How Often Should You Use a Hair Mask? (You Will Be Surprised)

When you think of a hair mask, think of conditioner on speed.

It’s nourishing, refreshing, and the perfect way to strengthen your hair. Sure, this sounds a lot like what conditioner does for you, but a hair mask is much more POWERFUL and long-lasting. 

But how often should you use a hair mask? This is a pretty important question, and it can vary according to the mask you use. Plus, a hair mask is also able to target specific hair conditions and concerns, which means the frequency can vary from once a week to three times a week. 

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Can You Use Hair Masks Every Day?

We hear how tempting it is to use a hair mask every day, but the reality is that you shouldn’t do that. Sure, there are loads of benefits to using them, but the phrase too much of a good thing definitely comes to mind when you’re looking out for your hair. 

Using it too much leads to greasy and oily hair that feels awful, and there is often a lot of buildup both on your scalp and in your hair. Furthermore, your hair does have a limit for hydration, and once it reaches that point you’re just wasting product. 

So, if the answer is you can’t use it every day how often can you use it? We recommend applying your hair mask once or twice a week for the best results and a silky smooth finish

Hair Masks Vs Deep Conditioning 

Contrary to popular belief, these two products aren’t actually the same thing. In fact, they have some key differences that you might not have noticed before. The benefits are pretty much the same, so it comes down to this. 

You can use deep conditioning more often than the hair mask, which is great for nourishing your hair and maintaining a silky finish. Masks also offer these fantastic benefits, but they are stronger and more concentrated which is why you want to keep these for weekly use only.

Coconut oil and tropical leaves. Hair care spa concept
Coconut oil and tropical leaves. Hair care spa concept.

How To Use A Hair Mask

There are three super-simple steps to using a hair mask that you will find effortless to follow.

#1 Wash your hair with your regular shampoo and conditioner. Make sure you are using the right stuff for your hair type. 

#2 Apply the hair mask to your hair while it is still wet. Make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions, but most masks should be left for 3-5 minutes. 

#3 Rinse your hair and let the mask wash out. Once that’s done, style as desired and go own the day. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How often to use a protein hair mask? 

You should use a protein treatment once or twice a month. They are quite intensive, and provide a deep moisture treatment that really revitalises your hair – hence they don’t need to be used often. 

Can you leave a hair mask overnight?

Sure, you can leave a hair mask in overnight but you really don’t need to. It only takes five minutes for them to work their magic. In some extreme cases, a hair mask can be left in overnight but it’s unlikely to have a stronger effect than following the instructions. 

Should I use shampoo after using a hair mask? 

Ideally, shampoo is only used before you apply your hair mask. This is because it cleans the hair so that the mask has a stronger effect. If you have to use shampoo after your mask, make sure you apply it directly to your scalp. 

Final Thoughts

Hair masks are a brilliant way to better care for your hair and give it the nourishment it needs to remain healthy, silky, and looking fantastic. We hope this guide has been able to take you through the process in a way that helps you to take the best possible care of your hair. 

For more hair care guides and tips, why not check out the rest of our pieces? Whatever you need, we’ve got it. 


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