6 Benefits of Blow Drying Hair (You Will Be Surprised)

No matter which types of hair you have, curly, straight, wavy, or bouncy. With proper care and using a suitable hair device, you can change your hairstyle within some minutes. 

You must keep your hair clean and dry for doing any hairstyle. But drying hair in natural air is difficult as it takes a lot of time. So even if you need a different hairstyle instantly for an occasion, you are stuck on what to do. Here, using the best blow dryer for black hair is the ultimate solution. 

Before blow-drying your hair, you should be completely aware of its benefits. Otherwise, it may damage your scalps, hair roots, and follicles. 

To help you, we have done a lot of research to reveal the 6 benefits of blow-drying hair. So get in touch with us to know them. 

What Is Blow-Dry? 

Using a hand-held hair dryer to dry your hair instead of air dry is called blow dry. It helps to achieve your hairstyling goals without facing too much hassle. Not only that, it saves your time, effort, and energy to make your hair shiny, bouncy, and straight. The well-groomed hair ensures your pleasant and stylish outlook with your outfits and accessories. 

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How Do You Blow-Dry Your Hair?

By following some simple steps, you can easily blow dry your hair at home. The steps are

  • Clean your tresses with shampoo that suits your hair. Then use a conditioner to condition them and reduce frizziness. 
  • Pet dry the hair with a towel. 
  • Gently apply some drops of hair serum or heat protector oil from the scups to the end of your hair to avoid hair burn. 
  • Now, set up the hairdryer in low to medium heat and apply the hot air to your hair from a safe distance. 
  • While blowing dry the hair, you can use a round metal comb to brush the hair depending on your requirements. 

What Are The Benefits of Blow-Drying Hair?

The plethora of benefits you can enjoy with blow drying hair. This discussion section will share some of the most important benefits of using a hairdryer for blow-drying. 

  • Quick dry and straighten your hair.

The first and foremost benefit of using a hairdryer is that it helps dry your wet and frizzy tresses fastly. Besides drying the curly locks, it straightens and makes them bouncy. Even the straightness of your tresses lasts up to 48 hours or before your next shampoo. 

  • Busy day, easy solution.

Morning is one of the busiest times of your life. Because in this part of the day you have to prepare for your whole day’s activities. So it is very tough to manage time to set a different hairstyle to present yourself differently. So that means when you blow-dry your hair, it saves your time. 

  • Budget-friendly hair treatment

Many people love to visit beauty salons to make their hair shiny, straight, and bouncy. And you know, visiting a salon and taking their service is very expensive. But, if you blow-dry your hair, you will get nearly the same shininess and bounciness. So it saves your hard-earned bucks. Amazing!

  • Reduce hair fall and boost up hair growth

You all face a common hair problem, and that is hair fall. There are so many reasons for hair fall. But tying wet hair for a long time is one of the major reasons. If you choose the right hair dryer depending on your hair type and use it correctly, it reduces your hair fall. Consequently, it increases your hair volume and density. 

  • Follow your own hairstyle.

Blow drying also helps you to reduce your frizzy hair shrinkage. As a result, you can follow your own hairstyle as per your taste, personality, occasion, and outfits. 

  • Boost up your confidence

Psychologists say that when you look good, stylish, pleasant, and different from others, it helps to feel confident. So which tasks you perform on that day will be perfect, accurate, and excellent.

Besides the benefits of blow-drying, there are also some drawbacks. But if you use hair serum or heat protector oil before applying the hairdryer and apply low to medium heat, you can easily avoid the disadvantages. So enjoy the benefits of blow-drying with proper precautionary steps. 

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How often should you blow-dry your hair?

You can blow dry your hair with a hairdryer 2-3 days a week. If you blow dry your hair more than that, your hair can lose natural shine, look dull, rough, and split from the middle.

What does a blow-dry do to your hair?

The blow-dry does many things to your hair. Such as

  1. It helps to keep your dehydrated hair moisturized
  2. Mitigate hair brittleness, roughness, and tend to split. 
  3. Works as a heat protector against sun rays. 
  4. Enhance hair shine and growth 

Is blow-drying your hair bad for your hair?

The right blow-dry doesn’t do any harm to your hair. But that should be with proper care and from a safe distance. If you apply high heat when blow drying, it can make your hair dehydrated, dull, and frizzy. 

Should you blow-dry hair every day?

Absolutely not. The hair specialists suggest not to use blow-dry 2-3 days once a week. Because that causes many harms to your hair and it will be very difficult to repair that damage. 


So now you know the exact benefits of blow-drying hair. However, as blow-drying can be good hair care to get a unique hairstyle, it can also cause hair damage. That’s why you have to blow dry your hair with 100% care and attention. 

And what do you think about blow-drying hair or air-drying hair? 

You can share your blow-drying hair experiences with us. Or let us know how many days in a week you love to blow dry your hair. 


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