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Let Us Help You Tame Your Fro - Best Hair Straighteners For Afro Hair


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Quick Summary

We all know that the having natrually curly Afro-Caribbean hair is a gift but getting it straight can be a really tricky task. 

Don't you think its always the way if you have curly crazy hair, you want your hair to be tame and straight but when your faced with boring dead straight hair you would like your have to have a bit of a boost and life to your hair! Its simple we always want what we havent got ! STRAIGHT HAIR.

Straightening very curly hair is notoriously hard work, and can lead to heat damage and breakage if its not styled correctly, from using the right straightening material to using the correct afro products. It's important to get it right.

This is why we have researched and compared the best hair straighteners, that are going to style your Afro-Caribbean hair to perfection, as its very important to get it right from the beginning, when straightening natrual hair. 

Best Hair Straighteners For Afro Hair

Best Hair Straightener for Afro Hair

Editors Pick - GHD V Gold Max Styler
Best Styler - GHD IV Professional Styler
Best Moisture Lock - Toni & Guy Moisture Lock 
Best Wide Plate - Cloud Nine Wide Plate
Best Value - ​Wahl Afro
Best Professional - ​Wide She
Best Frizz Free - ​Nicky Clarke NSS087
Best Wet to Straight - Remington S7300


120 Straighteners Considered -- 145 Hours of Research -- 15 Hair Brands Interviewed

Best Hair Straightener for Afro Hair - Hair Day's Top Picks 

1. GHD V Gold Max Styler

Editors Pick

  Highlights -
  • Professional finish, Smoother plates
  • Cooler, lighter body
  • Ceramic heaters and contoured plates
  • Wide Plates 
ghd v gold max styler

Make even easier work of straightening thick or very curly hair with the larger plates on the GHD V gold max styler.

The Good

Smoother gold plates glide effortlessly through the hair to make straightening longer and thicker hair even quicker and easier, while their contoured edges help to create perfect curls and waves, all with a high shine, salon-style finish. 

The Not So Good

Some customers found these a little trickier to get the hang of as they are a lot wider than the average style of straightener.

Features - 
  • Brand: GHD
  • Sleep Mode: After 30 mins
  • Type of Plate: Wide Ceramic
  • Temperature Control: No
  • Warranty: 2 years

Our View

Take a look at our newest found hair straighteners that our customers are raving about for being the 'best hair straightener for afro carribean hair'.

A handy protective plate guard also allows you to pack up your styler straight after use while an automatic sleep mode is activated if the styler isn't used for 30 minutes.

Universal voltage ensures you’ll get the same styling performance wherever you are in the world, making this styler a great choice if you travel frequently.

Good For:
  • Safety - Automatic sleep mode after 30 minutes without use
  • Lighter - Using for long periods of time, as lighter than most
  • Comes with heat mat - The Mateque Heat Mat protects surfaces from the Straighteners
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2. GHD IV Professional Styler

Best Styler for Natrual Hair

  Highlights -
  • Won beauty awards
  • No 1 seller on Amazon
  • Heat up quick 
  • A long cord
  • Results last up to 12 hours
GHD IV Professional Styler

The GHD IV styler, is without a doubt the most ground-breaking straightener, that has the ability to style fast but with less heat. The GHD IV Styler was named “Best Flatiron” by Allure Magazine in their coveted Best of Beauty Awards.

The Good

Although this model is not as cheap as some, at £100, for a high end trusted brand of straighteners, it will be well worth the money. GHD IV styler offers unprecedented styling performance and delivers gorgeous shiny, healthy results that last up to 12 hours longer.

The Not So Good

Although GHD is a very well known trusted brand customers still think this product is on the higher end of the price bracket.

Features - 
  • Brand: GHD
  • Sleep Mode: After 30 mins
  • Type of Plate: Slim Ceramic
  • Temperature Control: No - 185c
  • Warranty: 2 years

These straighteners are particularly good for all different types of styling due to its rounded barrel which gives it the ability to create curls, waves and straight styles, even when you have afro (out of control) hair.

This latest model of the GHD is well known for its ceramic heater technology plates which gives it the ability to make light work of styling the toughest textures, such as very thick, curly or afro hair.

Our View

The high technology ceramic material plates, keeps the straightener at a constant temperature to avoid hot spots which damages your hair.

When you are looking how to straighten curly hair making sure you have the correct straighteners is the number one priority, without this it can be such a difficult task trying to style your natural hair.

Good For:
  • Suitable for difficult hair types like afro hair 
  • It has a round barrel especially for styling
  • Safety - 30 mins auto shut off feature included
  • Value for Money
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3. Toni & Guy Moisture Lock Afro Straighter

Best Moisture Lock  

  Highlights -
  • Swival Cord 
  • 10 secs heat up time
  • Specifically designed for Afro hair
  • Helps to lock moisture
Toni & Guy Moisture Lock Afro Hair Straightener
The Good

A product such as Toni & Guy Moisture Lock Afro Straightener is right up your street. What you will like the most about this product is that it offers you incredible value for money. It’s a product designed with uniqueness in mind and that’s why the design is nothing short of astonishing.

The Not So Good

There was no bad reviews on this product.

Features - 
  • Brand: Toni & Guy
  • Sleep Mode: After 30 mins
  • Type of Plate: Slim
  • Temperature Control: Yes
  • Warranty: 2 years

Of course, once you start using the straightener designed for Afro hair, you will be amazed with the great experience that it can deliver, and that’s the best thing about it!

Good For:
  • Great for Curling hair 
  • Safety - Automatic shut down system
  • Easy to maneuver and use when styling
 Check Prices / Read Our Full Toni & Guy Moisture Lock Review 


4. Cloud Nine Wide Plate Hair Straightener

Best Wide Plate Straightener

  Highlights -
  • Wider plated straighteners which will cover more area of hair in shorter time
  • Portable
  • One tough temperature change
  • Ceramic plates
Cloud nine wide plate
The Good

Cloud Nine wide plate black hair straightener might be right up your street.

This device delivers high quality features and a stellar experience, all while offering you a unique and stylish design.

The Not So Good

No bad reviews for this product.

Features - 
  • Brand: Cloud Nine
  • Sleep Mode: After 30 mins
  • Type of Plate: Wide Ceramic
  • Temperature Control: Yes - 3 choices
  • Warranty: 2 years
Our View

This model is integrated with a fast temperature control setting. Helping you to reach a high temperture and quick! Simply through a touch a button you will be able to choose the desired temperature between one of the three available.

Good For:
  • Suitable for natrual hair types
  • Great Value for money 
 Check Prices / Read Our Full The Cloud Nine  Review 

5. Wahl Afro Hair Straightener

Best Value Straightener for Afro Hair

  Highlights -
  • Ceramic plates 
  • Designed for Afro hair
  • Auto shut down after 60 minutes
  • Variable temperatures
  • Great value for money under £20
Wahl Afro Hair straightener

Are you looking for the best straighteners for Afro-Caribbean hair? then look no further. The Wahl Afro hair straightener is the advanced straightener designed for difficult Afro hair.

The Good

Wahl have looked and researched what features are needed to style your hair to the best of its ability. Not only is this fantastic straightener integrated with all the necessary features but is great for value to.

The Not So Good 

Customers found the wire a little short for styling. 

Features - 
  • Brand: Wahl
  • Sleep Mode: After 30 mins
  • Type of Plate: Slim
  • Temperature Control: Yes - 150-230 degrees
  • Warranty: 2 years
Our View

The cool thing is, not only is the model stylish and professional but it has ceramic salon plates designed for afro and frizzy hair which gives you the best results and a great user experience.

Good For:
  • Suitable for all natural hair types 
  • A smooth, frizz free and a shiny finish
  • When your in a rush - 5 secs heat up time
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 Q. Can I use these on my unruly, European frizzy hair not just Afro-Caribbean?

 A. Yes works fab, as its features are all designed for Afro / European style hair. 

6. Wide She Hair Straighteners 

Best Professional for Natural Hair

  Highlights -
  • Great floating plates
  • Integrated micropressor
  • Suitable for professional use
  • Long swivel cord for freedom of styling
  • Great sleek design
Wide she hair straighteners

The She Hair brand have a great reputation in many countries for being top of the line, high quality products.These products really deliver the quality and results that you expect from them, lets find out.

The Good

This model benefits from having extra wide plates being able to straighten the tougher more thicker hair types and cover a lot more hair, in a short amount of time.The wide plates are great for afro hair as it needs the larger coverage and high heat for this thick, frizzy hair type.

The Not So Good

No bad reviews so far. 

Features - 
  • Brand: She
  • Sleep Mode: After 30 mins
  • Type of Plate: Wide Ceramic
  • Temperature Control:Yes - 100°C-230°C
  • Warranty: 2 years
Our View

The performance you get with this product is really astounding and quite extraordinary to be honest, because you get all the features you might expect from a very expensive high end product.

Instead they are packed into a great, low priced, neat and tidy design, that really manages to give the finish you are looking for.

Good For:
  • Saving time - It has wide plates which means it can deal with the tougher hair types like Afro-Caribbean hair and can get more coverage in a shorter amount of time
  • Quick heat up times for when your in a rush 
  • Leaving your hair straight for days
 Check Prices / Read Our Full she hair straightener Review 


7. Nicky Clarke NSS236 Frizz Control Straightener

Best Frizz Control Straightener

  Highlights -
  • Ionic emitted to help prevent frizz and promote shine
  • Variable heat so suitable for all hair types
  • Lock together whilst cooling
Nicky Clarke hair straightener

We all know that finding the best budget hair straightener is no small feat, mainly because a lot of brands tend to focus quite a lot on giving the best value for a lot of money.

The Good

Thankfully, Nicky Clarke NSS087 Frizz Control Hair Straightener is a top selling product that delivers a very good user experience at all times.

It’s by far the best product on the market thanks to the fabulous features included at an affordable price.

The Not So Good

Customers didn't like they they arnt dual voltage. 

Features - 
  • Brand: Nicky Clarke
  • Sleep Mode: After 60 mins
  • Type of Plate: Ionic Plates
  • Temperature Control:Yes - 5 temperature settings
  • Warranty: 2 years
Our View

The long ceramic plates on this model help promote healthy hair and prevent fizz with its ionic emitted features.They are also suitable for all hair types which means it can fulfill a wide range of needs for peoples different hair types.

Good For:
  • Great Value - under £30 so an affordable product
  • Healthy Hair - Long ceramic plates on these hair straighteners promote healthy hair
  • Swivel cord for easy styling and plate lock for easy storage
Check Prices / Read Our Full Nicky Clarke Frizz Control Review 


8. Remington S7300 Wet 2 Straight Hair Straightener

Best Wet to Straight

  Highlights -
  • Heats up quick
  • Wet 2 dry straightener
  • Advance ceramic plates
  • 10 different temperatures available
  • Auto-switch off after 60 minutes
Remington s7300 wet 2 straight
The Good

The Remington S7300 Wet 2 Straight 230c Ceramic Hair Straighteners are designed to use on towel dried hair.This is a great option to have to be able to cut down the routine time of having to dry your hair before styling it. 

Furthermore the straightener gets rid of the excess water vaporisation through special vents in the plates.This ensures it is drying and straightening at the same time, amazing.

The Not So Good

Using hair straighteners from wet on your hair can take a little longer than usual styling. 

Features - 
  • Brand: Remington
  • Sleep Mode: After 60 mins
  • Type of Plate: Advanced Ceramic
  • Temperature Control: Yes - 10 settings 140 - 230
  • Warranty: 2 years
Our View

Although they are designed for Afro hair, all Afro hair has a different texture and can be more healthy follicles or more dry and damaged. This model has advanced ceramic plates infused with frizz resist mirco conditioners which is absolutely perfect for your frizzy afro-carribean hair.

It has an array of 10 different temperatures setting available from 140-230 which is great feature to have.Therefore its important you are able to choose the correct temperature for your hair type.

Good For:
  • Suitable for all hair types 
  • Travel - even for thick/ long hair
  • Carrying - Lightweight & Compact 
  • Camping / Festivals 
Check Prices / Read Our Full Remington wet 2 dry Review


Buyers Guide

Top Tips -

Below we have the best tips for styling and preparing your Afro hair for straightening. 

1. Never Start With Dry Hair !

- Always start by trying to detangle your hair before you wash it.

- Brush conditioner through your curls whilst in the process of washing your hair, this is a great way to great rid of any knots.

- Rinse off the conditioner, towel dry it and get a brush through it again, by using this process we hope that you avoid any breakages of the hair follicles which is less damage to your hair over all.

- Remember better conditioned hair straightens and styles a lot easier, then dry damaged hair.

- Be careful with straightening natrual hair as its very easy to damage. 

wash afro hair

2. Nourish Your Fro

- Its very important to keep your Afro nourished. So remember to add in conditioning products when straightening your hair this is especially important for curly Afro hair.

- A great little tip is not to spend a fortune on all these conditioning product but just use the olive oil straight from your kitchen, crazy we know but it works!

- Rub a small amount into your hands and run your fingers through your hair, this will just give it enough to keep it nourished and healthy. 

- If the oil doesn't work for your particular hair type then you may be better off buying a cheap leave in conditioner.

- It is also a great idea to use a heat defense spray to protect you from any damage whilst straightening.

- Many women use chemicals when trying to work how how to straighten there black hair best, but really its actually important to straighten afro hair without chemicals if you want to cause as less damage ans possible. 

massage oil afro hair

3. Take Your Time

- By sectioning your hair into smaller pieces you will achieve better results. You will get right down the roots. 

- It is also important to remember to brush,dry, nourish and then straighten your Afro hair, if you follow this routine it will ensure you get the best results.

4. Dry Dry Dry

- Making sure your hair is fully dry before straightening it is essential especially with curly Afro hair.

- Using straighteners on damp hair can cause that horrible sizzling sound we sometimes hear, which is exactly what is happening, it is sizzling and damaging your hair.

5. Use Good Straighteners

- Its so important to choose a good quality and highly recommended straightener for your hair as not all hair straighteners with give the amazing result you are looking for.

So follow our guide and choose which straightener suits your Afro-Carribean hair. If you have hair in between straight and afro why not read our best hair straighteners for wavy hair guide. 

Hair Types 

Shape of your hair

Afro hair is a delicate hair type, as you can see in the picture above, straight hair simple grows from a round shape which leads the hair to be a nice and strong hair, wavy hair grows from an oval shape follicle which starts to weaken the hair when growing, until finally you take a look at the way afro hair grows through which is almost half of what straight hair can grow through, which then weakens the hair growth and encourage the growth of curly frizzy hair.

When you are starting to brush your hair it is important to understand when dealing with natural hair, it is easy to break and you must treat your hair gently to avoid breakages. 

Temperature Control

When you make the decision to style your natrual hair its important to make sure you have control of the temperture of the straightener you are using. This is essential for preventing damage to your hair, as by lowering the temperture setting for your tight curls maybe the savouir of killing your beautfiul hair.

Although we just automatically want to use the highest setting on the straighteners to get the job done, this isnt the best way to style your hair. You should use higher heat on the curliest areas of your hair but then lower the settings for the weaker parts of your hair like the neckline and the hair around your face as this can mostly be baby hair and the most delicate of all.

Know Your Hair Type

  • Type 1 – Straight Hair
  • Type 2 – Wavy Hair
  • Type 3 – Curly Hair
  • Type 4 – Kinky Hair

Do you know your hair type? if not take a look at our picture below and search for your type of hair. Its important to know where you stand on the chart so you can look at the best flat iron for your natural hair. 

know your hair type for natural hair

More Than One Hair Type

Although we like to put everyone into a catagory with your type of hair unforutnely that isnt how it works, everyones hair type is unique. It is very common to have combination of different hair types which is likely to change depending on the hair care routine you follow. 

If you are embracing your natrual hair and feeding it lots of moisture then your curls will be nice and tight and coiled. If you are straightening them and complimenting your hair with a weave then you could be look at more of a wave then a curl. Juts remember no two heads of hair are the same, so know your hair type.

hair types for curly hair

How to Straighten Curly Afro Hair

Well, straightening African American hair is hard indeed, it’s also quite tricky, as in order to achieve sleek finish you need to figure out the hair straightening routine that would tame exactly your hair type, using the right straighteners and products for your afro.

What you need: 

  • Hair Dryer
  • Round Hair Brush
  • Straighteners
  • Hair Clips
  • Heat Protective Spray
  • Wide Tooth Comb
  • Fine Tooth Comb
  • Hairspray 

Where to Start ...

  • 1
    Shampoo & Condtion your Hair - Remove excess water by towel drying (just dab dont rub as this can cause frizz before we even begin).
  • 2
    Wide Tooth Comb - Use your wide comb to comb your hair thouroughly.
  • 3
    Heat Protectant - Apply your chosen heats protectant all over your hair.
  • 4
    Section into 4 - Sections your hair into 4 but leave one down ready to straighten.
  • 5
    Blow dryer - Time to use your hair dryer, make sure you do little sections at a time to make sure you dry it thoroughly.
  • 6
    Round Brush - Use your rounded brush whilst drying this will help to keep your hair under control.
  • 7
    Primarily Straightening - This is what you are doing when drying your hair with your round brush getting it tame and dry.
  • 8
    Straighten - You are now ready to start strainging your hair, make sure you section your hair to get the best results. 
  • 9
    Take your time - Its important to take your time and use the fine tooth comb whilst using your iron and make sure you hairspray each section at a time for the best outcome.


With all the options out there, it can be nearly impossible to choose the right iron for you.

Therefore for your afro-carribean hair, your best option is almost always going to be ceramic plates and a high temperature setting.

We hope we have narrowed it down enough for you to be able to have an idea on which straighteners to choose for your Afro hair. 

Happy choosing !!​


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