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Coroliss C3 Hair Straightener Silver Paisley Ultimate Review

First of all, although hair straighteners need to be functional, there is nothing to say that they cannot be stylish as well. Moreover,this is why the Corioliss C3 Hair Straightener Silver Paisley design is regarded as a great option for anyone looking for the best standard of hair straighteners on the market.

Okay, so the design of the hair straighteners isn’t going to impact on whether these are the best hair straighteners for the money, but if you have a tasteful looking product. Furthermore you may find you use it more and feel more of an attachment to them. Let’s face it, if you are around at a friend’s house, you won’t feel embarrassed when you pull these out of your bag.

Summary Review :

Product Name : Corioliss c3 hair straightener silver paisley 

Product type: Slim hair straighteners

Price: under £100

Summary: These slim line hair straighteners are great for short hair and really blow other products out of the water. It is reliable and great value for money. 


What is the best material ?

In addition, there is a lot to be said for the good quality titanium plates on these straighteners. No doubt these are smoother than ceramic plates. So if you are looking for hair straighteners that can be relied upon, these straighteners are a great option.

Above all the floating plates are designed for the heat to be evenly distributed to avoid any hot spots which will avoid damaging your hair and causing those nasty split ends. This results in effortless styling with great-looking, longer-lasting results.

What features do these straighteners hold?

Furthermore, the Corioliss C3 Hair Straightener Silver Paisley product may not be the top selling brand but with an ergonomic design. Moreover a high quality standard, you’ll find that these hair straighteners will not let you down. On some of the higher settings of the temperature’s you’ll find that all it takes is one pass through your hair to give you the style you are looking for. Also making them an ideal option if you are looking for straighteners that do their job the first time round, to save time on styling your hair every day.

Therefore the Corioliss brand may not be instantly recognised as names like GHD but that doesn’t mean that you should overlook these products. In fact, there is often a lot to be said for the value for money that comes from opting for a brand that is less about the marketing and more about the quality of service delivered by the product.

Different Modes - 

Another great feature on these straighteners are the 360 swivel cord. This actually gives you the freedom to style your hair without your hair getting tangled or damaged. Meanwhile the hair straightener also uses infrared heat which gently heats each hair from within, without drying it out. Therefore this process protects the cuticle, resulting in faster styling and moisture-rich, healthy-looking results. In fact negative ion technology eliminates static and frizz by neutralising positive (static) ions. Ultimately this can accumulate when brushing or styling.

Above all these straighteners also have the auto shut off mode. Also when they are left on and not used for 120 minutes they will automatically turn off. Meanwhile this means you don’t have to worry about leaving the house and worrying whether you have left your straighteners on. However this is such an important feature on a pair of straighteners, always think of your safety first!

What is the temperature ?

However, the design doesn’t tell you about the quality of the hair straighteners. You have nothing to worry about.

Furthermore the variable temperature control is one of the leading reasons behind opting for this style of hair straightener, with different temperatures available it meets more hair types individual needs.

It also has a much lower setting for those finer more delicate types of hair and therefore a very high setting for those thicker, tougher types of hair.

Above all, if you are looking for the best hair straightener for short hair, the flexibility of this product, which comes with long and slim plates are ideal for the needs of close styling and straightening short hair. Of corse the unique style of plates will have a big part to play in your final decision.

​Love these straightners and the fact that you can change the heat setting. I only need to pass the straightner through my hair once and its dead straight. Thats not even on the highest heat setting. I have afro/relaxed hair and it works great for me.



Finally, on Amazon the price has dropped significantly from £124.99 to 83.99 … Bargain. According Corioliss is dedicated to challenging the hair industry's traditional conventions. Meanwhile this is reflected in their unique and innovative product range, as well as their limited-edition designs.

Our verdict

In Conclusion in the hair straightener industry, it is natural that comparisons will be made with GHD. Of corse the fact that so many customers make the comparison and then come out and say that the Corioliss brand is the better option says it all about what you can expect to receive from this product. Therefore taking all the features of this product into the picture, slim line titanium plates, great looking design and variable temperature settings. Moreover, they are definitely worth spending the money on this hot flat iron, so come on give a go and try a something different.

Things we like:

  • Titanium floating plates
  • It also has automatic shutdown safety option 
  • Long 360 swivel cord for tangle free operation 
  • No hot spots
  • Slim line plates also for short hair and closer styling

Things we don’t like:

  • Ultimately as the plates are slim line it may not be best the option for thicker hair so a bit limited