10 Salt And Pepper Beard Style Ideas

The salt and pepper style. The sign of a man with class, sophistication, and a few years of wisdom under his belt. There is nothing quite as alluring or attractive as the salt and pepper look, which is why it is becoming such a popular trend among men. 

The salt and pepper beard styles are considered one of the most desirable, whether or not you have hair to match it. That’s why we have collected ten of the best styles for your beard to help you become the silver fox you were always destined to be. 

Are you ready to change the way you see yourself? With our quick advice, you’re sure to be on the way to looking and feeling incredible. 

What is the Salt and Pepper Beard?

As you get older and your hair starts to grey, you will likely notice that there are sprinklings of white and grey in both your hair and your beard. This is the salt and pepper look, mimicking the seasonings that it is named after as your hair begins to mature like a fine wine. 

It used to be a catastrophic feeling for many men, but nowadays it is seen as a symbol of sophistication, class, wisdom, and the classic telltale that there’s a silver fox approaching. With more men embracing the salt and pepper look it has become one of the most desirable

While you can achieve this appearance using dyes, there’s nothing quite like it occurring naturally. So, if your beard is starting to lose its colour there is no need to panic. Why not embrace one of our incredible beard styles below and transform yourself. 

Each of our chosen styles is easy to maintain and create, taking the hard work out of the equation for you. The only thing you need to remember is that your beard needs care and maintenance like the rest of your body. 

You should be using beard oils and grooming kits to ensure that the hair remains soft and healthy at all times. It should also be trimmed regularly for its health and to keep it maintained and prevent it from becoming shaggy. You can check out our recommended kits here. 

Salt and Pepper Beard Styles

#1 Short and Boxed

A classic style that perfectly suits that salt and pepper look. It’s short, conventional, and neatly trimmed to give the appearance of a gentleman who keeps things in order. It suits anyone that wears it but looks particularly good on those who are office workers or creative thinkers

salt and pepper beard wirey

#2 French

If you have a smaller chin, this circular beard is ideal for strengthening your jawline and broadening the chin. It adds definition to your face, drawing attention to your jaw and creating a strong image that looks incredible. Keep it well-trimmed to maintain this appearance. 

salt and pepper beard short

#3 Full 

This is a beard that screams celebration. You are celebrating the natural growth and colour of the beard, allowing it to grow out and embrace it. The salt and pepper look accentuates it perfectly, and you can use beard oils to keep it soft and nourished as well as trim regularly. 

full beard salt and pepper

#4 Hard Stubble 

This particular style exudes raw masculine energy and is a popular style. Usually occurring after a few days without shaving, it creates a rugged look that still appears well-maintained and sophisticated. It’s casual and sincere, highlighting the face in a way that doesn’t consume it. 

salt and pepper stubble

#5 Chin Curtain

Similar to the boxed beard, this style works quite nicely with that salt and pepper look. It has to be trimmed carefully and close to the face, creating defined lines around the jaw and chin all the way up to the ears. The connected moustache enhances this and gives it a soft boxed look. 


#6 Curled 

This is quite a nice look. It’s natural, a little wild, but also maintained so that the growth is controlled. For the salt and pepper man, it shows that you’re still raring to go and that you live for excitement. It celebrates a man that is cool, mature, and yet loves to embrace life

salt and pepper curled beard

#7 Yeard 

Referencing a full beard that has been allowed to grow for over a year, it is a feat of strength that shows dedication and patience. Ensure it is trimmed regularly and maintained to keep it soft and healthy. It’s an impressive look for any man, but especially for the silver fox. 

yeard salt and pepper

#8 Wild 

It can take a good year to grow this beard correctly, but it is worth the time. The outline is trimmed, clean, and uniform to add neatness and style to the overall look. It’s two-toned to highlight masculine energy and remains wild and free to demonstrate your two sides

wild salt and pepper beard

#9 Beard and Handlebar 

The handlebar is a staple in the moustache world, and when you have a beard connected to it you are unleashing a world of style and class. The moustache can be styled separately according to your needs, and the salt and pepper beard creates a gorgeous finished look. 

salt pepper

#10 Hipster 

With this beard, it slowly becomes shorter as it reaches the sideburns to create an appearance that is both rugged and mature. It’s a cool look that may have been designed by the younger generation but certainly looks better on those with a salt and pepper look. 


Final Thoughts

Many of these looks are classics, ones that have remained in style for decades but are taking a new edge now that the salt and pepper look is sliding into the mainstream. It’s time to see yourself in a different way. Put the beard dye away, the results are in and grey is looking hot. 

Want to learn more about the ways you can style your beard and hair to meet the latest trends and give yourself a fresh new look? Make sure you check out the rest of our hair care and grooming guides so that you know you are taking the best possible care of yourself. 


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