Best Hairdressing Scissors For Home Use Review (uk)

Hairdressing Scissors are every Hairdresser's best freind. 

For some reason they seem to be my enemy, cutting my own hair from home can be ... well, A DISASTER. 

Well dont panic. We can do this together. 

We have all been forced into a lockdown, which we could not control and with hairdressers still not open many of us have taken the chance (not out of choice I know) to cut your hair from home. 

You would not beleive the difference in cutting hair as a beginner, when you have the correct hairdressing scissors for your hair. 


Remember they aren’t just there to make hair shorter, they are also there for thinning, texturizing, and so much more.

Without a good set of scissors, you can’t achieve the best possible hairstyles when you are working on your clients (clients meaning your husband, or children who have no choice).

With so many scissors available on the market we really have put them through their paces, with 40 hours of rigorous analysis, comparing 30 models to make sure they lived up to expectations. We are sure we have found the best.

Common, Edwards Scissorhands lets find you the best hairdressing scissors for home use? 

We have make it nice and easy for you to see which are our top choices ! 

1. Budget Pick

hairdresser scissors set hair

FR Colour Kit

2. Premium Pick

toni & guy interactive scissors

Toni & Guy 

We have put this guide together, compiling all of the relevant hairdressing scissors reviews in one place, so you can find the right model for you and your hair.

Best Hairdressing Scissors Reviews (In Order) 

1. FRColour Hairdressing Hairdressing Kit

Budget Pick

  Highlights -
  • Perfect for beginners at home or DIY
  • Budget scissors will save you money
  • Suitable for children (for you to cut your childs hair - just to be clear) 
  • Come with everything you need to start cutting your own hair from home
hairdresser scissors set hair

When it comes to scissors, Frcolour is a great brand to choose, and one that you will find trustworthy and reliable.

If you need a set of scissors for as a beginner suitable for your DIY at home hair cuts, for this price its not something to miss out on (we all love a bargain). 

The Good

These hairdressing scissors are perfect for cutting all hair, whether it’s men, women or even children.

So if you are thinking of starting to cut hair from home, you have the whole kit needed to start. 

Nothing worse than attempting a hair cut from home and you dont have the cover and dusting brush to clear the hairs away. You will end up in a right mess! 

They even come in a stunning case, meaning they wont get damaged when they get shoved in the kitchen draw (we all do it).

The set comes with two pairs of scissors, each of which is made from premium japanese steel.

Japanese steel with help cut your hair in one snip, making it easier to cut hair. 

The scissors included are a set of six inch straight hair cutting scissors and six cm thinning scissors.

They provide a clean cut that won’t leave split ends, and they have an adjustable tension screw for flexibility for comfort to your hands. 

They are also one of the top hair dressing scissors for fringes. Due to its japanese steel blade these will cut your a perfect fringe. 

These best japanese hairdressing scissors uk comes at a great price you won’t want to miss out on, which is great for students as well as those who want to work from home and have a tight budget.

The Not So Good

Not suitable for left handers.

Our View

They are seriously sharp for a clean cut, which will help with no split ends, ensuring that you produce professional results every time you cut hair.

With a great case included that contains everything you need to ensure that your scissors are taken care of, you don’t need much more to get started.

If the FRcolour scissors have not quite cut it for you (see what i did there) then take a look at our premium pick Toni & Guy Interative scissors


Good For:
  • At Home Hair Cut - This set is perfect for hairdressing students or the amateur stylist looking for a back-up set and even the DIY at home for those mums who want to give it go themselves. 
  • Fringes - Perfect for cutting fringes yourself at home. 
  • Accessories - Carrying- scissors are presented in a beautiful case and include: 1 x Hair cutting Scissors,1 x Grinding card,1 x Hair Razor Comb, 1 x Cleaning Cloth, 2 x Hairpin clips , 1 x Neck Duster.
  • Durability - Made from premium Japanese stainless steel - high quailty
  • Adjustable - The hair cutting scissors come with an adjustable tension screw for ease of tightening / slackening the tension whilst cutting. 
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2. Toni & Guy Interactive 7" Hairdressing Thinning Scissors

Premium Pick

  Highlights -
  • Toni & Guy Trusted Brand
  • Extra strength for slice cutting thick hair
  • Free Gift on order over £40
  • Free UK Delivery 
  • Removable Finger Rest for comfort
toni & guy interactive scissors

Toni & Guy is like the ferrari of the hair cutting world, they have more than 475 salons across 48 countries, this gives us confidence on the success of this brand offering the top pair of scissors. 

The Good

The Toni & Guy 7" Interactive hairdressing thinning scissors are our chosen premium pick for the simple reason, they are amazing. 

This pair of scissors provide maxium flexible through the bend in the thumb ring and the bigger finger rings.

So no need to worry if you have bigger fingers and thumbs, these thumb rings fit all. 

Even with the removable finger rest taken off, the cut out on the upper finger ring gives enough support for very stable handling.

The upper blade of Interactive is sword shaped and gives extra strength for slice cutting thick hair and big sections.

The thinning scissors are made of V10 steel and have Hamguri blades, so you dont need to worry about breaking them as V10 steel is very strong. 

The blades are convex on the outside and concave on the inside, therefore there is a minimum of friction and a maximum of (razor-) sharpness and durability for slice cutting.

The Not So Good

Customers found they are on the higher end of the price range, but this is due to the durable quality material, so in the long run will last longer.

Our View

Not only does Toni & Guy thinning scissors offer an extra pair of free thinning scissors on every purchase on this product only the thinning scissors are worth £115 for free, these hairdressing scissors also comes with a one year guarantee.

You know we all LOVE a freebie. 

Being one of the best hair dressing scissors for long hair, due to the quality of the blades long hair is no fight for these scissors. 

With the top quality material and durability on offer the product wont let you down. 

If the Toni & Guy Interactive thinning scissors are just a snip above your budget (the jokes will get better, I promise) then take a look at our next professional model Jaquar pre-style ergo hairdressing scissors

Good For:
  • Durable - Made from V10 steel and Humguri blades, top quality meaning they will last longer 
  • Reliable - Toni & Guy is such a well trusted brand for selling scissors
  • Gifts - They are offering free thinning scissors with this product meaning youo get 2 for the price of 1 
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3. Jaguar Scissor - Pre-Style Ergo

Best Professional Hairdressing Scissors 

  Highlights -
  •  Whole set available if you wanted more styles
  • Professional hairdressing scissors 
  • Stainless steel scissors so will give a sharp cut for your hair
  • Good Value for money
Jaquar scissors

Professional hairdressing scissors are often your best bet if you want something that is going to last a while, as well as produce the expert results that you need.

Jaguar is a good brand to look at. Read the reviews below to see for yourself.

The Good

This particular pair of hairdressing scissors measures at 5.5-inches, although there are other sizes available if you find yourself in need of a larger pair, or you want to purchase the entire set (If your like me, once I find a product I like, I want the matching products to go with it).

They are made of stainless steel, ensuring a set that is not only more reliable, but can also withstand being knocked around a little.

Because you all know that these hair scissors need to be strong when you have ... KIDS. 

Additionally, the offset handle is comfortable to hold, which makes them ideal for professional hairdressing scissors jobs that last a little longer than usual – like tackling very long hair.

The blades themselves are sharp, and it comes with one serrated edge and one straight edge for an even and expert cut that will leave hair looking great.

They are actually quite versatile, and adding the rest of the set can really boost your hairdressing arsenal.

The Not So Good

While some customers felt that the packaging was a little cheap in terms of appearance and quality, the hair cutting scissors themselves do a fantastic job, and there is a lot of positivity surrounding this (I mean most of us just chuck the packaging straight away anyway).

Our View

Whether you just want one pair or the whole set, Jaguar could be the perfect choice for you.

This is one of the best hair cutting scissors that comes at a very good price, especially considering that they are professional quality and made to reflect the expertise you would come to expect from such a brand.

If these Jaquar scissors have not sliced the deal for you, then take a look at our next model aimed for those lefty's Olivia Garden scissors. 

Good For:
  • Value - Cheap but with a high quality product
  • Sets - Whole set is available to purchase if you like the brand and want to complete the set 
  • Reliable - Jaquar is a reliable and trusted brand
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 4. Olivia Garden Silk Cut Hairdressing Scissors

Best Hairdressing Scissors for Left Handed Users

  Highlights -
  • Suitable for left handed people
  • Durable - stylish and sleek
  • Japanese stainless steel - top quality 
  • High Quailty
oliva garden scissors

Being left handed is not always easy, especially when it comes to finding a pair of scissors that you can actually use for hairdressing.

However, we may have found the perfect solution. Olivia Garden is a good brand to look at, and these hair cutting scissors could be just the thing you needed. Read the reviews below to see for yourself.

The Good

This set of hairdressing scissors is great for use on all types of hair from all people, giving you a lovely and versatile selection.

Each pair in the collection is made from japanese steel, the Olivia Garden shears are hand-crafted with the greatest care.

The finest Japanese steel, renowned for its exceptional quality and longevity, is used for this precision tool.

They also have a lightweight comfortable grip, with a removable rubber offset handle that ensures they fit any thumb or finger.

The Not So Good

While some customers were frustrated at being unable to find replacement blades when they were needed, they are out there, and the scissors work superbly to trim hair without leaving split ends.

Whether you are a barber or a hairdresser, these scissors will work wonders for you.   

Our View

These are some of the best hairdressing scissors for those who are left handed come at a very reasonable and affordable price, so you won’t find yourself breaking your budget just to pick a set up.

Good For:
  • Custom Cut - Our Hairdressing Scissors Contains easy-to-use spring leaf tension adjustment system with knurled knob. 
  • Durability - stylish and sleek slice cutting 
  • Quality - The finest Japanese stainless steel, renowned for its exceptional quality and longevity high quality 
  • Versatile - suitable for left handed hairdressers
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Frequently Asked Questions 

number 1 pink

Why do hairdressing scissors have a hook?

Hairdressing scissors that are specifically designed for cutting hair commonly have an appendage, known as a finger brace or tang, attached to one of the finger rings. This gives the user additional control when cutting.

How often should you replace hair cutting scissors?

It is recommended any shears that you use on a regular basis need to be serviced at least once a year.

They need to be cleaned, set and balanced, even if they are still sharp within that year period. If you purchased poorer quality shears, they may need to be sharpened as many as four times a year.

number 2 pink

To Conclude

Hopefully, this guide has helped you to find the best hairdressing scissors, and the hair dressing scissors reviews gave you some extra information.

We understand that it’s not the easiest choice to make, especially with so many styles to choose from.

With a great range that includes everything from Japanese steel to titanium coating, you are sure to find what you were looking for.

Plus, they come in a variety of prices, ensuring that you are able to pick a set that not only suits your needs, but also the budget that you have set.

While we can’t pick which is the best due to their different functions and styles, we have confidence that the perfect scissors for you are right here.

What did you think of our hairdressing scissors guide? Are there any that you would have liked to see or recommended?

We love hearing from you, so make sure to leave us a message in the comments below.

Happy choosing !!


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