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Straightening 101

Straightening 101 Firstly there are so many different choices when shopping for straighteners. Therefore if your new to this subject then you may need a bit of guidance of where to start . We can give you some information on what you should be searching for.  Below are some options that will hopefully help you […]

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10 Easy Hairstyles To Look Beautiful In 5 Minutes

10 Easy Hairstyles To Look Beautiful in 5 Minutes 1. Bun Bow The one-minute twist The Easy Tuck Knotted ponytail  produced by – Luxy hair ​5. The one clip – twist ​6. Twist, add and repeat  ​ Twist and Tie 8. Rubber band style  9. Messy bun  ​ 10. Easy ponytail wrap ​ We […]

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