How To Use An Electric Razor On Legs – Beauty Tips For Woman

We all know the requirements and efforts of women to look pretty is ENDLESS. 

One such need is a wax, waxing is the preferable technique used to get rid of the hairs on your body.

However, there is no doubt to say that waxing is a very painful procedure and can turn out to be really expensive.

But no need to worry now as with the advancement in technology today, you can easily access the electric razor that is specially designed to eliminate hairs from your body. 

You might be wondering how to use an electric razor on legs, underarms, or the intimate section?

What is the benefit of the electric razor over manual razorsThough the people of today's era are advanced, most of them still use the manual razors to shave.

However, using the manual razors not only makes you prone to the uncertain and severe cuts but it rally can't give you a closer shave.

So if you desire to use an electric shaver then here is a brief guide to utilizing the same on your legs:

Dry VS Wet Electric Shavers For Legs

The electric razors are available in diverse types i.e., you can either avail the wet electric shaver or can opt for a dry one.

The only difference between the two is that the former is required to be used after applying the gel whereas the latter can be used anytime.

Dry Shaver -

If you desire to remove the hairs from the roots and diverse angles then what is better than buying a dry shaver?

A dry shaver is quick and easy to use and the same provides your body with consistent smoothness.

Apart from it, there is comparatively less probability of uncertain cuts and nicks using the dry shaver than that in the manual one.

Here are the steps of how to apply it to your skin:

Steps 1 – before floating the razor on your legs, wash your legs with hot water and soap.

Wait for some time until your legs get dry as washing, rinsing, and drying your legs make them flexible to glide over the dry razor

Step 2 – hover the shaver in an upward direction i.e., from the ankle of your legs to the thighs.

Make sure that the razor won’t work if you float it in a downward direction.

Rotate it evenly in all the direction in your legs and observe if all the hairs are removed from the legs.

If you find any leftover hairs then gently run the electric shaver on that particular part.

Step 3 – take a towel and rinse off your legs or clean the same using towel.

Once you have cleaned all the hairs out of your legs, the last step is to moisturize. Moisturizing avoid the unwanted drying and itchiness in legs

Woman's legs with smooth skin after depilation on pastel background.

Wet Shaver - 

The wet shaver is almost similar to that of the dry shaver however; you might require a shaving gel to be applied to your skin before using the razor.

The benefits of using a wet shaver are that the same is convenient and easy to use and there are very less and rare chances of cuts to the skin.

Here is the guide to use the wet shaver:

Step 1 – wash the legs with hot water and place the gel in your legs and gently lift up the hairs.

Step 2 – try to shave in the circular motion rather than following the upward direction.

Check if any part of your leg is still remained with hairs and move the razor in the missed sections.

Step 3 – rinse your legs and leave them until they dry up. You can then apply the moisturizer to the skin to make it smooth.

If you are searching out for some of the best women’s electric razor then here I am presenting a list of few razors that can remove the entire hairs from your body effectively.

Best Electric Razors For Legs

Panasonic ES2207P Electric shaver –

Panasonic ES-WL50 wet & dry

Whether you desire to get a razor for the professional purpose or you just want to use it on occasion and events, the Panasonic ES2207P is one of the best electric shavers. 

The major merit of opting for this shaver is that it comprises three heads that are easy to float up or down.

Apart from this, it also makes the procedure easier as the three heads of the model can catch the entire hairs at diverse corners, angels, and lengths and can remove them in one stroke.

Remington WDF4840 Electric Shaver - 

remington wdf4840 smooth

Though this model is available only in a combination of white and purple colour, the durability of the same is quite high. It can last for years if utilized in a proper manner.

The Remington electric shaver is a light-weighted model especially created to aid the people to carry it anywhere and use it anytime they want.

The women and men can shave their entire body with Remington and that too without discomfort.

Braun Silk Epil Female Lady Shaver – 

Braun silk epil lady

Though the silk Epil model from Braun is comparatively higher in prices than that of the other mentioned razors, the major benefit of using this model of Braun is its light weight and perfect shape.

With the rounded head of this shaver, it becomes quite simple to carry it and float the same on the curvy regions of the body. Moreover, the model can be easily used to shave the legs and eliminate the severe pain of wax.


Whichever razor you buy, the essential thing to consider is to maintain it in the proper condition by cleaning the same after every use. Take a look at our Guide for the Best Lady Shaver.

Author post by Jennifer Branett


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