6 Best Hair Waver For Short Hair (Create Volume With Your Waver)

Short hair is easy to style, right? 

WRONG. You may think having short hair would be easy and quick to deal with in the mornings but actually, short hair comes with its own set of challenges. 

Making waves and styling can be a lot more difficult than longer hair. But there is no need to panic as long as you have the right styling tools the process can be easy. 

Beachy waves can be hard to achieve all year long, with endless tutorials learning how to create that ‘PERFECT’ wave with your straightener or curler (that never actually works), sometimes you need to give in and purchase the right tool for the job. 

With a hair waver (which is an improved version of the crimpers) your hair will be curled in three different ways but in one clamp. So this will help you save time and you really don’t need to be an expert to work these hair wavers. 

We have found our top choice of the best hair wavers for short hair to help you achieve those beachy waves. To find the perfect tool, it will all come down to the type of wave you prefer. 

Stylers come with thicker barrels which will create a lot more volume loose waves to your hair whereas the thinner type barrels are there for tighter waves – almost like the crimper used to create. 

So, here it is, I have a curated list of the best hair waver for short hair for you!

Best Hair Waver For Short HairBest for Temperature RangeBarrels
Label.m 4D Infinity WaverFine, short hair 82c – 210c1
Toni & Guy Style Fix WaverTravel, very short hair82c – 210cN/A
Label.m Advanced Pro Triple BarrelFrizz-free waves Up to 220c3
Babyliss Pro Titanium ExpressionThick Hair wavesUp to 210cN/A
Cordless Automatic Hair CurlerBoost volume waves150-200 ℃ 1
Remington Pro-luxe 4in1 WaverBeach Waves Up to 210c1

Best Hair Waver For Short Hair (UK Models) 

1. Label.m 4D Infinity Hair Waver

Editors Pick – Best Hair Waver For Short Hair

  • Brand: Label M
  • Barrel Size: N/A
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Barrel Number: 1
  • Temperature: from 82ºC/180ºF to 210ºC/410ºF
  • Ideal For: All Hair Types, Good All Rounder

With this Label M hair waver, you can get a salon-worthy look at home without overexposure to heat and damage. It helps you create infinite styles from natural-looking, undone, deconstructed waves to classic deep beach waves for glamorous volume. 

The Good

As this waver features a tapered barrel and is designed with extra length, this helps make styling easy on all hair lengths.

With a top-quality waver, it arrives coated in Teflon ensuring even distribution which will help protect your hair from any heat damage. This type of barrel will also be the perfect choice for most hair types, especially fine hair, helping your hair stay static-free. 

The Not So Good 

The only negative reviews customers have commented on is if you have never used a hair waver before it can be a tricky tool to get used to using, but you can learn quickly. 

Our View

The Label M hair waver is our top choice due to its great value for money, yet you are receiving salon-quality products. It’s suitable for all hair types but is even greater for those finer more sensitive hair types. 
This hair waver helps to create natural-looking beach waves with ease. It will not let you down.

2. TONI&GUY Style Fix Hair Waver

Best Hair Waver on A Budget for Short Hair

  • Brand: Toni & Guy
  • Barrel Size: ¾-1 ¼ Inch Teflon Oval Barrel
  • Material: Ceramic Tourmaline Plates
  • Barrel Number: N/A
  • Temperature: from 82ºC/180ºF to 210ºC/410ºF
  • Ideal For: Fine Hair + Coloured Hair

This lightweight Toni & Guy fox styler may be a small piece of equipment but never the less it really can give the same results as full-size wavers. This handbag-friendly styling tool is the perfect accessory to create your beach waves on the go. 

The Good

Toni & Guy waver creates effortlessly voluminous waves, with such a small compact accessory it’s amazing the results lot of customers are ranting and raving about. 

Designed with unique colour lock technology this helps to protect your hair colour which then, in turn, keeps your hair looking healthy, enhances the shine leaving you will smooth looking hair follicles. 

With the highest temperature, this mini waver can reach is 210c which is hot enough to create the waves you are aiming for but not too hot to cause a lot of damage. It also comes with a worldwide voltage which means it’s the perfect tool for travel. 

The Not So Good 

As they are more suited for travel, these are not the best hair wavers for thicker more difficult hair types as the hair waver plates are smaller than average.

Our View

This budget compact hair waver is perfect to carry around on the go to help create those beachy waves. The Toni & Guy style fixer comes with a three-year warranty meaning you know for £30 you are guaranteed to have use of this hair waver.  

3. label.m Advanced Pro Triple Barrel Waver 25mm

Best 3 Barrel Hair Waver For Short Hair

  • Brand: Label M
  • Barrel Size: 22mm
  • Material: Tourmaline Ceramic
  • Barrel Number: 3
  • Temperature: Up to 220c 
  • Ideal For: Frizz Free, Good All Rounder

The label.m Advanced Pro Triple Barrel Hair Waver 25mm s the perfect tool to create natural salon waves. In a matter of seconds, the hair waver is ready to use with express heat up technology which is easy to control.

The Good

The tourmaline ceramic temperature allows even distribution of heat which helps to prevent any frizz to your hair whilst applying such heat to your hair. This waver heats to a temperature of 220c which will help create your waves with ease.

Its LCD screen makes it easy to see the barrel temperature, meaning you will always know the level of heat you are applying to your hair. Added features include a light to show when your hair waver is hot enough to use. 

This waver also has a locking mechanism which is great for travelling, with a dual voltage and EU plug this will work perfect in most countries. The Advanced Pro Triple Barrel Waver 25mm comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty. 

The Not So Good 

We found no negative reviews on this product! BONUS

Our View

This Toni & Guy waver is one of the best 3 barrel hair waver I have reviewed, it covers a wider amount of hair in a short amount of time, just what we need with a hair tool. The variable temperature range means this waver is great for all hair types especially suited to short hair. 

It really is one of the Best hair waver for short hair for reducing frizz.

4. BaByliss PRO Titanium Expression Deep Waver

Best hair waver for short hair for thick hair type

  • Brand: Babyliss
  • Barrel Size: N/A
  • Material: Titanium Ceramic
  • Barrel Number: N/A
  • Temperature: up to 210ºC/410ºF
  • Ideal For: All Hair Types, Good All Rounder

This Babyliss pro waver will help your hair look naturally beautiful with the perfect waves. It will help to create texture and waves with the deep waver featuring extra-large titanium ceramic plates.

The Good

This waver can achieve a high heat of 210c meaning it’s suitable for all hair types and especially suited for moist type hair. 

Its advanced heating system delivers precision regulated temperature control, helping to prevent any damage to your hair when styling it. Instant heat transfer helps fast and long-lasting results.

The Not So Good 

Some customers have said it took some getting used to when trying to achieve the type of wave they are looking for. 

Our View

With an ultra-fast heat-up time when styling there will be no need to wait around. With 5 digital temperature settings for enhanced heat protection on all hair types. 

With Babyliss offering 12 months warranty for this hair waver you cannot lose with purchasing this product. This really is one of the Best hair waver for short hair for moist hair type, it won’t let you down.

5. Cordless Automatic Hair Curler Hair Waver Tongs

Best hair waver for short hair for boosting volume

  • Brand: Bohan
  • Barrel Size: N/A
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Barrel Number: 1
  • Temperature: 150-200 ℃ 
  • Ideal For: Beginners, Dry damaged hair

This cordless Bohan automatic hair curler is as cool as it looks. Simply section your hair and feed through around an inch of hair at a time through the curler and let the tool do all the work for you. 

The Good

Due to this Bohan waver being cordless it is perfect to take on your travels, as well as it being light to pack and carry. 

Don’t forget the large LCD screen that shows the temperature clearly with the time and direction which helps it to be more readable and practical. This design also will help to prevent any burns to your face with it being so close, due to the casing around the curling barrel. 

The temperature, time and direction can be adjusted. The temperature of 150-200 ℃ can be selected. The modelling time can be changed to 8-18s, and the curling direction can be adjusted to meet the needs of different hair qualities and curls.

The Not So Good 

If you have yet to experience this type of waver then it may take you a few attempts to get the hang of it. Learning how to use it initially is difficult but once you know how it saves so much time when waving your hair. 

Our View

This Bohan cordless is the best hair waver for short hair for dry hair type, without a doubt. Its hollow design with its double insulated enclosure ensures it will effectively reduce any type of heat transfer.

6. Remington Proluxe 4-in-1 Hair Waver

Best Mermaid hair waver for beach waves for Short Hair

  • Brand: Remington
  • Barrel Size: N/A
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Barrel Amount: 3
  • Temperature: up to 210ºC/410ºF
  • Ideal For: Mermaid waves + Beach waves

This Remington Proluxe is the top waver for those beautiful mermaid waves. This styler actually can create four different types of waves giving you the option of the type you would like to achieve. 

Simply adjust the barrel to create deep and defined waves, flowing mermaid waves, loose beachy waves and undone tousled waves. 

The Good

Don’t worry this waver is very easy to use and simple to adjust to the type of waves you want by twisting the dial to change the deepness of the barrel. With a salon-quality performance, this waver will not let you down. 

Choose your preferred temperature for your hair type, the finer hair needs lower temps but the thicker curlier hair types will need the higher temperatures. No need to wait for too long as it only takes around 30 seconds to heat up.

The Not So Good 

Some customers have stated it isn’t the best result for thicker more curly hair type. 

Our View

This Remington proluxe wave lets you enjoy healthy heat styling with the confidence you will have a good working product for the next 5 years at least with the 5 years guarantee the manufacturers are offering. Plus 1 extra year when you register your waver online with the Remington site. 

With four different waves being offered this is one of the most versatile hair wavers we have yet to review, this mermaid’s hair wavers won’t let you down.

Key Things to Look For 

Before you choose which hair waver is best for your short hair, there are a few key things you should consider. 

Barrel Size – 

The barrel size will determine the size of the waves you will end up with. If you are looking for a beach loose wave then you would be better off going for a thinner waver. Whereas a deep waver will give you a stronger look more vintage style waves. 

For short hair type, we would recommend a barrel size of 0.5 – 1 inch. 


The weight of the waver determines how easy you can style your hair. You may find wavers are a little heavier than a normal curling wand. 

Nevertheless, they are still a more effortless way of creating tight waves and styling your short hair. Choosing a more lightweight model may be easier to hold when styling your hair with your waver. 

Number of Barrels – 

You can choose a waver that is simply one, two or three barrels which will determine the shape of the waves it will leave once you have waved your hair. 

For short hair, you need to wrap your hair around the barrel so you can curl your locks. With short hair, it’s best to use 3 barrel hair waver as this will help to create the typical pixie cuts and bobs. 

Although do note one barrel wavers are just a little easier to work with as this is the typical curler type we know and used compared to the 3 barrel hair waver. 

Before making your waves, don’t forget to treat your hair with a mask, serum or something that will protect it from the heat (we dont want to cause any further damage). 

FAQs – Best Hair Waver For Short Hair

How To Use a Waver On Short Hair?

Short hair waves best with a smaller waver. For added body and waves, start at the roots and work your way down.

Section off your hair and clip the top part up out of the way. Apply some heat protection to your hair if desired and then start waving small sections of hair at a time.

Hold the waver in place for a few seconds and release. Repeat until you have waved all of your hair. Finish by styling as desired.

What Is The Difference Between Curling Iron, Tongs, Wands and Hair Wavers?

Curling tongs, wands, and hair waver all create waves or curls in your hair. However, there are some key differences between them.

Curling tongs have a clip that holds the hair in place while you curl it.

Curling wands have a tapered barrel that you wrap the hair around.

Hair wavers have a waving surface that you run your hair through.

All of these tools can give you beautiful waves and curls, but each one works a little differently. Try out different ones to see which one gives you the best results.

How Do I Make My Pixie Hair Wavy?

Short hair can be a bit tricky to style, but it’s definitely not impossible. If you want to give your pixie hair a wavy look, there are a few things you can do.

Section off your hair and clip the top part up out of the way. Apply some heat protection to your hair if desired and then start waving small sections of hair at a time.

Hold the waver in place for a few seconds and release. Repeat until you have waved all of your hair. Finish by styling as desired.


Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of the different types of wavers out there suitable for short hair. We have found wavers suited for thick, thin, short, dry and oily hair. No matter how much you want to spend we have found our top pick for you. 

Our top choice Label M waver is one of the best hair wavers for short hair we found throughout our hours of research. We stand by our decision that this is the one to choose. 

No matter what curl or wave you are looking to achieve we have a waver for you, which different weights, different size barrels and the number of barrels present all helps to give you a choice on which you need for your short hair type. 

Wavers really are one of the best ways to achieve natural yet stylish waves. 

What did you think of our best hair wavers for short hair reviewed? Are there any questions you feel are unanswered? Please feel free to contact us as we love to hear from our readers.


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