Best Hair Dryers for Fine Hair [2021 UK Review Guide]

Fine hair is a PAIN. 

It can often be difficult to maintain and style thin hair with such delicate folicles, its important to have the right tools for your hair.

Finding the best hair dryers on the market without worrying your at risk of damaging your hair can be a tricky task. 

So let us take out the hard work and tell you which we like BEST. 


1. Editors Pick

ghd hairdryer

GHD Air Hair Dryer

2. Budget Pick

tresemme 1

Tresemme Lightweight

With so many hairdryers available on the market we really have put them through their paces.

With 40 hours of rigorous analysis, comparing 30 plus models to make sure they lived up to expectations. We are sure we have found the best.

Luckily for you, we have created a review guide to the top 4 UK hair dryer that are great for thin hair.

Best Hair Dryers for Fine Hair UK (In Order) 

1. GHD Air Fine Hair Dryer 

Editors Pick - Top Hair Dryer for Fine Hair

  Highlights -

  • Ion Technology (Anti frizz technology)
  • Powerful at - 2100w
  • Quiter than other models
  • Variable temperatures
  • 3m Cable for freedom when drying
  • cool shot for styling 
ghd air

Firstly let us show you what we have chosen as the best hair dryer for thin hair, GHD Air Hair dryer won our vote hands down, now let us tell you why.

The Good

By using ion technology, it prevents the hair being under the heat for longer and uses a more natural way to dry the hair by dissolving the water at a quicker rate.

Despite being a little more expensive, it has a top salon quality feel about this dryer.

The ionic technoloy capabilities mean that it will protect the hair as well as give it a smooth and sleek finish. This is non damaging hair dryer you can rely on. 

The Not So Good

Some customers found this a little heavy to work with whilst drying thier hair.

Features - 

  • Brand: GHD
  • Cold Mode: Yes
  • Watts: 2100
  • Weight: 1.5 Kg
  • Ideal for : Speedy drying with reduced frizz

Our View

The concentrator nozzle is great for those with fringes or if you want to dry your hair straight if your hair isn’t straight already. 

A little more powerful than the travel dryer, at 2100W, this is a good amount to get the right blow power without exposing your hair to excessive heat.

This dryer will dry the most effectively without damaging your hair and we think it really does tick all the boxes to support your finer hair.

If the GHD air hairdryer is beyond your budget, let us blow you away with our next model (I know your laughing) Tresemme power hair dryer. 

Good For:

  • Noise - Customers found this hair dryer much quieter than others.
  • Finer Hair - Variable Temperatures / heat settings for finer more delicate hair types
  • Price - High quality dryer for great value (not salon prices)
  • Quick - 2 x faster than other GHD previous models 

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2. Tresemme Lightweight Power Travel Hair Dryer for Fine Thin Hair

Best Value Hair Dryer For Finer Hair

  Highlights -

  • Great Value for Money
  • Lightweight to hold
  • Small and Compact for travel 
  • Tourmaline and ceramic
  • 3 temperature heat settings
tresemme 1

The Good

The Tresemme travel dryer uses both tourmaline and ceramic technologies.

Ceramic qualities are great as they emit non-damaging infrared heat and control the heat well so that it will distribute the heat more evenly across the hair.

The Not So Good

Customers found the settings on the handle in a bit of a awkard place to hold. 

Features - 

  • Brand: Tresemme
  • Cold Mode: Yes
  • Watts: 2000
  • Weight: 0.4 Kg
  • Ideal for : Travel for thin Hair

Our View

Ceramic and tourmaline are also great for giving a smooth finished look.

The Tresemme Travel 2000 is extremely well priced and fits needs for travel.

It has a low wattage which is great as short and thin hair does not need much power.

Consider this tresemme hair dryer on of the best hair dryers for fine hair under £100.

If the Tresemme power travel dryer has not blown your mind (they will get better I promise) then why not check out our next model Cloud Nine the airshot hair dryer.  

Good For:

  • Tavel - Only weighing 0.4kg this is perfect for travel 
  • Price - Affordable price for a quailty dryer 
  • Ionic - ionic technology conditioning leaves hair with a frizz-free high shine finish

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3. Cloud Nine The Airshot Fine Hair dryer

Best Vitamin Infused Hair dryer for Thin Hair

  Highlights -

  • Light and Powerful 
  • Vitamin infused ceramic heating 
  • 3 Heat Settings 
  • 3m Cord Length
  • cool shot
cloud nine hair dryer

The Cloud Nine dryer falls under both vitamin infused ceramic and tourmaline categories.

Benefits of having ceramic qualities are that they heat up quickly and evenly.

However, Tourmaline dryers do not tend to build volume so can be less effective when styling. Although the lightweight is best for salons as they are in constant use.

Features - 

  • Brand: Cloud Nine
  • Cold Mode: Yes
  • Watts: 2000
  • Weight: 1.5 Kg
  • Ideal for : Preventing Frizz and Flyaways

Good For:

  • Anti-static technology - Helps to prevent frizz and flyaways
  • Cool Shot - Long lasting style hold 
  • Fine Hair - Vitamin infused ceramic heating elements, to care for your hair

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4. ETI Turbodryer 3500 Professional Salon Fine Hair Dryer

Most Professional Hair Dryer for Finer Hair

  Highlights -

  • Salon Length Cord
  • Economic Handle
  • Full 1 Year Guarantee
  • Professional salon quality 
  • cool shot
eti turodryer hair dryer

The Good

The ETI Turbo Dryer has an ergonomic handle which makes it much easier to grip and comfortable to hold.

This hair dryer is a little more expensive than some of the travel dryers but still well within most peoples budget.

The Not So Good

Customers found the product a lot smaller than expected. 

Features - 

  • Brand: ETI
  • Cold Mode: Yes
  • Watts: 1900
  • Weight: 1.5 Kg
  • Ideal for : Comfort - Salon quality from home

Our View

As a Professional Salon dryer, this give a top quality outcome.

It also adds shine and smooths any flyaway hairs and would be highly recommended as a professional hair product.

Good For:

  • Quality - Professional Salon quality but from home
  • Comfort - Ergonomic handle, easier to grip and comfortable to hold
  • Settings - Multiple heat settings - 4 settings 2 Speed settings 4 Heat

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Fine Hair Dryer Guide

# What to look for - 

Choosing a hairdryer is also dependent on how much you want to spend, and its important you choose your hair dryer budget before consider other factors like your hair type and the type of treatment and protection you want your hair to have.

Things to look for in a hair dryer is the way that it dries the hair and how the dryer fits your needs such as drying time or your hair type.

# Advantages of using a dryer -

All hairdryers can be used in different ways such as drying straight with a brush or blow drying with curlers or a diffuser to enhance volume and style.

Advantages of drying your hair using a hair dryer are that the hair is dried quicker, however using hairdryers can create an intense heat that can be hard on your hair so make sure you spend enough time choosing the right dryer for you.

# Heat settings -

Things to look for in the best hair dryer for fine hair that will give it an advantage above others, firstly, would be to have multiple heat settings.

As mentioned, lower heats are best for fine hair and higher heats are best for thick, coarse hair.

For thicker, frizzier hair, tourmaline dryers are best but the best dryer for short, thin hair it should be avoided as it doesn’t provide much volume. Ceramic dryers would be better suited for fine or dry hair.

Some tips and tricks on blow drying fine hair to get a little more volume can be found on the video below. 

Our Verdict - 

With all the options out there, it can be nearly impossible to choose the right dryer for you.

For thin hair , your best hair dryer for fine hair option is almost always going to be ceramic ion material and a low temperature setting.

So remember, tourmaline dryers are better suited for thick or long hair always choose ceramic.

Don't be fooled by many hair dryers which are a combination of tourmaline and ceramic which could still cause slight heat damage to fine hair.

When choosing your dryer a cold shot button is key to be able to style your lifeless hair and heat change settings are essential to have control over this so you can use the lower tempertures when needed.

We hope we have narrowed it down enough for you to be able to have an idea on which is the best hair dryers for fine hair.

Happy Choosing!


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