Side Effects of Hair Removal Cream On Private Parts (How to Avoid Them)

Removing your hair with a hair removal cream is just one easy method to get rid of it. It’s relatively inexpensive and easy to use. But, doing so with your private parts is a whole ‘another story

Side effects from using hair removal on your private parts can be nasty if you are not prepared. Firstly, there are obvious risks, such as cutting yourself down there. Then there is the regrowth stage, which can be uncomfortable. The hair grows back after a couple of days; however, it can be itchy or prickly. 

But hey, it’s only for a couple of days, right? Sure, if that makes you feel confident about doing it. You have to keep in mind that there might be ingrown hairs as well. 

Those are just some of the side effects. Let’s see what the side effects of hair removal cream on private parts are. 

Skin Irritation

When you are using a removal cream, you’re using “chemicals” on your skin. Skin sensitivity and irritability are common with hair removal creams. During the application, you’ll notice that the skin is burning or having some form of sensation, which isn’t pleasant.

Some even feel this uneasy sensation for hours after application. You can expect itching and dryness, and in some unfortunate cases, rashes. If you are going for a swim in the sunny weather right after you’ve shaved your pubic area, you may also experience slight sunburn. 

So, you can avoid this kind of skin irritation by doing some research and choosing a hair removal cream with just the right chemicals. 

bikini trimmer shave area

Try and avoid having to shave your private area as this can cause more irritation due to how its tricky to get to the hard to reach areas, this is where hair removal is a lot more suitable for these type of sensitive areas.

Severe/Mild Chemical Burns

Sure using hair removal creams is the most convenient way to go, and you’ll get some skin irritation, but it’s something you can endure.

If that’s something you’re thinking, then here’s another red warning: severe chemical burns can occur with the use of hair removal creams.

Skin and hair are made of proteins and amino acids, which these hair removal creams contain. Hair breaks down dirt more quickly than the skin, and that’s why the hair comes off easily without your skin peeling off. 

In short, don’t keep the product on for too long than the prescribed time on the packaging. If you do, the skin will start to absorb the chemicals, and soon enough, you’ll get a chemical burn. 

Check out our guide on how to treat chemical burns from hair removal cream, it helps to show you how to safely mend your skin back to health. In our article, we also help show which dressings are best to use.

red relief burn dressings

Allergic Reactions

The last thing you need is an allergic reaction to your private parts. Even though it’s not a given side-effect, you never know which chemical might react badly on your skin.

You can identify such allergic reactions by noticing swelling, intense pain, burning, or redness at the application site. That’s why most hair-removal creams ask for a patch test at least 24 hours before applying it. 

Performing a patch test of a hair removal cream is super easy! First, apply a small blob of hair removal cream in an inconspicuous area and see if it flares up your skin. If it does, then the cream is a no-go, especially on your private parts! 

Lingering Smell

That lingering smell might not be too pleasant as the creams themselves have an odour. It’s surprising how far companies would go to mask the smell, but only a handful are successful.

This is because of the chemical components in the product, which can leave a lasting scent. So even if you apply lotion, cream, or fragrance products, your skin will continue to have a peculiar odour for a few hours after application

We don’t have a specific solution to offer, sorry! But, don’t put on fragrance sprays一; it’ll sting more! 

Those were some of the side effects of hair removal cream on private parts. However, it’s important to remember not to take this blog as a means of deterring yourself from using removal creams on private parts. You just have to take care and use the right products for your skin. 

What happens if you go for a swim in a hot tub? 

Well, get ready to have skin irritations. But only if you don’t use proper chemicals for your hot tub’s water. There are two main reasons why such skin issues might happen. One being bacterial infections and the other being chemical dermatitis. 

As there are chemicals such as chlorine in the water, you should always take a quick shower, especially washing the shaved area. Exposure to chlorine can often cause freshly shaved skin to irritate. And if your hot tub has bacteria, then you will be more prone to skin problems even after showering. Don’t forget to use ideal lazy spa chemicals to avoid such unfortunate situations. 

Another reason could be due to an imbalance of water levels in your hot. You should check your hot tub’s water levels using a test strip. As always, perfect hot tub chemicals UK will save the day! 


Hopefully, we have been able to educate you on the different types of side effects you can suffer from when using hair removal cream on your private parts. If you choose the correct products for your skin, you should be able to avoid any of the more severe side effects such as swelling or soreness.


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