different model types to choose from, looking to find the best straightener for you can be a challenge to compare the best from the worse.

Winning Brand 


Read Below to find out more about our winning brand !!

No matter what your set budget is for your hair tool it's important you choose the style suitable for your hair type.

With our countdown from best to worse, you are sure to find several that will meet your hair's individual needs.

The Best Hair Straightener of the Best Hair Straightener Brands

Overall most people are looking to answer the question which is the best hair straightener of the best brand?

This is quite a hard question to answer as all brands have different types of straighteners they produce for example; mini would be great for travelling but no good for Afro thick hair.

Therefore you have to choose the correct straightener for your particular hair type and what you will be using it for.

Below we have created an overall chart based on customer reviews on which we think are the best hair straighteners for each of the top 10 brands.

The Top 10 Hair Straightener Brands - Comparison Table








MHD straightener




iv styler



HSI straightener




cloud nine



cloud nine logo



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TRESemma logo

Remington Hair Straightener



remington logo
BaByliss 2069U Pro Ceramic 230 Hair Straightener



babyliss logo
toni & guy



Toni&Guy logo
Elie Black Travel Hair Straightener with Free Heat Resistant Storage Bag



Elie logo

Evolution Of The Hair Straightener - 

1872 - 

Today in modern society as men and women we rely on high-tech, high-quality styling products to create the hairstyle we wish for.

Hair straighteners have been around before the 1900’s and really started to become popular and an essential part of styling your hair in the 1960’s.

marcel grateau

Marcel Grateau With his curling iron. 

In 1872, Erica Feldman used the first ever ironing device to style her hair.

She used heated iron rods to curl her hair, although she did not create the actual hair straightening device she is remembered as the first individual who used a heated iron to style her hair.

These Rods were created by Parisian Man Marcel Grateau who is also well recognised for inventing the first ironing device for the hair.

1909 - 

Furthermore, in 1909, Isaac K. Shero furthered the success and technically thought of the first straightening tool by using two clothes irons.

Holding the two clothes irons on either side of the section of hair and dragging it from top to bottom, although this technique was not ideal causing many accidents and burns.

isaac k shero

Issac K. Shero 

1912 - 

In 1912 actual inventor of the hair straightener was founded, a Scottish heiress Lady Jennifer Bell Schofield.

She invented this whilst in her 30’s, whilst the big curly look was the in style yet Jennifer wanted to be different from others and become obsessed with having dead straight hair.

1912 hair strightener

In essence, Jennifer merged her own idea and Grateau and Shero to create a straightener rather than a curling tong.

She put the rounded iron tongs into a big clamp which meant the straightener we know now was quickly taking shape.

The crude and dangerous methods of the ancient times have been replaced with the modern appliance, that prevents damage to hair follicles and improves the overall condition of your hair.

1980s - 

After the big hair trend of the 1980’s ended, women were once again craving the super smooth and straight look.

Salons soon caught onto the phase and began to market the products specifically designed to straighten hair.

Metal plates were set into plastic handles to make straightening easier and more able to use in a professional beauty setting.


Modern Straightener 

Hair straighteners also known as a flat iron can be purchased for under £10 up to over £500.

Depending on the type of the straightener, the material the plates are made from and features available. 

Iron plates have been replaced with lighter metals and can be anything from ceramic, gold or coated in titanium.

Temperature setting controls that can be adjusted is important to control the amount of heat output, a feature that aims to project fragile hair.

Mini hair straighteners you can travel with are becoming popular as are cordless straighteners.

Not only do current designs and styles create straight hair, different techniques allow you to achieve curls and waves.

How We Came Up With The Top 50 Hair Straightener Brands - Methodology 

To come up with the best hair straighteners brands of today, we have taken into account over 70,000 reviews from the most popular hair straightener models from well-known brands.

These came from people who have tried the product themselves and given an honest opinion which is always the best.

The reviews come from not only regular consumers but hairdressers, critics, and professional salons.


We believe that no matter what the hair industry suggest is the best brand ultimately it is the experience and regular users opinions that matter most – the customer is always right!

When looking at the size, material of the plates, temperature control, and different features available, 30 brands made the top cut.

Instead of reading the description and falling for the talk that their own brand is the best we have looked at those who have actually used it, paid for it and voluntarily left a comment because they wanted to , bad or good we will get a true review on the individual product.

By leaving a star rating it has allowed us to look at which brand is ranking higher than others from true and honest customer reviews we can get a better description of what the product is like.

The brands you will see below are the most popular and considered the best for those reasons.

Key Finding Of The Best Hair Straightener Brand Analysis

The Best Hair Straightener Brand - Top 50 


There was some very interesting results that we have found in our in depth analysis of hair straightener brands, the most important factors we found are; 

  • The top Position of the best straightener brands was a surprise and not who we guessed it would be, instead it was a smaller, much cheaper brand that had the highest customer reviews and best customer experience overall.
  • The top three position brands - surprisingly this is a real mixture of expensive well recognise brands to unheard of very cheap brands that all have exactly the same star rating and amount of customer reviews such as; MHD, GHD and HSI.
  • According to analysis the top hair straightener brand – MHD – sells hair straighteners that according to the customers are better than most expensive brands which all the necessary feature but for a quarter of the price.
  • We were surprised how many smaller, not so well known brands have made it into our top 50 brands and all of them have produced some outstanding products with a top standard consistently throughout all the hair straighteners.
  • The price range of the number one brand, MHD is reasonable low, compared to some of the other brands in competition from within the range of £20 - £100. (i.e MHD Negative ionic technology - £20.00).

top 10 brand chart

1. MHD


So Guess what… MHD Won, out of 50 brands this has the highest star rating 4.8 with the highest amount of comments, it was very close to GHD but just beat by a higher amount of customer reviews and we always know ‘the customer is always right’.

MHD is a pretty new modern brand to the industry starting off producing hair straighteners in 2005, they believe as company that it’s all about being contemporary, top fashion and being in with the current style.

These products are at a high salon quality, easy to use for the design concept and use by many professionals in the hair workplace.

Looking through the straighteners they have to offer they prefer to use tourmaline plate material which is a great high quality choice to use throughout to keep their professional stigma to their brand name.

It offers an array of designs from wide to standard to mini size plates which can meets all different types of needs for straighteners thick, thin, short, long or going on your travels which is great to know they can meet all different types of needs.

When searching through the range of products they all meet the standards you would expect for the winner out of 50 brands of straighteners.

They all have safety features with variable temperature controls, with great plate materials to avoid any damage or hot spots to your hair follicles.

With their highest priced pair of straighteners at £55.00 this brand is clearly at a very high standard for not a great amount of money, just a win win situation and look forwards to hearing your thoughts on this purchase!

2. GHD


Ghd was launched into many salons in January 2001, where they were all highly impressed by the amount of styles possible with this flat iron alone.

Although the industry was less impressed with the RRP price of around £100 surely no one would pay those sort of prices would they?

Well the answer is yes as over the years GHD has just been flying off the shelves and very popular for demand to the point as a brand they struggled to keep up with production.

GHD over the years have been everywhere, from glossy magazines to the must have beauty accessories of some very famous celebrities like Victoria Beckam.

Although this brand is higher in price this shows in the quality of product they are built to last for years and be girls best friends.

They are fast to heat and reach a nice high temperature and create you style in seconds.

As we can see from all the amazing customer reviews this is a very professional high quality well known and well recommended brand as a whole.

This brand is well known for being able to style the more difficult hair types which is a bonus.

We struggled to find any down falls to this brand and what they offer so give it a go and join the trend of the GHD.

3. HSI

HSI is a very interesting company as they seem to have some very high end expensive models of hair straighteners yet have some much lower end very cheap models so seems to be quite wide with the type of products they produce.

Although this brand doesn’t have a specific focus it is a well-established brand and has over 50,000 customers over 47 different countries.

Therefore, we feel making it to number 3 in our chart of best brands is understandable with such a high quality established brand with a price that everyone can afford and trust.

4. Cloud Nine 

cloud nine

Cloud nine was launched in 2009, by one of the founders of GHD he decided to produce his own brand bigger and better.

The prices of cloud nine are very alike GHD, on the higher end of the straightener industry, but so is the quality. 

Launched 8 years after GHD, Cloud nine has done an amazing job to get as well-established as they have and I am not surprised they are number 4 on my list with an outstanding 4.5-star rating and some amazing reviews.

5. Corioliss 

Corioliss is well known for its award-winning titanium straighteners and was named ‘the Dyson of the hair industry’ by Vogue magazine.

The facts alone gives confidence that you can trust this brand to meet your hair's individual needs. This brand is now worldwide, represented in 46 countries since January 2015.

As they specialize in titanium plates this is a great material to focus as it causes less damage to your hair than most materials.

This brand offers all the necessary features for your hair and beyond, with the high quality on offer this brand well deserves its place as number 5 In the list.

6. Tresemme

Tresemme logo

Tresemme has been around for many of years is a well-recognized brand, in fact, it is an American brand and was founded in 1947.

The brand name is a phonetic translation of "well-loved" in French, (tres-aime)

Tresemme is a versatile brand and creates straighteners for all hair types, it also has an array of prices which make it suitable and affordable for a wide range of people looking for straighteners.

Tresemme is used in may salons, therefore have created a whole range of salon professional style straighteners, which again is suitable for all hair types.

With their products being great value for money and salon professional quality, I am pleased it fell in the top 10 pick from amazon customers.

7. Remington

remington logo

Remington has been around for many of years, and has certainly proved itself to be one of the best brands of hair straighteners.

With hair straighteners that have a smooth, shiny design and which can heat up to a decent temperature in order to give your hair a guaranteed straight appearance, Remington has you covered.

There are a lot of different models which suit different requirements when it comes to styling hair, showing that they care about the satisfaction of their customers and are willing to provide as many options for them as possible.

8. Babyliss

babyliss logo

Babyliss is well known for their professional salon quality products, all their products use the latest technology and are thoroughly tested to give you the best result always.

The founder of Babyliss Lelieve originates from Paris in the 1960s. With his professional experience of everything hair, Babyliss was born! In 1995 Conair Cooperation took over the company and helped it to become a worldwide well-known company.

Babyliss caters for all different hair types and is very fair with their prices making them a popular choice when choosing a pair of straighteners.

Babyliss have an array of straighteners from mini straighteners to take on your travels to wide straighter for long and thick hair.

Along with all the hair care products, they are well known for this brand most deserved its place in the top 10.

9. Toni & Guy

toni and guy logo

So Toni and Guy has a very interesting history, most people know the brand originated from the famous hair salon which was founded by two teenage brothers called Toni and Guy.

This brand was one of most fast-growing hair salons that soon extended into haircare products as well as the styling products which was quickly available worldwide.

Toni and guy products are all aimed at the most professional side of hairdressing from hairbrushes and scissors to hair straighteners and hairdryers. Although salon quality they are all affordable prices.

10. Elie

elie logo

Elie is a smaller manufacture compared to some of the others brand in the top 10 but the very few hair straighteners that they have produced are very high quality and highly recommended, so well deserve their place in the top 10.

Elie has teamed up with many leading hair care experts to bring you advanced hair care that needs all your needs.

Elie is very well known for its mini and slim designed hair straighteners suitable particularly for traveling with or otherwise for shorter hair when you need small plates to get right down to the roots of your hair.

Although they only produce a small amount of styling tools they have their specific need and sell very well.

Second Tier of Best Hair Straightener Brands (Top 11-20)

Top straightener brands chart

11. Braun

braun logo

Braun originates from Germany and started in 1984, and was taken over by the famous Gillette corporation.

Braun is a company that not only sell hair products but other electronic products too, so most people don’t straight away think of straighteners when they hear of the brand Braun.

So, I am glad it has made it into my list, to prove that it has done a brilliant job at creating the right straightener for your hair.

It offers an array of straighteners from mini straighteners to take on your travel, to colour savoir hair straighteners.

12. Nicky Clarke

nicky clarke

Nicky Clarke is a famous hairdresser and was well known for styling celebrity’s hair well before earning his fame from his brand.

The first Nicky Clarke salon was launched in 1991, and has never looked back as a business form then.

It is such a unique company, because they straddle so many different areas, he wasn’t interesting in sticking to guidelines and creating what you see in magazines, he likes to be imaginative and create his own styles, this is how he began to grow and become worldwide.

Now as a brand Nicky Clarke offers all types of hair straighteners for reasonable and affordable prices.

13. Lee Stafford

 lee stafford logo

Lee Stafford is a very well-known hairdresser and in 1998 his career went into overdrive when he won the award for the man’s best hairdresser of 2000, also being voted into ‘This morning’ television show by the public as one of their chosen elite stylists.

Combined with other successes he had in 2001 he managed to fulfill his dream of bringing out his own brand of hair care.

Lee Stafford’s hair straighteners very much focus on the health of your hair offering argon oil infused straighteners to prevent damage and help nourish the hair to offering colour therapy.

With mineral to prevent it causing coloured hair to become dull and damaged and all for a reasonable price with its aver price being around £30.00. A great pick.

14. Berta

berta logo

Berta is an American company that create very few hair straighteners but the few they have produced are brilliant for the more difficult hair types.

Focusing on temperatures and the best quality ceramic plates they have hit the nail on the head with the tremendous views for all their straighteners.

Their prices are very low ranging between £20 and £30 which makes this brand even more appealing, especially when searching for the perfect straightener when your hair has a mind of its own this is defiantly one to have a go with.

15. Trevor

 trevor hair logo

Trevor Sorbie started off as a hair stylist like a lot of the top brands we know today, he even spent time as a stylist for Toni & guy and John Freida before opening his own salon in 1979 in Covent garden.

Sorbie creator of the wedge haircut and four-time British hairdresser of the year was awarded a MBE in 2004.

Trevor then went onto creating hair products from the feedback of his clients therefore creating hair straighteners with all the features you would need.

His products have always been designed to be highly effective and simple to use, with an emphasis on quality and giving hair the deep care it needs. As Trevor always says, “When you use the best ingredients, you get the best results.”

His top priorities remain maintaining the rigorous training and exacting standards of his team, inspiring other hairdressers to achieve their best, as well as creating wearable styles for his clients and giving them the products they need to keep their hair looking and feeling at its best.

16. Bosch

bosch logo

When people think of the brand Bosch the first thing that comes to mind is home appliances.

Well with the amazing success they achieved with their home appliances they soon moved onto the next electrical products they could produce, hair care products.

Bosch hair straighteners are on the higher end of the price range which can be a downfall although they have really thought about every feature necessary to achieve the best results with the straighteners and are worth every penny.

They are well trusted, well deserved brand to be in my top 20 list.

17. Xtava 

Image result for Xtava logo

Xtava isn’t such a well-known worldwide brand no but they surely make up with it from the quality of the hair straighteners.

Not just the flat iron itself but the packaging too is just fabulous it looks so classy, it looks like you have just brought the ‘Rolls-Royce’ of the hair industry.

All their products have lovely shiny, professional appearances with a reasonable price no higher than £60.00.

Most of their straighteners are also silk-infused to make sure they consider the health of your locks, preventing any damage to your hair follicles.

18. CHI

chi hair straightener LOGO

Chi that stands for Cationic Hydration Interlink technology, who work for a huge manufactures company called Farouk Systems.

Farouk Systems is based in Houston and works with many highly professional brands, Farouk a hairdresser himself aimed to employ the professionals in the beauty industry to achieve the most advanced hair care in America.

Chi have designed all their hair straighteners specifically for styling, all with their unique features they all have that one aim in common to help customers with styling their hair not just straightening.

19. Phillips


Royal Phillip’s, commonly known as Phillip’s is a Dutch technology company headquartered in Amsterdam, focusing on the area of electronics, healthcare and lighting.

It is one of the largest electronics companies in the world and is worldwide in more than 60 countries.

Phillips offer an array of straighteners for thick and frizzy hair to fine and damaged hair, which all come in an array of prices which is great as it means there is something suitable for everyone to meet their hairs individual needs.

20. Vidal Sasoon

Image result for vidal sassoon logo

Vidal Sasoon isn’t a well-known brand so hasn’t made it into my top 20 through being popular but purely through first hand customer reviews which is always reassuring.

Vidal Sassoon was the name of a very well-known hair stylist in America who founded this brand. His hair straighteners are all great value for money and all within a small budget.

They have a range of straighteners to suit different types of hairs needs, wide, thin, long, short, ceramic and professional.

Vidal Sassoon’s hair straighteners also have a very modern unique look about them I think they look rather stylish and eye catching so give them a go.

Top Hair Straightener Brands - Third Tier (21-50)

21-50 top brand chart

21. Rusk 

rusk hair logo

Rusk is a haircare product purely designed for hair salons and was founded by Irvine and Rita Rusk.

Rusk has now become a part of the Conair corporation, putting their ideas together to becomes a better and stronger brand.

Designed in Australia Rusk is one of the few brans that provide a full range of iconic and high quality products.

From colour, to liquids, to chemical services and electrical haircare tools like hair straighteners.

Rush can offer an array of salon, professional quality products from the basin to the front of the house.

22. Wahl 

wahl logo

Wahl was founded in 1919, with the first invention of the hair clipper which is what made this brand so popular and well known this product lifted this company off its feet.

Today, with over 3,300 employees it has moved on in times creating many more products all in different ranges of tools, such as straighteners, hairdryers and serums.

Although moving forwards with their company their products remain globally known for integrity, value and efficiency.

23. NexGadget 

NexGadget is well known for its electrical products such as charging stations and car dash cameras but recently have produced their own hair care range.

They have kept this range very small and limited which means they have really focused on each necessary feature needed in the straighteners.

Which is how it has made it into my list as the customer reviews are fabulous for the few hair care products they have created.

24. Revlon 

Revlon is a very popular and recognised brand globally, founded in 1932 by two brothers and a friend starting with a single product a nail enamel the three-founded developed a unique manufacturing process.

In six years Revlon become a multi-million-dollar business, creating thousands of different products flooding the market worldwide.

Although a lot more famous for their beauty products when becoming so successful with this they continued to create hair products that have also continue their high-quality success streak.

25. Conair 

conair hair logo

Founded in 1959 this is an American company that has seem to expand like wild fire, they sell beauty products, small appliances, personal care products and beauty products that appeal to both the consumers and professionals of the hair industry.

Amazingly Lee Rizzuto was the founder of the hairdryer we now use and know in the modern day instead of the stand-up dryer that you would have to attend the hair dressers to use, therefore lee changed hair history which will never go back.

Creating an array of straightener and hair products Conair cater for all hair types so is a great option to choose and I’m pleased it made it onto my list.

26. Carmen

carmen logo

Carmen have been around for decades and like to listen to their consumer to make sure they are covering everything you would need or like with your hair products.

They are a modern brand keeping up with the in colours producing ranges consider what the younger female would want.

They have followed this rule with their hair tool products as well which is helped them become popular listening to what people need.

Their straighteners are designed for all different hair types and for a great value too.

27. T3

 t3 hair logo

Surprisingly this company stemmed from the designers creating a tourmaline infused hairdryer and have never looked back since.

Since then T3 have excelled with adding more variety of products to their brand and have won many awards in the hair industry.

Favoured by leading professional stylists and lauded by discerning beauty enthusiasts, T3 products are the go-to tools for creative individuals of all kinds.

With the styling options, their products are endlessly inspiring and, dare we say, deeply delightful.

28. Glamouriser 

Glamorises is a well-established salon brand that focuses on creating high quality products especially for the professional.

Designed for all hair types this brand uses the latest technology to ensure you achieve the result you are searching for.

The Glamoriser range consists of 9 products that each offer a unique hairstyling proposition for people who want high performance products that will help them achieve cat-walk worthy styles. 

Almost all the Glamoriser products are infused with precious Black Diamond Oil to get rid of frizz and prove instantly flawless, smooth and radiant hair.

29. Andrew Barton 

Andrew Barton is a well-known brand and a well-known celebrity for winning hairdresser of the year and best British hair icon of the year among other consumer awards.

Andrew is well known for dealing with a string of celebrities that regularly come to his famous salon for his famous work.

His high quality and successful work follows through to his products created, they are just outstanding.

His straighteners are made from the top-quality materials for a great value this brand is a winner all round.

30. Acevivi

Acevivi is an online brand that sells all sorts of beauty care and make up products, their amazing committed team of professionals consists of many creative designers and engineers.

As a smaller business Acevivi are proud to quote that they now have 120,000 followers on Facebook and now have 20 products that are highly recommended with thousands of reviews on amazon.

You can’t beat first-hand experience with the straighteners you are about to purchase.

Hopefully giving you a small insight into each of the brands aim, explained about their individual hair care products it has helped you decide which brand is best for you when searching for your straighteners.

Unexpectedly MHD beat all the other tops brands like GHD when comparing thousands of customer reviews which is what’s most important to you as the consumer, so I’ll let you make your mind up on which straightening brand is the best of the best.