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Wide She Hair Straightener Review

First of all the Wide She Hair Straightener brand have a great reputation in many countries for being top of the line, high quality and very good products. Moreover these products really delivering the quality and results that you expect from them.

Ultimately produced by the factory that made the original GHD Salon Styler. It is also manufactured in Korea and promises a full guarantee. Therefore here is a complete review for the Wide She Hair Straighteners to see if they reach the expectations of the high well-known brand.

Furthermore you need to know that this is a great product for salon use and offers an incredible standard of quality. Meanwhile it can be used on multiple users per day which is a great thing to keep in mind.Ultimately it has great durability.

Summary Review :

Product Name : Wide She Hair Straighteners 

Product type: Wide Hair Straighteners

Price: under £70

Summary: Ultimately these wide straighteners are just great for thick more difficult hair types. Moreover all for great value for money. 


What is the best material ?

Above all these she straightener also have wide tourmaline plates. Which means they are able to carry a large area of hair in a faster amount of time. No doubt this also means that the straighteners are great for thick and coarse hair.

Furthermore it also means they will carry a consistent heat throughout the whole plate, which will avoid causing any hot spots, to avoid any damage to your hair follicles. Meanwhile we have reviewed many more straighteners for thick hair on our 'best straighteners for thick hair' page, head over and have a read.

However with the high quality wide professional tourmaline plates. Of corse they have produced one of the best hair straighteners for thick hair. Also one of the best hair straighteners for afro Caribbean hair. All things considered its something that’s very exciting for sure.

What features do these straighteners hold?

Finally this is a top of the line straightener, despite looking very simple, it features a built in microprocessor, floating plates.Furthermore it also as well has a long swivel cord which gives you the freedom to style your hair in any position needed. Therefore a professional styling iron that does pay off and which really makes it one of the quality straighteners on the market.

What is the temperature ?

wide she hair straightener package

Furthermore the she straightener heat up to 210c in seconds and create amazing styles on all hair types long to short, fine to Afro Caribbean. Therefore to straighten, wave or curl with long or medium hair, it will cover them all. Also the lightweight design means they give you more control whilst creating these different styles.

​I was so pleased with these straighteners. I have quite long hair and never really managed well with my GHD's but with these babies its a different story. They are brilliant. I was sceptical at first because of the price. But hey these are a real bargain as well as being a superb item. Would I recomend them ? - DEFINITELY.

Ms A L Jekinson 


Therefore the design that this straightening brand has created, is one of a kind. It manages to integrate quite a lot of unique features into a single and refined product. Meanwhile we found this to be one of the best budget hair straightener models out there. Therefore just because not only is it a great salon styling straightener iron. It’s also low on pricing, for such a high end product so therefore one of the best hair straighteners for the money.

Moreover it offers the best value and in addition to that it doesn’t get as hot as other models. Ultimately this means that it does offer the top selling aspects of professional tourmaline hair straighteners all whilst focusing on the perfect end result.

The performance you get with this product really is astounding and quite extraordinary to be honest, because you get all the features you might expect from a very expensive high end product. Above all they are packaged in a great, low-priced, neat and tidy design,that really manages to give the finish you are looking for. Currently on amazon the price is down from £69.99 to £54.99 which is just an amazing offer saving you £15.00 with free delivery.

Our verdict

If you are interested in purchasing a good, reliable straightener, then this is definitely one of the top quality products to keep in mind. It is suitable for all hair types and is very good for value. Of corse it’s a truly extraordinary, well designed and very exciting product that manages to bring in front an incredible user experience so you shouldn’t hesitate and instead work hard to get your hands on one, as it’s well worth investing in it.

Things we like:

  • Firstly Tourmaline floating plates
  • Short heating time (30 seconds)
  • Also Long cord for tangle free operation 
  • No hot spots
  • Integrated microprocessor  

Things we don’t like:

  • The cord can tangle at times

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