Best Hair Straighteners for Thin Hair - Ultimate Review 2020 UK

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Searching for the best hair straighteners for thin hair can be difficult as we all know that apply heat to your hair can cause breakages and damage, so what do we do if we have fine, delicate hair.

 Do we skip out the straightening tools ? no of corse not as there are plenty of straighteners out there that are safe enough to use of your fine hair but still powerful enough.

It is essential to choose straightener that has adjustable temperature settings, so that you can choose one of the lower settings to make sure it doesn't burn and damaged your hair follicles when styling your locks. 

Some things to consider when choosing the best hair straightener for thin hair:

  • Plate Materials 
  • Width of plates 
  • How Low the temperture goes?
  • Heat up time
  • Safety Feature
  • Price

Best Hair Straighteners For Thin Hair - Comparison Table








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Higoing ceramic hair straightener



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Best Hair Straighteners for Thin Hair - Product Summary

Remington S7412 Air Plates Straightener

Best Straighteners for Damaged Thin Hair

  Highlights -
  • Worlds first suspended plates
  • Cool touch technology
  • 1.8m cord length
  • 3 year warranty
remington hair straightener

This Remington S7412 Air Plates Hair Straightener is perfect for thin hair.

Its 230 degree Celsius variable temperatures that allows you to adjust the temperature to your preferred heat.

The Good

Lower heat settings can be used to minimise damage whilst styling or the temperature can be increased for quicker styling and a longer lasting result.

For thin hair it would be recommended to stay on a lower heat.Their ground breaking suspended plates move freely with your hair to give you ultimate styling coverage.

The Not So Good

They cant be used on wet hair. 

Our View

Unlike other straighteners, the suspended plates perfectly align with your hair to capture each strand in one stroke, helping you achieve a one pass perfection which will help not to cause any damage to your thin hair. Overall these are a reliable pair of straighteners. 

Good For:
  • Thin Hair - Variable temperatures suitable for thin hair
  • Safety - Cool touch technology
  • Quick - 15 seconds heat up time
  • Travel - Worldwide voltage
  • Good Quality - Black Titanium Ceramic plates

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HiGoing Ceramic Hair Straightener

Best Straightener for Sensative Thin Hair

  Highlights -
  • Anti-scold Styling
  • 60 minutes auto shut off
  • Swivel cord to prevent tangles
  • Rounded Curve Design
  • 2 year guarantee
Higoing ceramic hair straightener

This HiGoing Ceramic Styler and Straightener is great for fine and sensitive. The hair straighteners with 3D floating plates prevents dirt and steam entering the interior of the Hair Straightener, easy to clean and use. And the floating plate with curved edges allows you to continuously adjust the angle to avoid snagging the hair, giving you more control while styling.

The Good

It is suitable for all hair types, as it has a variable heat control which allows you to choose the perfect setting to minimise damage.For finer hair it is suggested to use a lower settings to keep the plates from causing any damage.

With a rounded curve design, it is easy to create different styles whether you're in the mood for sleek locks, flicks or curls.They are lightweight to handle and will glide through your hair smoothly with absolutely no tugging and the results are very impressive.

The Not So Good

Customers found the colour on top of the plates are easily scratched, not that it affects the use of the straighteners.

Our View

They come professionally presented and complete with a good set of instructions.They look and feel well made with lovely curves and simple and easy to understand controls.

Good For:
  • 3D Floating Plates - prevents dirt and steam entering the interior of the Hair Straightener, easy to clean and use
  • Anti-Scald Styling - Premium glove designed with heat-resistance, ideal for left and right-handed hair styling.
  • Quick - Fast heat up time
  • Styles - Rounded curve design to help style your hair
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Wahl Pencil Hair Straightener

Best Styler for Thin Hair

  Highlights -
  • Pencil thin plates
  • Fast heat up time
  • Variable temperatures
  • Great Price
  • Tourmaline-ceramic coated plates
wahl hair straightener
The Good

The Wahl pencil hair straightener is great as it is tourmaline-ceramic coated plates which is gentle on the hair creating a smooth and shiny finish. Not only is this straightener great for thin hair it is also suitable for both men's and women's hair which makes it nice and versatile. 

The Not So Good

Cusomers felt they stayed rather warm for hours after use, so you would need to be careful not to touch them even when they have been off for a while. 

Our View

Variable temperature allows heat to be adjusted from a super low 80 degrees up to a high maximum heat 200 degrees. A lower temperature can be selected for gentle straightening of finer hair whilst a higher temperature can be used on thicker, coarser hair.

Good For:
  • Short Thin Hair - Pencil thin plates
  • Prevent Damage - Advanced tourmaline-ceramic technology
  • Unisex - Ideal for straightening men and ladies hair

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 Q. What size are the plates?

 A. The width of the plates are 1 and half centimetres. They are great for giving hair body and curl.

Braun Satin Hair Iontec Straightener

Best Value Straightener for Thin Hair

  Highlights -
  • Accurate heat controls
  • Cool touch
  • Patented floating plates
  • Auto shut off
  • Ionic technology
braun hair straightener

This Braun Satin Hair 7 ST710 Iontec Straightener is perfect for thin hair as it has accurate controls. It operates with temperatures that are proven to protect the health of your hair (130°C to 200°C) in 5°C temperature stages. 

The Good

Customers were pleased with how this product heats up very quickly. The display goes red as they heat and green when ready to use. They glide through hair easily without catching. You can press the ion button and add extra shine to your hair!

Unique technology protects the health of your hair for touchable smoothness and shine. Millions of active ions restore the moisture balance of your hair and instantly tame frizz and fight static.

Extra smooth surface structure glides 3x smoother vs. conventional ceramic plates to maintain the health of the cuticula.

The Not So Good

Some customers found them to feel bulky with bumps and ridges in the wrong places when styling. 

Our View

This is just what you need with fine hair as we would recommend to use the lowest temperature when dealing with delicate hair as its the inevitable that the high heats will damage your hair follicles. 

Good For:
  • Memory - Memory function will remember your regular heat chosen
  • Safety - Cool touch technology
  • Easy Styling - Patented floating plates

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With all the options out there, it can be nearly impossible to choose the right iron for you.

For thin hair though, your best option is almost always going to be an adjustable temperature setting so you can change it to suit your particular thickness of hair, this is also necessary when searching for the best hair dryer for thin hair.

We hope we have narrowed it down enough for you to be able to have an idea on which straighteners to choose for your thin hair. 

We have also looked at the best hair straightener for short hair, which could still fall into your catagory if you have short, thin hair, quick take a look.

Happy choosing !!​


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Cynthia - July 19, 2016

I personally love my Karmin 😉

    Rafael Salisbury - August 5, 2016

    I am not happy with the chi because i feel it pulls my hair and takes too many swipes to straighten each strand do you recommend a straightener that would straighten and add shine in a shorter period of time?

      Francesca - August 6, 2016

      Hi Cynthia, i completely agree that the chi isn’t for everyone have you tried the Remington s8500 Moroccan oil shine therapy straightener this will most defiantely give you the shine that your looking for and is great for producing straight hair from just one swipe of your section of hair here is the link to my review https://www.hairday.co.uk/remington-s8500-moroccan-oil-shine-therapy-straightener/?tve=true if you have any more questions then feel free to ask frankie x


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