Dry Your Hair in Style – Best Rotating Hot Air Brush for Short Hair UK

What more could you want? DRYING AND STYLING at the same time.

A hot air brush could be just the thing your hair needed, and it can make the perfect drying and styling companion.

When you have short hair you can sometimes be unsure what tools to use, well we have found the Best Rotating Hot Air Brush for Short Hair UK.

Of course, before you choose a hot air brush, you have the difficult task of trying to figure out which one is going to work best for you, and this isn’t always easy considering how many there are on the market.

 We are here to help you, and also to offer some advice, so that you can find the best hot air brush.

We have put this guide together, compiling all of the best hot air brush for short hair reviews in one place, so you can find the best model for you.

Why not take a look at our step by step guide for using your new hot air brush.


Best Rotating Hot Air Brush for Short Hair UK (In Order)

1. BaByliss 2777U Big Hair Rotating Styler

Editors Pick – Best Hot Air Brush for Short Hair

  • High-shine ionic conditioning
  • Two heats plus cool setting 
  • 42mm ceramic barrell 
  • Two roatation speeds

BaByliss is one of the leading brands when it comes to hair styling tools and accessories. Having a shorter hairstyle is not always easy to manage, especially when it comes to styling.

This hot air styler will not just dry your hair, it will help you to achieve your desired look. Have a read below and see.

The Good

This hot air brush comes in a classic black with pink detailing, helping match your other BaByliss accessories.

It has a strong build, making it durable as well as incredibly comfortable to hold – preventing fatigue in your hand and arm.

Additionally, it uses ionic technology to keep your hair wonderfully smooth and remove any trace of frizz.

The ceramic barrel measures 42mm, and it has soft bristles on the brush for the ultimate level of volume and shine.

There are two heat and speed settings, as well as a cold option, ensuring that you are able to style your hair just the way you want to. Plus, it has multi-directional spinning for an even better level of styling control.

The Not So Good 

Some customers felt that it did not produce as much volume as they had hoped it would.

Our View

This hot air brush comes at a very reasonable price and will do an excellent job of drying and styling your hair.

While some felt that it did not provide enough volume, you have to remember that this can also depend on the hair products you use and the way you are using the brush. Always check a few styling guides online first.

It has a great range of features, including heat and speed settings, and at a good price, it is worth a shot. 

Highlights –

  • Ultimate volume 
  • Multi-directional spinning brush
  • High-shine ionic conditioning
  • Two rotation speeds for total control

2. Nicky Clarke NHA046 Hot Air Styler

Budget Pick  – Best Hot Air Brush Under £50

  • Powerful 1200 w motor 
  • Two heat and speed settings 
  • cool shot button to set your style

Nicky Clarke is another great name to go with, and if you have curly hair that is in need of taming, you may have come to just the right place.

Take some time to read through the reviews for this hot airbrush and see if it could be the one for you.

The Good

This model of hot airbrush comes in black with vibrant purple detailing, helping it to stand out from the rest.

Plus, it has a good design with an ergonomic handle, making it very comfortable to hold and also reducing fatigue in your hand and arm.

 It also comes with four attachments for precision styling – a 38mm bristle brush, a 20mm bristle brush, a straightener, and a concentrator nozzle.

It features a powerful motor for the best drying and styling results, as well as two heat and speed settings to really give you some control over the way you dry your hair as well as style it.

Plus, there is a cold setting for when it is needed. It also features a high ionic output, allowing this hot styling brush to take the reins and really tackle frizz.

The Not So Good 

Some customers found that it can be quite noisy, and others felt that it became too hot.

Our View

This hot air brush is perfect for those who are on a budget as it is cheap and highly affordable without skimping on quality. While some found it noisy, these reviews are few and far between.

As for it being too hot, it is possible to turn the temperature down, and the heat is often down to individual feelings and preferences.

With some excellent settings to get your hair dry and styles, as well as attachments, it offers great value for money.   

Highlights –

  •  Suits all hair types
  • Reduces static
  • Tangle free styling
  • Grest styling versatility
  • Budget value 

3. TRESemme Volume Smooth and Shape Hot Air Styler 

Volume Styler for Short Hair

  • 800v 
  • 2 interchangeable heads 
  • 2 heat settings plus cool 
  • 38mm thermal brush

TRESemme is another top brand and one that many know and love for their professional products that have been made available at affordable prices.

If you want a hot air brush that really gives you volume, then you might want to have a read below and see if this is the one you want.

The Good

This hot air brush comes in black, and it has a sleek design that makes it easy to store away when it is not in use.

The handle has been made so that it is comfortable to grip, ensuring that you don’t end up with a cramped hand or sore arms when you are drying and styling.

Plus, the cord is a great length, so you have enough space to stretch out a little.

The hot air brush itself has an 800w motor alongside two heat and speed settings, so you can find the perfect combination for the style you want. It also has a cool setting, giving you a full range of choices.

The brush heads are interchangeable, with a 38mm thermal brush and a 20mm soft bristle brush, meaning that your hair type and desired style are catered for.

The Not So Good 

Some customers found that the brush was thicker than it seemed, which made it impractical for short hair. 

Our View

This hot air brush is affordable and comes at a budget price, so anyone can afford to add this to their accessory kit.

While there have been some comments about the thickness of the brush and its effect on short hair, there are other models here that work perfectly for shorter hairstyles, so don’t feel discouraged.

For great volume at an excellent price, take the time to try out this professional quality air brush. It comes at a great price and will leave your hair dry, smooth, and wonderfully silky. 

Highlights –

  •  Add shape and volume 
  • Super-smooth finish
  • Multi-use tool 
  • Great for short hair

4. Hairtool Duo Hot Air Styler

Best Air Brush for Curling

  • Use on dry or damp hair
  • creates volume, curls and flicks
  • comes with 2 attachements 
  • Salon length cable 

Another model for volume, this hot air brush from HAIRTOOL could be just what you need for the luscious mane you have always wanted.

Take a moment to sit down and read through the reviews for this great mode. Hot air brushes might just be perfect for you.  

The Good

This hot air brush comes in black and has a wonderfully slim design that makes it beautifully compact and easy to store away with your other tools.

It is also perfect for travelling as it can be packed away neatly.

The handle is comfortable to hold to prevent fatigue, and it has a salon length cable to give you extra freedom while you are drying and styling your hair.

It can be used on hair that is dry or damp and has been designed to create serious volume as well as stunning curls and flicks that are sure to make you the envy of your friends.

 It comes with two brushes, one 13mm and one 18mm, ensuring that you have the flexibility to create the style you have always wanted. Plus, it gets nice and hot for you when you are working on your short hair.

The Not So Good 

There are no heat settings for you to choose from, and some feel that the fittings could have been better to keep the brush heads securely.

Our View

This particular hot air brush comes at a reasonable and affordable price that most people will find themselves able to fit into their budget.

While there are no heat settings to choose from, it still does a great job of giving your hair the volume it needs, and it will look gorgeous once you are done.

There were some comments about a loose-fitting screw that left the brush heads unsecured, but this could be down to a faulty batch as opposed to a general design flaw.

Despite this, it still remains an excellent brush for drying and styling short hair, and it comes at a great price.   

  Highlights –

  • Create Volume, curls, flicks
  • Use on dry or damp hair
  • Salon length cable
  • brush attachment

5. BaByliss Big Hair 50 mm Rotating Hot Air Brush

best hot air brush Styling Brush for Frizzy Hair 

  • super ionic conditioning 
  • soft bristle for ultimate soothness and high shine
  •  large 50mm barrell for styling 
  • 2 heat settings plus a cool button

Another model from leading brand BaByliss, you can expect great results and reliability from this company.

Finding something that is kind to your fine hair can be almost impossible, but you might want to take the time to look at this model as it could be just what you need.

The Good

This hot air brush comes in black with white detailing, and it sports a thick handle that is also very comfortable to hold.

With this, you won’t find yourself with cramped hands or sore arms – which is partially due to the lightweight build.

 The cord is also a great length, ensuring that you have enough space to move when you are drying and styling.

The ceramic barrel is 50mm, making it suitable for just about every hair type, including short hair, and it also uses ionic technology to prevent frizz and leave you with a perfectly smooth finish.

There are two heat and speed settings, as well as a cool setting, ensuring that you have everything you need for the perfect hair. The soft bristles on the brush also help to ensure that you are left with the perfect shine.

The Not So Good 

It’s not a great option for short hair, and customers who have shorter styles agree.

Our View

This hot air brush is perfect for those who have fine hair, and it comes at a reasonable price considering the brand.

While it isn’t a great option for short hair, it caters to all other hair types without issue – removing frizz and leaving your locks beautifully dry and wonderfully styled.

 With a range of settings to help you achieve the results you want most, you can rest assured that this model from BaByliss hot air brushes will do everything it can to leave you feeling beautiful.

Highlights –

  • Super ionic conditioning
  • smoothness and a high shine
  • suitable for most hair types including curly hair

To Conclude

Hopefully, this guide has helped you to find the best rotating hot air brush for short hair, and that the hot air brush reviews provided here were able to lend a hand.

We have gathered together a great range for you to look at and choose from so that no matter what you are looking for you are sure to find something that fits the bill.

With a number of top brands, as well as some that are lesser-known, as well as a fantastic range of prices to fit any budget, we have done our best to cater to anyone who finds themselves in need of a good quality hot air brush.

What did you think of our hot air brush guide? Are there any that you would have liked to see or recommended? We love hearing from you, so make sure to leave us a message in the comments below.


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