Top 3 Ways to Pull Off Your Man Bun

Man buns are one of those hairstyles that seem to fit only a few people. When we think of man buns, we imagine some macho looking guy with a large beard and big arms, or a man wearing conservative clothes and glasses.
The truth of the matter is that anyone can pull off a man bun, if they do it

Actually Pulling Off a Man Bun

There’s three best ways for someone to pull off a man bun: the natural way, the
awkwardly groomed way, and the catered way. Below is an in-depth analysis on
how to achieve a man bun using the method that best suits you.

The Natural Way 

This may not apply to everyone, but most guys either have hair that cooperates nicely with what’s needed for a man bun, or have hair that they can work with and create the style needed.

Typically, people with man buns have thick, relatively straight hair. When we look at the natural way of pulling off a man bun, we’re focusing on utilizing the hair we have and not altering it a lot.

If you have these two hair requirements, perfect - you can start grooming your hair and begin the long process of achieving a healthy man bun.

If not, however, there’s a few things you can do:

Lack of Thick Hair = Use a number of hair volumizing shampoos and
conditioners and avoid using a comb: this straightens your hair and makes it

Lack of Straight Hair = Use shampoo that is specially designed to straighten hair and make it “softer” and thinner. While this kind of product may be hard to find, it is sold in most pharmacies and department stores. Once this is done, make sure you comb it regularly and keep it as straight as possible. While it may be hard at the start, it will come with time.

Lack of Both = Incorporate both routines. Generally, you’ll want to focus on
making your hair thicker, then move onto the curling part of it.

Once you’ve achieved that perfect look, it’s time to start your grooming routine.

The Awkwardly Groomed Way - Sometimes we have the hair, but not the
style. This may be for a number of reasons, but it’s usually because our hairstyle has been so different for so long. For example, someone with hair that is a footlong may have to do a lot of work compared to someone with a zero fade, undercut.

When you begin transforming your style, it will be a little awkward. Your hair will
be all over the place and you will have no idea how to groom it properly. And,
because of the time it takes to grow out a man bun, you might be waiting
months with this awful looking do. Luckily, there’s some things you can do to
minimize the “awkwardness” of re-grooming your hair.

● Wear tons of hair ties. Find some that are in your colour and abuse them-
they will be a life saver. This will keep your hair from going all over the place
and encourage your hair to grow in such a way that it helps the man bun

● Use hair spray and/or gel. When you start growing out your hair, you will
have a lot of hair that doesn’t want to cooperate. To “keep them in place”,
use hair spray and/or gel. This will help you keep control of those runaways
and start your man bun on the right foot.

● Just deal with it. When you start growing a man bun, it will look awful. The
small little bundle at the back of your head will make others see you as
some weirdo (for lack of a better term). Just choke the insults, keep
working on your routine, and you’ll have it looking good in no time.

The Catered Way - This way of getting a man bun is the easiest, but it is also
the most difficult for one reason: it’s for people who have already started growing a man bun. If you’re already in the process of growing your hair out in such a way that you’d be able to wear it in a bun, that’s perfect; keep going. But, there will come a point where it becomes a chore and gets a whole lot more difficult than anticipated.This is where you need to cater it.

To start, make sure to keep your sides short. Often times, men fail at pulling off a man bun because they don’t keep the sides short and the top long. They keep
everything relatively at the same length and then you can’t see the distinct
difference between the long part and the short part.

Secondly, don’t touch the top. Let the top of your hair grow out as long as
possible. From a buzzcut, you may be looking at a almost a year before your hair is at the perfect length. So when you go to a barber, make sure they know your intentions.

And lastly, keep it slicked back with product. Man buns need to be at the back of your head, not the top of on the side. In order to promote your hair to naturally stay back, you need to help it out a little. Overtime, it’ll begin to stay like that without any help.

Final Remarks

A man bun is one of those things that almost any man can pull off, but not every
man can work with. Find where you stand in regards to these three methods and pick the one that is best for you. If you find none of them work, mix and match some of the steps; all the information you need is in there.


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