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Best Curling Tongs for Fine Hair Uk

IT’S TRUE.  Curls and waves help to create some of the most fantastic styles around. Currently, curls are all the rage (Keeping up with the trends is not easy, right?). It might seem difficult to achieve the level of style you see in hair posters and magazines when you have ANNOYINGLY fine hair, but it’s […]

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Best Hair Extensions for Short Hair UK Review

Best Hair Extensions for Short Hair 2021 UK ReviewIn the current 2021 ‘Hair trend’, short styles are most definitely in, from pixie haircuts to asymmetrical bobs, we all love to follow the celebrity trends. Sometimes once you have been daring and had your hair styled short, you can feel a bit limited on how to style […]

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Best Cheap Hair Dryer (Whatever the Budget)

Best Cheap Hair Dryers Whatever the Budget Drying your hair is a daily routine essential.  HAIRDRYER’S are a must, right?Not only are hair dryers used to dry your hair but quite often they are used to style your hair. you can to straighten it or curl it all whilst drying your hair. Many people make the mistake […]

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