Best Hair Extensions for Short Hair 2021 UK Review

In the current 2021 ‘Hair trend’, short styles are most definitely in, from pixie haircuts to asymmetrical bobs, we all love to follow the celebrity trends.

Sometimes once you have been daring and had your hair styled short, you can feel a bit limited on how to style your hair other than the way you left the hairdresser.

Well we have the perfect solution, hair extensions.

1. Editors Pick

20 inch double weft human hair extensions

20" Weft Clip-in Remy Human Hair

2. Runner Up

tape in hair extensions remy human hair

Elailite Tape in Hair Extensions

Firstly, it’s a common question, “How long does my hair have to be to use hair extensions” well there is no right or wrong on how long your hair really needs to be.

We would recommend your hair to be at least 3 inches ( which is not long at all), it just needs to be long enough to be able to cover the attachment of the hair extension.

We will help explain which type of hair extension is best for short hair and why, this will include what materials are on offer and which you should choose and why.

There is a variety of lengths, colours, styles and different types of attachment options to choose from including what information we have found on how to take good care of your chosen product.

Let us show you what are our top 5 hair extensions for short hair.

5 Best Hair Extensions for Short Hair (In Order) 

1. 20" Weft Clip-in Remy Human Hair Extensions 

Editor’s Choice – Best Hair Extensions for Short Hair

  Highlights -
  • Comes as 8 pre-taped Wefts 
  • Easy method of application
  • Multiple colours available
  • Lasts up to 6-8 weeks
  • Remy Hair
20 inch double weft human hair extensions

These 20" Human hair extensions are perfect for those with short hair and who are looking for an express application, tape in extensions are almost invisible when attaching to your own hair, so not a lot of hair is needed to cover this.

The Good

With its easy application each weft strip is pre-clipped ready for you to stick to your roots in sections, which is predicted to last up to 6-8weeks.

Made from a super flat polyurethane this is more than safe to use on your roots without causing any damage to your own short hair.



Coming in 160g, each pack contains 8 pre-clipped extension wefts ready to apply by either a certified professional, or even to apply yourself at home.

This method is fantastic for adding volume, length and colour, you can enjoy a unique range of colours exclusive to Beauty Works and select from a wide variation of lengths from 14" through to 28".

Created using healthy Remy human hair, this helps the hair extensions to remain tangle free through its lifetime.

Clip-in is simple to apply, reuse and wear, what more can you ask for.

The Not So Good

Some customers said it took them a couple of goes to get the clip-in application of the extensions perfect. But hey practice makes perfect.

Product Specifications –


Brand: Rich Choices

Lengths: 20 inches (10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 22, 24 also available)

Colours: 36 colours available

Hair Type: Remy Hair

Attachment Type: Clip-in

Our View

Overall, this has been chosen as our top editors pick for a reason, its amazing!. It really is the perfect set of hair extensions for short hair.

It is made from top-quality material, Remy hair giving you the best result and all for a reasonable price.

Good For:
  • Quality - Remy hair means they will last at least 6-8 weeks
  • Value - A reasonable price for a set of human hair extensions
  • Easy to use - Pre taped so easy to apply to your roots
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2. Elailite 100% Remy Tape Hair Extensions 

Runner up – Best Tape in hair extensions for short hair

  Highlights -
  • Inivible tape in method 
  • 100% virgin Remy hair
  • Easy to apply at home
  • Comes in 30 colours
  • Easy to style
  • Top quality hair extensions
invisi beauty works 1

These tape natural hair extensions for short hair, have been globally recognized as the most invisible tape extensions available.

They are perfect to restore limp looking hair and to volumize the shorter hair types without the application being visible at the roots.

The Good

These hair extensions have been crafted by hand and the invisible weft technology uses a super thin silk structure, holding each hair together.

The mesh tab mimics the natural hair re-growth of the hair roots, adding colour and shine to your own hair.

Made with 100% Virgin hair crafted using Remy hair you can guarantee strength and quality.

These invisible natural hair extensions have also been crowned at the "Hair Awards" winner of the best European hair extensions; this gives us confidence we aren’t the only ones raving about this product.

invisi beauty works 2
The Not So Good

There are no negative customer reviews – Bonus!

Product Specifications –


Brand: Elailite

Lengths: 18inch (12, 14, 16, 20 also available)

Colours: 30 colours available

Hair Type: Straight Human

Attachment Type: Tape

Our View

This has to be one of the easier applications we have come across.

Not having to individually apply the hair extensions, they come in what is called a weft, which means you can add rows into sections of hair at one time.

It is slightly pricier than some of the other brands, but this really is the best of the best.

It comes in an array of colours and offers a colour chart on the website which means there will be the perfect colour for you.

Good For:
  • Easy to use - Due to these hair extensions coming pre taped and coming in wefts ready for you to add in. This is one of the easier methods
  • Short Hair - Cannot see where you stick the Invisir tape extensions to the root of your hair
  • Colour Chart - This site offers a colour chart to help you choose the right colour match for your hair
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3. Beauty Works Deluxe Remy Instant Clip in Extensions 

Best clip in hair extensions for short hair

  Highlights -
  • 3 Easy Wefts to clip in
  • Remy Hair - good quality
  • Lightweight and Discreet
  • Can be styled by heat 
  • Reusable 
  • Will last many months with proper care

We have chosen the Deluxe clip-in hair extensions as our next choice as they are Beauty Works award winning clip-ins.

They are described as the ultimate DIY hair extensions system, as they are easy to apply in the comfort of your own home without any glue or special tools.

These clip in hair extensions help you change the length of hair as often as often as you like and as long hair as you like.

A wardrobe essential, these clip in hair extensions usually last many months or can last up to a year depending on the general care they receive.

The Good

Using a unique three-piece system attached to a lace weft structure where the hair is compacted onto three easy to use flat weft strips.

Allowing you to wear your hair in a variety of hairstyles that are lightweight and discreet.

Each clip has a silicone protective layer to cushion your natural hair and protect it from any breakage.

These Deluxe clip in extensions are made from hand selected 100% Remy Cuticle retained human hair to create a natural look you would normally expect to only achieve from attending the salon.

The cuticle retains the natural hair shine and vitality, allowing the hair to behave tangle-free throughout its lifetime.

This hair type is reusable and can be heated, styled and washed just like your own hair.

And while Remy hair can be more of an expensive pick, with the proper care, it is durable and can last many months.

The Not So Good

This product is more of expensive pick due to the human hair.

Product Specifications –


Brand: Beauty Works

Lengths: 16inch (18 and 20 also available)

Colours: more colours available

Hair Type: Remy Hair

Attachment Type: clip ins

Our View

Overall, these Deluxe clip in hair extensions for short hair offer a unique 3-piece system that is easy to use from home without any professional help.

As they are reusable, they are worth the higher price band they are asking for, they are durable and will last you many months of use.

Good For:
  • Short Hair - Application is easy to use and doesnt need much hair to cover the hair extensions at the roots 
  • Durable - These hair extensions will last you months with the proper care as they are made from Remy hair you can style and wash as if its your own hair
  • No Damage - Each clip has a silicone protective layer to cushion your natural hair and protect it from any breakage.
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4. Hot Hair Curl Back Hair Extensions 

Best Budget Hair Extensions for Short Hair

  Highlights -
  • Budget Buy
  • One Piece easy to attach
  • Comes Styled - Curled
  • Great for short hair
  • 14 colours available 
  • Guarentee included 
16 inch curl back extensions

These fab extensions are great if you have short hair and want to add a little bit of oomph, length and volume!

Simply clip and separate your hair ear to ear, then clip in & style your hair over it.

These extensions come with a soft curl that has been created to wave back for a super flattering effect. Perfect for creating a soft yet glam look!

The Good

As this hair extension comes as a one piece it is easy to use and clip in, simply put in the correct place, and clip it in, it couldn’t be easier to use on short hair.

This one piece is also already curled and style for you which saves you having to try and style your hair extensions to match your short hair. Celebrity hair styles at a click of a finger.

The Not So Good

You can only wear them in one style as they come curled.

Product Specifications –


Brand: Hot Hair

Lengths: Mid-length

Colours: 14 colours available

Hair Type: Tru2Life Synthetic

Attachment Type: Clips

Our View

These curled back hair extensions are quick and easy to use on short hair, to achieve a celebrity hair style in minutes.

Although you are limited to the one hairstyle as they already come curled, they are very cheap compared to many other similar products, which is why we have chosen this as our best budget hair extensions for short hair.

Good For:
  • Easy - This is one of the easiest methods as you can simply clip in and out when you want to use it
  • Value - They are great value for money 
  • Curled - Comes ready to wear, curled and styled
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5. Hot Hair Halo Human Hair Invisible Hair Extension

Best Halo Hair Extension for Short Hair

  Highlights -
  • Halo - easy to put in and take out
  • Human Hair 
  • 13 colours available 
  • Guarantee included
  • Extenstions are safe to dye
HD - HH Invisible Extension - Model - Front 1

This Halo hair extension is an instant solution for long hair. It is very easy to use, especially from home no need to take your extensions to the salon.

This clever product comes on a clear headband in a halo style, which simply slips over your head with no fuss, it really couldn’t be any easier for your short hair.

The Good

This easy process mean you simply place the halo over your crown & blend through with your own hair.

You can even double up with two or more for a super full look!

The human hair means it can be styled waved or sleek, depending on the look you want!

You can also dye the hair to match your own, as this exclusive piece has had the colour naturally lifted.

HD - HH Invisible Extension - Model - How To 2
The Not So Good

Currently this particular Halo from Hot Hair is only available in the length 20”.

Product Specifications –


Brand: Hot Hair

Lengths: 20inch

Colours: 13 colours available

Hair Type: 100% Human Hair

Attachment Type: Halo Band

Our View

These Hair extensions for short hair, are one of the easiest sets to use and reuse at home, no need for any visits to the salon.

You only need one set to complete the look, although if you are looking for more thickness or volume, it is suggested you purchase more than one set and wear them one on top of the other to create the thickness.

It is also unique that these extensions are naturally lifted which means you can dye these extensions without causing any damage to the hair, this is an important feature as you can simply dye it to match the colour of your own hair to give them a natural look.

Good For:
  • Colour match - If you cant find the colour you are searching for, you can simply dye these extensions as they are natural colour lifted.
  • Easy to use - So simple to use and reuse as the hair is on a invisible band 
  • Human Hair - They can be wash and styled like your own hair
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Buying your first lot of hair extensions for short hair is a tricky business, as there are so many different types available.

According to fortune business insights The global hair extension market is projected to grow from $ 2.38 billion in 2021 to $ 3.43 billion in 2028 at a CAGR of 5.3% in forecast period, 2021-2028.

So in our buying guide we have broken down in sections what is on offer and why it would or wouldn’t be suitable for your short hair.

Type of Attachments Hair extensions – 

There are multiple types of hair extensions available and they all have their pros and cons to using with short hair.

Clip in Hair Extensions

Clip in hair extensions are one of the easier types of hair to use and attach yourself at home for short hair.

If you put it in and it doesn’t quite feel in the right place, you simply unclip it and try again until you feel it is tight and secure.

Although the clips can be quite bulky if you don't have much hair to worth with, this may not always be the best option.

Tape in Hair Extensions

Tape in hair extensions are the newest trend in the extension market, tape in extensions are a much better option for those with short hair due to the attachment almost being invisible.

They will come pre-taped ready for you to attach straight to your roots in between your hair almost like a sandwich.

It is the most requested method of hair extensions in salons worldwide which shows they are favoured by many.

Micro Rings

The micro rings technique is one of the most long-lasting methods due to the little metal rings being clamped onto a similar size piece of hair as the extension.

So although this would be a great option for short hair, it would be preferable for a professional to apply these, not that you wouldn’t be able to apply these yourself, it just may be trickier than some of the other methods.


A halo style hair extension is simply an invisible wire which you place on top of your head.

Its simple, just section off a 2-inch section at the top of your head, as this can cover the top of the application and place the wire on top of the head.

Length of Hair Extensions – 

Most hair extensions offer a range of lengths which all depend on what type of look you are searching for.

If you just want to add thickness to your hair, we suggest adding 2 inches to your natural hair length.

Then if you want to add length to your short hair , you really can go as long as you like, this is just down to preference. Long hair really can make you feel glamorous.

Futhermore you could go for both length and volume to create the full long look.

hair extensions length chart

Image Resource:

Colour Matching Your Extensions – 

Most websites will offer a colour chart on the website so you can match up what colour you think your is closest to your hair colour.

If you struggle to find your exact colour I suggest choosing a set of hair extensions that you can dye to match your own hair colour.

Include Multiple Wefts – 

When you purchase your hair extensions you would be offered enough in one pack that would cover you for a full set of hair extensions for your hair.

If you feel that one set isn’t enough, as you would like to add more volume or thickness, then you can order more than one weft.

Decide Between Synthetic Hair or Human Hair 

There are many pros and cons to choosing both human and synthetic hair for your hair extensions.

Synthetic hair is the easier type to care for as they don’t need washing as often as human hair.

Although, synthetic hair will only last a few months even with the correct care, whereas human hair is harder to look after as it mimics your own hair, therefore needs washing, brushing and detangling but should last around a year with proper care.

If you want to style your hair with heated tools, then you must make sure the synthetic hair is heat friendly or it will melt. Whereas human hair is more than safe to style with all heated tools.

The major difference between the two types of hair is the feel of it. Synthetic hair feels shinier and a fibre feel to it, whereas human hair feels just like ours and more natural feeling when blending into your hair.

The last difference is the price, although human hair is better quality it is more expensive compared to synthetic hair.

Although synthetic hair will need replacing every few months, human hair extensions will last for the year, so technically spending more in the first instant, you will be saving money!.

Blend your Extensions – 

Once you have applied your hair extensions you need to make sure they look as natural as possible by blending them in.

You either have a go at cutting and blending them yourself or you can go to a salon and get them professional cut.

This way it makes the extensions fall naturally within your own hair style, this will help to hide your extensions.

Style your Extensions – 

Learning how to style your extensions is also important as you may need to turn your straighteners down to the lowest setting, to make sure you don’t damage the hair, its important to look after the extensions or they wont last for long. Take a look at my latest post on the best ways to curl your hair extensions.

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Hopefully, we have given you enough information to help decide which would be the best choice, to make sure you have the best hair extensions for short hair.

Remember to choose the right extensions for your hair, depending on your hair type and what look you are aiming for.

Once you have chosen your favourite extensions from our top 5 extensions for short hair picks, be sure to head over and read our guide on how to care for your hair extensions.

Its important to take good care of your hair extensions even when it isn’t your real hair, can you imagine the mess your hair would be if you didn’t wash, brush and style it daily? well this will be the same for your hair extensions. The better care you take, the longer they will last.

Did you enjoy our guide to hair extensions for short hair? Are there any questions you would like me to answer? Please get in contact as we would love to hear from you.


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